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Fri 4/26/19Dreamstyle Arena - PIT5:00 PM3rd Grade BoysBasketballEast Mountain Ice - X-Factor 
Fri 4/26/19Dreamstyle Arena - PIT6:00 PM5th Grade GirlsBasketballMac Elite Hooligans - East Mountain Ice 
Fri 4/26/19Dreamstyle Arena - PIT7:00 PM5th Grade BoysBasketballDream - Northern NM Predators 
Fri 4/26/19Dreamstyle Arena - PIT8:00 PM6th Grade GirlsBasketballNM Clippers - Laguna Jr Hawks 
Fri 4/26/19Dreamstyle Arena - PIT9:00 PM7th Grade GirlsBasketballNM Wildcats - NM Select 
Fri 4/26/19RFK Charter School5:30 PMJV BoysBasketballNM Magic - East Mountain Ice 
Fri 4/26/19RFK Charter School6:30 PMJV BoysBasketballNM Coyotes - NM Magic 
Fri 4/26/19Rio Grande Aux5:00 PM5th Grade BoysBasketballEast Mountain Ice - Gametime 
Fri 4/26/19Rio Grande Aux6:00 PMVarsity GirlsBasketballNM Select Green - Adi-Stars 
Fri 4/26/19Rio Grande Aux7:00 PMJV GirlsBasketballLady Hawks - East Mountain Ice 
Fri 4/26/19Rio Grande Aux8:00 PMVarsity BoysBasketballRavens - North Elite 
Fri 4/26/19Rio Grande Aux9:00 PMJV BoysBasketballThe WolfPack - NM Coyotes 
Fri 4/26/19Rio Grande Main5:00 PM6th Grade BoysBasketballMayhem - NM Ice 
Fri 4/26/19Rio Grande Main6:00 PM8th Grade BoysBasketballRio Rancho Rams - NM Evolution 
Fri 4/26/19Rio Grande Main7:00 PMJV BoysBasketballNM Rebels - NM Heat Elite 
Fri 4/26/19Rio Grande Main8:00 PMVarsity BoysBasketballNM Coyotes - Cougars 
Fri 4/26/19Rio Grande Main9:00 PMVarsity GirlsBasketballAdi-Stars - NM Select Orange 
Fri 4/26/19Rudy Davalos #1 @ PIT5:00 PM4th Grade BoysBasketballD1 Ambassadors - Rio Rancho Rams 
Fri 4/26/19Rudy Davalos #1 @ PIT6:00 PM8th Grade GirlsBasketballNM Fierce Elite - East Mountain Ice 
Fri 4/26/19Rudy Davalos #1 @ PIT7:00 PM6th Grade BoysBasketballRio Rancho Rams Blue - Mayhem 
Fri 4/26/19Rudy Davalos #1 @ PIT8:00 PM8th Grade GirlsBasketballNM Select - Mac Elite Hooligans 
Fri 4/26/19Rudy Davalos #1 @ PIT9:00 PM7th Grade GirlsBasketballNM Fierce Elite - Grants Pirates 
Fri 4/26/19Rudy Davalos #2 @ PIT5:00 PM8th Grade GirlsBasketballLady Warriors - NM Select Black 
Fri 4/26/19Rudy Davalos #2 @ PIT6:00 PM3rd Grade BoysBasketballNM Thunder Elite - 44 Elite 
Fri 4/26/19Rudy Davalos #2 @ PIT7:00 PM5th Grade BoysBasketballCobra Kai Red - Warriors 
Fri 4/26/19Rudy Davalos #2 @ PIT8:00 PM6th Grade GirlsBasketballMac Elite Hooligans - NM Fierce Elite 
Fri 4/26/19Rudy Davalos #2 @ PIT9:00 PM5th Grade BoysBasketballRio Rancho Rams - Cobra Kai Black