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Sat 2/1/20Burton Elementary9:00 AM5th/6th Grade Girls BasketballBasketball - YouthTyler Higley - Greg Peterson 
Sat 2/1/20Burton Elementary10:00 AM5th/6th Grade Girls BasketballBasketball - YouthDevin Philpott - Jed Gines 
Sat 2/1/20Burton Elementary11:00 AM5th/6th Grade Girls BasketballBasketball - YouthTroy Sampson - Steven Harris 
Sat 2/1/20Burton Elementary12:00 PM5th/6th Grade Girls BasketballBasketball - YouthChris Carter - Mike Eaton 
Sat 2/1/20Burton Elementary1:00 PM5th/6th Grade Girls BasketballBasketball - YouthMichelle Barber - Tyler Peterson 
Sat 2/1/20Davis High Aux Gym12:30 PM6th Grade Boys BasketballBasketball - YouthDoug Rose - Kent Lewis 
Sat 2/1/20Davis High Aux Gym1:30 PM6th Grade Boys BasketballBasketball - YouthBarry Jenks - Russ Keetch 
Sat 2/1/20Davis High Aux Gym2:30 PM6th Grade Boys BasketballBasketball - YouthNathan Maynes - Brandon Christensen 
Sat 2/1/20Davis High Aux Gym3:30 PM6th Grade Boys BasketballBasketball - YouthDan Linford - Erin Fluhrer 
Sat 2/1/20Davis High Aux Gym4:30 PM6th Grade Boys BasketballBasketball - YouthChad Miller - Nick Siddoway 
Sat 2/1/20Davis High Aux Gym5:30 PM6th Grade Boys BasketballBasketball - YouthQuincy Carpenter - Gardner Crane 
Sat 2/1/20Davis High Aux Gym6:30 PMJr High Boys BasketballBasketball - YouthCory Tholl - Brandon Warren 
Sat 2/1/20Davis High Aux Gym7:30 PMJr High Boys BasketballBasketball - YouthChristian Brower - Matt Lawrence 
Sat 2/1/20Davis High Main Gym12:30 PMJr High Boys BasketballBasketball - YouthNathan Maynes - Blake Roper 
Sat 2/1/20Davis High Main Gym1:30 PMJr High Boys BasketballBasketball - YouthBrian Yoachum - Ed Zaugg 
Sat 2/1/20Davis High Main Gym2:30 PMJr High Boys BasketballBasketball - YouthJared Bailey - Andrew Minalga 
Sat 2/1/20Davis High Main Gym3:30 PMJr High Boys BasketballBasketball - YouthClint Reid - Dixon Brown 
Sat 2/1/20Davis High Main Gym4:30 PMJr High Boys BasketballBasketball - YouthCameron Garber - Joey Catenzaro 
Sat 2/1/20Davis High Main Gym5:30 PMJr High Boys BasketballBasketball - YouthChris Haven - Clint Streadbeck 
Sat 2/1/20Davis High Main Gym6:30 PMJr High Boys BasketballBasketball - YouthKevin Peterson - Alan Last 
Sat 2/1/20Davis High Main Gym7:30 PMJr High Boys BasketballBasketball - YouthChris Hedquist - Tom Shiner 
Sat 2/1/20Kaysville Jr High9:00 AM5th Grade Boys BasketballBasketball - YouthJeff Nichols - Nathan Nielson 
Sat 2/1/20Kaysville Jr High10:00 AM5th Grade Boys BasketballBasketball - YouthCody Combe - Kevin McVay 
Sat 2/1/20Kaysville Jr High11:00 AM5th Grade Boys BasketballBasketball - YouthSamuel Newey - Jared Proctor 
Sat 2/1/20Kaysville Jr High12:00 PM5th Grade Boys BasketballBasketball - YouthWes Patterson - Justin Bradshaw 
Sat 2/1/20Kaysville Jr High1:00 PM5th Grade Boys BasketballBasketball - YouthAdam Jensen - Josh LaFluer 
Sat 2/1/20Kaysville Jr High2:00 PM5th Grade Boys BasketballBasketball - YouthRich Clark - Ryan Hill 
Sat 2/1/20Kaysville Jr High3:00 PM5th Grade Boys BasketballBasketball - YouthJoseph Murray - Brad Larson