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Sat 12/15/18Acton Middle School Activity8:00 AM4th Grade BoysBasketball - YouthHasty - Harrison 
Sat 12/15/18Acton Middle School Activity9:00 AM4th Grade BoysBasketball - YouthPapasan - Harrison 
Sat 12/15/18Acton Middle School Activity10:00 AM4th Grade BoysBasketball - YouthPapasan - Zelenak 
Sat 12/15/18Acton Middle School Activity11:00 AM6th Grade GirlsBasketball - YouthMcdowell - Boyd 
Sat 12/15/18Acton Middle School Activity12:00 PM6th Grade GirlsBasketball - YouthHasty - Boyd 
Sat 12/15/18Acton Middle School Activity1:00 PM5th Grade BoysBasketball - YouthSt.Don - Reeves 
Sat 12/15/18Acton Middle School Activity2:00 PM5th Grade BoysBasketball - YouthEvans - St.Don 
Sat 12/15/18Acton Middle School Activity3:00 PM1st Grade BoysBasketball - YouthRiggs - Gravley 
Sat 12/15/18Acton Middle School Activity4:00 PM1st Grade BoysBasketball - YouthCable - Riggs 
Sat 12/15/18Acton Middle School Activity5:00 PM1st Grade BoysBasketball - YouthGravley - Cable 
Sat 12/15/18Acton Middle School Activity6:00 PM1st Grade BoysBasketball - YouthYates - Brantley 
Sat 12/15/18Acton Middle School Main8:00 AM5th Grade GirlsBasketball - YouthHartshorn - Pack 
Sat 12/15/18Acton Middle School Main9:00 AM5th Grade GirlsBasketball - YouthDafoe - Hartshorn 
Sat 12/15/18Acton Middle School Main10:00 AM5th Grade GirlsBasketball - YouthDafoe - Proctor 
Sat 12/15/18Acton Middle School Main11:00 AM5th Grade GirlsBasketball - YouthThompson - Alexander 
Sat 12/15/18Acton Middle School Main12:00 PM5th Grade GirlsBasketball - YouthProctor - Alexander 
Sat 12/15/18Acton Middle School Main1:00 PM5th Grade BoysBasketball - YouthKelley - Gravley 
Sat 12/15/18Acton Middle School Main2:00 PM5th Grade BoysBasketball - YouthReeves - Gravley 
Sat 12/15/18Acton Middle School Main3:00 PM5th Grade BoysBasketball - YouthThreadgill - Evans 
Sat 12/15/18Acton Middle School Main4:00 PM6th Grade BoysBasketball - YouthGranbury Burton - Burleson Bulldogs 
Sat 12/15/18Acton Middle School Main5:00 PM5th Grade GirlsBasketball - YouthGranbury Dafoe - Godley Wildcats 
Sat 12/15/18Acton Middle School Main6:00 PM6th Grade GirlsBasketball - YouthCleburne Yellow Jackets - Granbury Long 
Sat 12/15/18Brawner Intermediate Main8:00 AM4th Grade BoysBasketball - YouthRice - Zelenak 
Sat 12/15/18Brawner Intermediate Main9:00 AM4th Grade BoysBasketball - YouthRice - Tennery 
Sat 12/15/18Brawner Intermediate Main10:00 AM4th Grade BoysBasketball - YouthTennery - Price 
Sat 12/15/18Brawner Intermediate Main11:00 AM4th Grade GirlsBasketball - YouthLeal - Hartshorn 
Sat 12/15/18Brawner Intermediate Main12:00 PM4th Grade GirlsBasketball - YouthWood - Hartshorn 
Sat 12/15/18Brawner Intermediate Main1:00 PM4th Grade GirlsBasketball - YouthWood - Mcdowell 
Sat 12/15/18Brawner Intermediate Main2:00 PM4th Grade GirlsBasketball - YouthLeal - Mcdowell 
Sat 12/15/18Brawner Intermediate Main3:00 PM3rd Grade BoysBasketball - YouthFry - Barrington 
Sat 12/15/18Brawner Intermediate Main4:00 PM3rd Grade BoysBasketball - YouthReeves - Clements 
Sat 12/15/18Brawner Intermediate Main5:00 PM3rd Grade BoysBasketball - YouthReeves - Barrington 
Sat 12/15/18Burleson- Kerr PIt6:00 PM6th Grade BoysBasketball - YouthGranbury Martinez - Burleson Thunder 
Sat 12/15/18Granbury Middle School Activity8:00 AM2nd Grade BoysBasketball - YouthMcNamera - Mckenzie 
Sat 12/15/18Granbury Middle School Activity9:00 AM2nd Grade BoysBasketball - YouthMckenzie - Burenheide 
Sat 12/15/18Granbury Middle School Activity10:00 AM2nd Grade GirlsBasketball - YouthBennett - Ellis 
Sat 12/15/18Granbury Middle School Activity11:00 AM2nd Grade BoysBasketball - YouthGill - Burenheide 
Sat 12/15/18Granbury Middle School Activity12:00 PM2nd Grade BoysBasketball - YouthMittelstet - Gill 
Sat 12/15/18Granbury Middle School Activity1:00 PM2nd Grade BoysBasketball - YouthMittelstet - Thompson 
Sat 12/15/18Granbury Middle School Activity2:00 PM2nd Grade BoysBasketball - YouthHolt - Thompson 
Sat 12/15/18Granbury Middle School Activity3:00 PM2nd Grade GirlsBasketball - YouthGibson - Whipple 
Sat 12/15/18Granbury Middle School Activity4:00 PM2nd Grade GirlsBasketball - YouthGibson - Bennett 
Sat 12/15/18Granbury Middle School Activity5:00 PM2nd Grade GirlsBasketball - YouthEllis - Whipple 
Sat 12/15/18Granbury Middle School Activity6:00 PM2nd Grade BoysBasketball - YouthThomas - McNamera 
Sat 12/15/18Granbury Middle School Main8:00 AM6th Grade BoysBasketball - YouthMartinez - Burton 
Sat 12/15/18Granbury Middle School Main9:00 AM6th Grade BoysBasketball - YouthMartinez - Wilson 
Sat 12/15/18Granbury Middle School Main10:00 AM6th Grade BoysBasketball - YouthBradley - Evans 
Sat 12/15/18Granbury Middle School Main11:00 AM6th Grade BoysBasketball - YouthRamirez - Bradley 
Sat 12/15/18Granbury Middle School Main12:00 PM3rd Grade GirlsBasketball - YouthTaylor - Long 
Sat 12/15/18Granbury Middle School Main1:00 PM3rd Grade GirlsBasketball - YouthHartwig - Long 
Sat 12/15/18Granbury Middle School Main2:00 PM3rd Grade GirlsBasketball - YouthTaylor - Moreno 
Sat 12/15/18Granbury Middle School Main3:00 PM2nd Grade BoysBasketball - YouthThomas - Holt 
Sat 12/15/18Granbury Middle School Main4:00 PM3rd Grade BoysBasketball - YouthGranbury - Burleson Knights 
Sat 12/15/18Granbury Middle School Main5:00 PM6th Grade GirlsBasketball - YouthJoshua Connelly White - Granbury Hasty 
Sat 12/15/18Granbury Middle School Main6:00 PM6th Grade GirlsBasketball - YouthGranbury Hasty - Joshua Connelly Silver 
Sat 12/15/18Granbury Middle School Main7:00 PM4th Grade BoysBasketball - YouthGranbury Hasty - Burleson Spartans 
Sat 12/15/18Mambrino Elementary School9:00 AMKindergartenBasketball - YouthGoodman - White 
Sat 12/15/18Mambrino Elementary School10:00 AMKindergartenBasketball - YouthHartwig - Thompson/Hasty 
Sat 12/15/18Mambrino Elementary School11:00 AMKindergartenBasketball - YouthWhite - Pauli 
Sat 12/15/18Mambrino Elementary School12:00 PMKindergartenBasketball - YouthBasil - Pauli 
Sat 12/15/18Mambrino Elementary School1:00 PM1st Grade GirlsBasketball - YouthMontoya - Hartshorn 
Sat 12/15/18Mambrino Elementary School2:00 PM1st Grade GirlsBasketball - YouthTimmons - Montoya