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Date Location Time League Sport Teams  View
Thu 4/18/19Dodds Field 46:15 PMThursday Co-RecSoftball - AdultFNB - The Advocators 
Thu 4/18/19Dodds Field 47:00 PMThursday Co-RecSoftball - AdultLucky Lounge - Busey Bombers 
Thu 4/18/19Dodds Field 48:00 PMThursday Co-RecSoftball - AdultBat Shift Crazy - Because Stone Cold Said So 
Thu 4/18/19Dodds Field 56:15 PMThursday Co-RecSoftball - AdultCereal Killers - Next Generation Bomb Squad 
Thu 4/18/19Dodds Field 57:00 PMThursday Co-RecSoftball - AdultBunny's - Office II/Ilini Inn 
Thu 4/18/19Dodds Field 58:00 PMThursday Co-RecSoftball - AdultEl Toro - Team Tepper 
Thu 4/18/19Dodds Field 66:15 PMThursday WomenSoftball - AdultPia's/El Toro - Jet's/MxElectric/Pia's 
Thu 4/18/19Dodds Field 67:00 PMThursday WomenSoftball - AdultChesser Financial - KEC Design/ Melody Music Party Llamas 
Thu 4/18/19Dodds Field 68:00 PMThursday Co-RecSoftball - AdultNo Glove No Love - Champaign Gymnastic Academy/ Illini Mattress 
Thu 4/18/19Dodds Field 76:15 PMThursday Co-RecSoftball - AdultFromage A Trois - Misfit Toys 
Thu 4/18/19Dodds Field 77:00 PMThursday Co-RecSoftball - AdultThunderbats - Off Base