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Wed 6/19/19Dodds Field 36:15 PMWendesday CardinalsSoftball - AdultBig Sticks Lofty Balls - Spittin Seeds 
Wed 6/19/19Dodds Field 38:00 PMWendesday CardinalsSoftball - AdultServePro Slammers - Let the pitch be wild 
Wed 6/19/19Dodds Field 46:15 PMWendesday CardinalsSoftball - AdultWet Sticks - Midwest Engineering and Testing Inc. 
Wed 6/19/19Dodds Field 48:00 PMWednesday CubsSoftball - AdultSons of Pitches/ Barrel House - THC 
Wed 6/19/19Dodds Field 56:15 PMWendesday CardinalsSoftball - AdultTwin City - Bomb Squad 
Wed 6/19/19Dodds Field 58:00 PMWendesday CardinalsSoftball - AdultIBEW 601 - Blager Concrete Company  
Wed 6/19/19Dodds Field 66:15 PMWednesday CubsSoftball - AdultTeam America - Jupiter's 2 
Wed 6/19/19Dodds Field 68:00 PMWednesday CubsSoftball - AdultTumble Inn - Chuggers 
Wed 6/19/19Dodds Field 76:15 PMWednesday CubsSoftball - AdultFacer Insurance - The Wild Bohrs 
Wed 6/19/19Dodds Field 78:00 PMWednesday CubsSoftball - AdultCler's Painting Services - Cocktails & Dreamers/ Illini Inn