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Sun 3/10/19Brock's Gap CT 28:00 AMGold Silver DivisionBasketballGame 1: [M2] BR Nightrydas (LA) - [N2] LA Hoyas (LA) 
Sun 3/10/19Brock's Gap CT 29:10 AMPlatinum Division (Super Pool)BasketballGame 10: [C1] HHBC 2027 (TX) - [B3] All Indy (IN) 
Sun 3/10/19Brock's Gap CT 210:20 AMGold Silver DivisionBasketballGame 2: [I2] GA Stars (GA) - [J2] Team Power (GA) 
Sun 3/10/19Brock's Gap CT 211:30 AMPlatinum Division (Super Pool)BasketballGame 15: [A2] NY Rens (NY) - [D2] TEAM THRILL UAA (MD) 
Sun 3/10/19Brock's Gap CT 212:40 PMGold Silver DivisionBasketballGame 7: [L2] OTE Elevation - [H2] Team Dez (TN) 
Sun 3/10/19Brock's Gap CT 21:50 PMSliver DivisionBasketballGame 10: [O4] All in Elite (GA) - [I3] GA State Warriors (GA) 
Sun 3/10/19Brock's Gaps CT 18:00 AMSliver DivisionBasketballGame 1: [M3] GA State Warriors (GA) - [N3] Team Mamba (GA) 
Sun 3/10/19Brock's Gaps CT 19:10 AMSliver DivisionBasketballGame 4: Arkansas Rising Stars (AR) - [K3] Alabama Dream (AL) 
Sun 3/10/19Brock's Gaps CT 110:20 AMGold Silver DivisionBasketballGame 5: [F2] E.P Elite (LA) - [N2] LA Hoyas (LA) 
Sun 3/10/19Brock's Gaps CT 111:30 AMPlatinum Division (Super Pool)BasketballGame 12: [A1] P.R.I.D.E (IN) - [H1] Team FOE (TX) 
Sun 3/10/19Brock's Gaps CT 112:40 PMGold Silver DivisionBasketballGame 6: [F2] E.P Elite (LA) - [J2] Team Power (GA) 
Sun 3/10/19Brock's Gaps CT 11:50 PMSliver DivisionBasketballGame 9: [E3] Memphis Phenoms (TN) - [M3] Texas Pro (TX) 
Sun 3/10/19Bumpus Middle School CT18:00 AMPlatinum DivisionBasketballGame 2: [H1] Ward 5 Warriors (DC) - [B2] T.R.U Elite (GA) 
Sun 3/10/19Bumpus Middle School CT19:10 AMSliver DivisionBasketballGame 2: [I3] All In Elite(IN) - [J3] Cy Fair Elite (TX) 
Sun 3/10/19Bumpus Middle School CT110:20 AMGold Silver DivisionBasketballGame 3: [G2] Team BO Bell (GA) - [L2] OTE Elevation 
Sun 3/10/19Bumpus Middle School CT111:30 AMPlatinum Division (Super Pool)BasketballGame 13: [B2] Riverside Hawks (NY) - [D1] Team Teague (IN) 
Sun 3/10/19Bumpus Middle School CT112:40 PMSliver DivisionBasketballGame 7: [L3] TJ Ford Bulls (TX) - [K3] Alabama Dream (AL) 
Sun 3/10/19Bumpus Middle School CT11:50 PMPlatinum Division (Super Pool)BasketballGame 16: [H1] Team FOE (TX) - [B2] Riverside Hawks (NY) 
Sun 3/10/19Bumpus Middle School CT28:00 AMPlatinum DivisionBasketballGame 3: [D1] Team Thrill Black (MD) - [F2] Team Griffin (OK) 
Sun 3/10/19Bumpus Middle School CT29:10 AMSliver DivisionBasketballGame 3: [G3] Mark Black ( FL) - [L3] TJ Ford Bulls (TX) 
Sun 3/10/19Bumpus Middle School CT210:20 AMGold Silver DivisionBasketballGame 4: [H2] Team Dez (TN) - [K2] Memphis United (TN) 
Sun 3/10/19Bumpus Middle School CT211:30 AMPlatinum Division (Super Pool)BasketballGame 14: [C1] HHBC 2027 (TX) - [B1] Trey Young Elite (OK) 
Sun 3/10/19Bumpus Middle School CT212:40 PMSliver DivisionBasketballGame 6: [F3] Warriors Elite (AL) - [J3] Cy Fair Elite (TX) 
Sun 3/10/19Bumpus Middle School CT21:50 PMSliver DivisionBasketballGame 11: [M4] Team Open Court - [N3] Georgia Go Hard (GA) 
Sun 3/10/19HMC 18:00 AMSilver DivisionBasketballGame 14: [W3] Carolina Cavs (NC) - [O3] HHBC-2023 DJ (TX) 
Sun 3/10/19HMC 19:10 AMSilver DivisionBasketballGame 10: [F3] TRI City Elite (GA) - [F4] We Get Buckets (TN) 
Sun 3/10/19HMC 110:20 AMPlatinum DivisionBasketballGame 19: [B1] IVY Lions (NY) - [D3] New World Above ALL Cost(DC) 
Sun 3/10/19HMC 111:30 AMPlatinum DivisionBasketballGame 1: [A1] Texas United (TX) - [G2] SA Future (TX) 
Sun 3/10/19HMC 112:40 PMPlatinum DivisionBasketballGame 1: TJ Ford Bulls (TX) - Cy Fair Elite ATX (TX) 
Sun 3/10/19HMC 11:50 PMPlatinum DivisionBasketballGame 9: [A1] Texas United (TX) - [B2] T.R.U Elite (GA) 
Sun 3/10/19HMC 13:00 PMPlatinum DivisionBasketballGame 5: TJ Ford Bulls (TX) - Steel City Gators (AL) 
Sun 3/10/19HMC 14:10 PMPlatinum DivisionBasketballGame 14: [B1] NY Rens (NY) - [F1] All Indy (IN) 
Sun 3/10/19HMC 15:20 PMPlatinum DivisionBasketballGame 15: [A1] Texas United (TX) - [B1] NY Rens (NY) 
Sun 3/10/19HMC 108:00 AMPlatinum DivisionBasketballGame 9: [A1] NCBC 2026 (IN) - [C2] Yanders Law(Mo) 
Sun 3/10/19HMC 109:10 AMPlatinum DivisionBasketballGame 22: [D1] Drive Nation Red (TX) - [T1] Team Teague (IN) 
Sun 3/10/19HMC 1010:20 AMPlatinum DivisionBasketballGame 17: [A1] NCBC 2026 (IN) - [B2] HHBC 2026( TX) 
Sun 3/10/19HMC 1011:30 AMPlatinum DivisionBasketballGame 26: [B1] WACG (TN) - [C2] Trae Young Elite (OK) 
Sun 3/10/19HMC 1012:40 PMPlatinum DivisionBasketballGame 21: [A1] NCBC 2026 (IN) - [D1] Drive Nation FTW (TX) 
Sun 3/10/19HMC 101:50 PMPlatinum DivisionBasketballGame 22: [B1] Black OPS (NY) - [C1] Team Thrill UAA (MD) 
Sun 3/10/19HMC 103:00 PMPlatinum DivisionBasketballGame 23: [A1] NCBC 2026 (IN) - [D3] New World Above ALL Cost(DC) 
Sun 3/10/19HMC 104:10 PMPlatinum DivisionBasketballGame 23: [E1] We Get Buckets(TN) - [C1] Team Thrill UAA (MD) 
Sun 3/10/19HMC 118:00 AMPlatinum DivisionBasketballGame 10: [H1] GA Kings (GA) - [B2] HHBC 2026( TX) 
Sun 3/10/19HMC 119:10 AMPlatinum DivisionBasketballGame 21: [A1] TEAM THRILL UAA (MD) - [H1] DCA 2.0 (GA) 
Sun 3/10/19HMC 1110:20 AMPlatinum DivisionBasketballGame 18: [D1] Drive Nation FTW (TX) - [E1] Joe Johnson Hawks (AR) 
Sun 3/10/19HMC 1111:30 AMPlatinum DivisionBasketballGame 25: [A1] TEAM THRILL UAA (MD) - [D1] Drive Nation Red (TX) 
Sun 3/10/19HMC 1112:40 PMPlatinum DivisionBasketballGame 22: [D3] New World Above ALL Cost(DC) - [E2] North MS Warriors (MS) 
Sun 3/10/19HMC 111:50 PMPlatinum DivisionBasketballGame 27: [D1] Drive Nation Red (TX) - [B1] WACG (TN) 
Sun 3/10/19HMC 113:00 PMGold Silver DivisionBasketballGame 8: [F2] E.P Elite (LA) - [L2] OTE Elevation 
Sun 3/10/19HMC 114:10 PMSilver Division (3rd and 4th Place Pools)BasketballGame 8: [J3] RL Elite (TX) - [K3] Mark Black Academy (FL) 
Sun 3/10/19HMC 115:20 PM2nd Grade DivisionBasketballGame 10: [A1] All Indy (IN) - [C1] Trae Young Elite OK 
Sun 3/10/19HMC 28:00 AMSilver DivisionBasketballGame 15: [S3] SPSA 2023 - [N4] MBA Hoops (MS) 
Sun 3/10/19HMC 29:10 AMSilver DivisionBasketballGame 6: [K3] JCE - [N3] HCBC Hoop Squad 
Sun 3/10/19HMC 210:20 AMPlatinum DivisionBasketballGame 20: [E2] North MS Warriors (MS) - [C3] TMT-UA 2026 (OK) 
Sun 3/10/19HMC 211:30 AMGold DivisionBasketballGame 1: [A3] Steel City Gators (AL) - [H3] N.Y.B.A. ELITE (TN) 
Sun 3/10/19HMC 212:40 PMPlatinum DivisionBasketballGame 2: Steel City Gators (AL) - Champaign Heat (IL) 
Sun 3/10/19HMC 21:50 PMPlatinum DivisionBasketballGame 10: [D1] Team Thrill Black (MD) - [E1] Together We Ball (IN) 
Sun 3/10/19HMC 23:00 PMPlatinum DivisionBasketballGame 6: First Class Game (TN) - Promise Elite (GA) 
Sun 3/10/19HMC 24:10 PMPlatinum DivisionBasketballGame 13: [A1] Texas United (TX) - [D1] Team Thrill Black (MD) 
Sun 3/10/19HMC 25:20 PMPlatinum DivisionBasketballGame 7: Steel City Gators (AL) - First Class Game (TN) 
Sun 3/10/19HMC 38:00 AMSilver DivisionBasketballGame 16: [X3] HHBC 2023- Angelo (TX) - [P3] Free Bandz Elite (GA) 
Sun 3/10/19HMC 39:10 AMSilver DivisionBasketballGame 12: [H3] Team Heavy - [P3] Alabama Dream (AL) 
Sun 3/10/19HMC 310:20 AMPlatinum DivisionBasketballGame 5: [B1] NY Rens (NY) - [H2] P5 Skills (AR) 
Sun 3/10/19HMC 311:30 AMPlatinum DivisionBasketballGame 7: [C1] HHBC 2028 (TX) - [E2] Team Mamba (GA) 
Sun 3/10/19HMC 312:40 PMPlatinum DivisionBasketballGame 3: First Class Game (TN) - Hoop PHI 
Sun 3/10/19HMC 31:50 PMPlatinum DivisionBasketballGame 11: [B1] NY Rens (NY) - [A2] Team Edition 305 (FL) 
Sun 3/10/19HMC 33:00 PMSliver DivisionBasketballGame 8: [F3] Warriors Elite (AL) - Winner of Game 7 
Sun 3/10/19HMC 34:10 PMPlatinum Division (Super Pool)BasketballGame 18: [H1] Team FOE (TX) - [B1] Trey Young Elite (OK) 
Sun 3/10/19HMC 48:00 AMSilver DivisionBasketballGame 17: [I3] Alabama Fusion (AL) - [L3] Bad Boys Basketball 
Sun 3/10/19HMC 49:10 AMGold DivisionBasketballGame 12: [G2] CBF Lightning (FL) - [O2] Louisville Magic (KY) 
Sun 3/10/19HMC 410:20 AMPlatinum DivisionBasketballGame 4: [E1] Together We Ball (IN) - [C2] DCA 2.0 (GA) 
Sun 3/10/19HMC 411:30 AMPlatinum DivisionBasketballGame 8: [F1] All Indy (IN) - [D2] Team BO Bell (GA) 
Sun 3/10/19HMC 412:40 PMPlatinum DivisionBasketballGame 4: Team TAE’FlightBoyz Elite (TN) - Promise Elite (GA) 
Sun 3/10/19HMC 41:50 PMPlatinum DivisionBasketballGame 12: [C1] HHBC 2028 (TX) - [F1] All Indy (IN) 
Sun 3/10/19HMC 43:00 PMGold DivisionBasketballGame 9: [M2] Team Takeover (DC) - [P2] Dream Chasers (TN) 
Sun 3/10/19HMC 44:10 PMSliver DivisionBasketballGame 13: [M3] Texas Pro (TX) - [O4] All in Elite (GA) 
Sun 3/10/19HMC 58:00 AMPlatinum DivisionBasketballGame 11: [D1] Drive Nation FTW (TX) - [M1] Madison County Landsharks (MS) 
Sun 3/10/19HMC 59:10 AMGold DivisionBasketballGame 11: [F2] GA Stars (GA) - [N2] Steel City Gators (AL) 
Sun 3/10/19HMC 510:20 AMPlatinum DivisionBasketballGame 6: [G1] Beyond Boundaries (TN) - [A2] Team Edition 305 (FL) 
Sun 3/10/19HMC 511:30 AMGold DivisionBasketballGame 2: [D3] All In Elite - [E3] Team Thrill Red (MD) 
Sun 3/10/19HMC 512:40 PMGold DivisonBasketballGame 2: Mark Black Academy (FL) - Wildcard Basketball (AL) 
Sun 3/10/19HMC 51:50 PMSilver DivisionBasketballGame 15: [L3] MBA Hoops (MS) - [H3] Team Heavy 
Sun 3/10/19HMC 53:00 PMGold Division (2nd Place Pools E-K)BasketballGame 6: [J2] CBF Lightning (FL) - [K2] Shine Hoop Grinders (GA) 
Sun 3/10/19HMC 68:00 AMPlatinum DivisionBasketballGame 12: [E1] Joe Johnson Hawks (AR) - [B3] Team Teague (IN) 
Sun 3/10/19HMC 69:10 AMGold DivisionBasketballGame 10: [H2] Memphis Wildcats Blue (TN) - [P2] House Of Hoops 
Sun 3/10/19HMC 610:20 AM2nd Grade DivisionBasketballGame 2: [B3] Team F.O.E. (TX) - [A2] AK J'Hawks (KS) 
Sun 3/10/19HMC 611:30 AMPlatinum DivisionBasketballGame 20: [C1] Team Thrill UAA (MD) - [F1] Trae Young Elite (OK) 
Sun 3/10/19HMC 612:40 PMPlatinum DivisionBasketballGame 21: [A1] HHBC 2025 (TX) - [E1] We Get Buckets(TN) 
Sun 3/10/19HMC 61:50 PMGold DivisionBasketballGame 15: [P2] House Of Hoops - [G2] CBF Lightning (FL) 
Sun 3/10/19HMC 63:00 PM2nd Grade DivisionBasketballGame 8: [A1] All Indy (IN) - [B2] Decatur Blazers (GA) 
Sun 3/10/19HMC 64:10 PMSilver DivisionBasketballGame 17: [H3] Team Heavy - [O3] Georgia United Celtics (GA) 
Sun 3/10/19HMC 78:00 AMPlatinum DivisionBasketballGame 10: [B2] SA Future (TX) - [G1] Black OPS (DC) 
Sun 3/10/19HMC 79:10 AMGold DivisionBasketballGame 9: [T2] Nike Cy Fair Elite (TX) - [M2] Advanced ((A2) Athletics 
Sun 3/10/19HMC 710:20 AM2nd Grade DivisionBasketballGame 4: [B2] Decatur Blazers (GA) - [C4] CBF Lightning (FL) 
Sun 3/10/19HMC 711:30 AMPlatinum DivisionBasketballGame 19: [B1] Black OPS (NY) - [A2] Gladiators (LA) 
Sun 3/10/19HMC 712:40 PM2nd Grade DivisionBasketballGame 5: [A1] All Indy (IN) - [C3] College Park Rim Rockers (GA) 
Sun 3/10/19HMC 71:50 PMGold DivisionBasketballGame 5: [H3] N.Y.B.A. ELITE (TN) - [D3] All In Elite 
Sun 3/10/19HMC 73:00 PMGold DivisionBasketballGame 10: [N2] Indiana Jammers (IN) - [O2] Woodz Elite (AR) 
Sun 3/10/19HMC 74:10 PMSliver DivisionBasketballGame 14: [N3] Georgia Go Hard (GA) - [G3] Team Elite Proteges 
Sun 3/10/19HMC 88:00 AMPlatinum DivisionBasketballGame 11: [D1] D.C.A 2.0 Kevin (GA) - [M1] CBF Lightning (FL) 
Sun 3/10/19HMC 89:10 AMPlatinum DivisionBasketballGame 24: [C1] Memphis Wildcats 2024(TN) - [C2] Trae Young Elite (OK) 
Sun 3/10/19HMC 811:30 AMGold DivisionBasketballGame 13: [M2] Advanced ((A2) Athletics - [P2] House Of Hoops 
Sun 3/10/19HMC 812:40 PM2nd Grade DivisionBasketballGame 6: [C1] Trae Young Elite OK - [A2] AK J'Hawks (KS) 
Sun 3/10/19HMC 81:50 PMPlatinum Division (Super Pool)BasketballGame 17: [B1] Trey Young Elite (OK) - [A2] NY Rens (NY) 
Sun 3/10/19HMC 83:00 PMGold DivisonBasketballGame 4: Georgia Bisons (GA) - Wildcard Basketball (AL) 
Sun 3/10/19HMC 85:20 PMGold DivisonBasketballGame 5: Team TAE’ H.W.P.O (TN) - Georgia Bisons (GA) 
Sun 3/10/19HMC 86:30 PMSliver DivisionBasketballGame 15: [M3] Texas Pro (TX) - [N3] Georgia Go Hard (GA) 
Sun 3/10/19HMC 98:00 AMPlatinum DivisionBasketballGame 12: [C3] Joe Johnson Hawks (AR) - [E1] We Get Buckets(TN) 
Sun 3/10/19HMC 99:10 AMPlatinum DivisionBasketballGame 23: [B1] WACG (TN) - [D2] NYBA Elite (TN) 
Sun 3/10/19HMC 910:20 AMPlatinum DivisionBasketballGame 17: [A1] HHBC 2025 (TX) - [B2] SA Future (TX) 
Sun 3/10/19HMC 911:30 AMGold DivisionBasketballGame 14: [F2] GA Stars (GA) - [G2] CBF Lightning (FL) 
Sun 3/10/19HMC 912:40 PMGold DivisonBasketballGame 1: Team TAE’ H.W.P.O (TN) - Alabama Dream Jalen (AL) 
Sun 3/10/19HMC 91:50 PMGold DivisionBasketballGame 6: [B3] Trey Young Elite (OK) - [F3] MBA (TN) 
Sun 3/10/19HMC 93:00 PMGold DivisonBasketballGame 3: Atlanta Game Changers (GA) - Team TAE’ H.W.P.O (TN) 
Sun 3/10/19HMC 94:10 PMGold DivisionBasketballGame 7: [H3] N.Y.B.A. ELITE (TN) - [F3] MBA (TN) 
Sun 3/10/19HMC 95:20 PMGold DivisionBasketballGame 11: [M2] Team Takeover (DC) - [N2] Indiana Jammers (IN) 
Sun 3/10/19Hoover High Court 28:00 AMGold Silver DivisionBasketballGame 12: [S2] TSF Elite (GA) - [R2] TJ Ford (TX) 
Sun 3/10/19Hoover High Court 29:10 AMPlatinum DivisionBasketballGame 29: [A1] H.H.B.C. (TX) - [F3] OSAG (MS) 
Sun 3/10/19Hoover High Court 210:20 AMGold Silver DivisionBasketballGame 16: [U2] Team Loaded (NC) - [Q2] D.C.A 2.0 Mack (GA) 
Sun 3/10/19Hoover High Court 211:30 AMPlatinum DivisionBasketballGame 34: [A2] N.Y.B.A. ELITE (TN) - [E3] Shabazz Elite 
Sun 3/10/19Hoover High Court 212:40 PMGold DivisionBasketballGame 8: [G2] Memphis United (TN) - [O2] Woodz Elite (AR) 
Sun 3/10/19Hoover High Court 21:50 PMSilver DivisionBasketballGame 20: [W3] Carolina Cavs (NC) - [P3] Free Bandz Elite (GA) 
Sun 3/10/19Hoover High Court 18:00 AMGold Silver DivisionBasketballGame 11: [W2] JSI Elite Black - [O2] River Region LA) 
Sun 3/10/19Hoover High Court 19:10 AMPlatinum DivisionBasketballGame 13: [B1] Black OPS (NY) - [C2] Nightrydas (LA) 
Sun 3/10/19Hoover High Court 110:20 AMGold Silver DivisionBasketballGame 15: [W2] JSI Elite Black - [S2] TSF Elite (GA) 
Sun 3/10/19Hoover High Court 111:30 AMPlatinum DivisionBasketballGame 33: [A1] H.H.B.C. (TX) - [C2] TSF Mack 2023 (GA) 
Sun 3/10/19Hoover High Court 112:40 PMGold Silver DivisionBasketballGame 17: [W2] JSI Elite Black - [Q2] D.C.A 2.0 Mack (GA) 
Sun 3/10/19Hoover High Court 11:50 PMPlatinum DivisionBasketballGame 35: [C2] TSF Mack 2023 (GA) - [A2] N.Y.B.A. ELITE (TN) 
Sun 3/10/19Hoover High Court 38:00 AMGold Silver DivisionBasketballGame 13: [U2] Team Loaded (NC) - [P2] YGC36 (TX) 
Sun 3/10/19Hoover High Court 39:10 AMPlatinum DivisionBasketballGame 30: [M1] E1T1 Rebels (FL) - [C2] TSF Mack 2023 (GA) 
Sun 3/10/19Hoover High Court 310:20 AMSilver DivisionBasketballGame 18: [W3] Carolina Cavs (NC) - [N4] MBA Hoops (MS) 
Sun 3/10/19Hoover High Court 311:30 AMGold DivisionBasketballGame 3: [B3] Trey Young Elite (OK) - [G3] Decatur Army (GA) 
Sun 3/10/19Hoover High Court 312:40 PMGold DivisionBasketballGame 5: [E2] ABA Basketball (AL) - [M2] Team Takeover (DC) 
Sun 3/10/19Hoover High Court 48:00 AMGold Silver DivisionBasketballGame 14: [I2] Team Heavy (TN) - [Q2] D.C.A 2.0 Mack (GA) 
Sun 3/10/19Hoover High Court 49:10 AMPlatinum DivisionBasketballGame 32: [B1] Drive Nation RED (TX) - [E3] Shabazz Elite 
Sun 3/10/19Hoover High Court 410:20 AMSilver DivisionBasketballGame 19: [P3] Free Bandz Elite (GA) - [L3] Bad Boys Basketball 
Sun 3/10/19Hoover High Court 411:30 AMGold DivisionBasketballGame 4: [C3] Team Teague (IN) - [F3] MBA (TN) 
Sun 3/10/19Hoover High Court 412:40 PMGold DivisionBasketballGame 6: [H2] Yanders Law (MO) - [P2] Dream Chasers (TN) 
Sun 3/10/19Jackson -Olin CT 28:00 AMSilver DivisionBasketballGame 11: [E3] GA Bisons (GA) - [L3] MBA Hoops (MS) 
Sun 3/10/19Jackson -Olin CT 29:10 AMPlatinum DivisionBasketballGame 31: [Q1] E1T1 Heat (FL) - [A2] N.Y.B.A. ELITE (TN) 
Sun 3/10/19Jackson -Olin CT 210:20 AM2nd Grade DivisionBasketballGame 3: [C2] Team Thrill (MD) - [A3] Gulf Coast Canes (TX) 
Sun 3/10/19Jackson -Olin CT 211:30 AMSilver DivisionBasketballGame 14: [R3] ATL Golden Eagles (GA) - [O3] Georgia United Celtics (GA) 
Sun 3/10/19Jackson-Olin - CT19:10 AMPlatinum DivisionBasketballGame 14: [A2] Gladiators (LA) - [J1] DCA (GA) 
Sun 3/10/19Jackson-Olin - CT110:20 AM2nd Grade DivisionBasketballGame 1: [C3] College Park Rim Rockers (GA) - [B4] Game Certified (GA) 
Sun 3/10/19Jackson-Olin - CT111:30 AMSilver DivisionBasketballGame 13: [F4] We Get Buckets (TN) - [K3] JCE 
Sun 3/10/19Jackson-Olin - CT112:40 PM2nd Grade DivisionBasketballGame 7: [B1] Rise (KY) - [C2] Team Thrill (MD) 
Sun 3/10/19Jackson-Olin - CT11:50 PMSilver DivisionBasketballGame 16: [F4] We Get Buckets (TN) - [O3] Georgia United Celtics (GA) 
Sun 3/10/19Jackson-Olin - CT13:00 PM2nd Grade DivisionBasketballGame 9: [C1] Trae Young Elite OK - [C2] Team Thrill (MD) 
Sun 3/10/19MLK Rec Center8:00 AMPlatinum DivisionBasketballGame 9: [A1] HHBC 2025 (TX) - [P1] Team Teague (IN) 
Sun 3/10/19MLK Rec Center9:10 AMPlatinum DivisionBasketballGame 16: [D3] NYBA Elite (TN) - [F1] Trae Young Elite (OK) 
Sun 3/10/19MLK Rec Center10:20 AMPlatinum DivisionBasketballGame 18: [D1] D.C.A 2.0 Kevin (GA) - [E1] We Get Buckets(TN) 
Sun 3/10/19Samford 128:00 AMPlatinum DivisionBasketballGame 13: [B1] IVY Lions (NY) - [D2] St Louis Knights (M0) 
Sun 3/10/19Samford 129:10 AMPlatinum Division (Super Pool)BasketballGame 9: [A1] P.R.I.D.E (IN) - [D3] Team Non Stop (GA) 
Sun 3/10/19Samford 1210:20 AMGold Division (2nd Place Pools E-K)BasketballGame 1: [H2] Dream Chasers (TN) - [I2] Steel City Gators (AL) 
Sun 3/10/19Samford 1211:30 AMSilver Division (3rd and 4th Place Pools)BasketballGame 5: [J3] RL Elite (TX) - [F3] Gulf Coast Canes (TX) 
Sun 3/10/19Samford 1212:40 PMGold Division (2nd Place Pools E-K)BasketballGame 4: [J2] CBF Lightning (FL) - [H2] Dream Chasers (TN) 
Sun 3/10/19Samford 121:50 PMSilver Division (3rd and 4th Place Pools)BasketballGame 6: [J3] RL Elite (TX) - [H3] HCBC Hoop Squad (AL) 
Sun 3/10/19Samford 138:00 AMPlatinum DivisionBasketballGame 14: [G1] G4WYW (LA) - [D3] New World Above ALL Cost(DC) 
Sun 3/10/19Samford 139:10 AMPlatinum Division (Super Pool)BasketballGame 5: [K1] Grind Academy (NC) - [B2] Riverside Hawks (NY) 
Sun 3/10/19Samford 1310:20 AMGold Division (2nd Place Pools E-K)BasketballGame 2: [F2] Team Thrill Black (MD) - [K2] Shine Hoop Grinders (GA) 
Sun 3/10/19Samford 1311:30 AMSilver Division (3rd and 4th Place Pools)BasketballGame 2: [K4] - [H3] HCBC Hoop Squad (AL) 
Sun 3/10/19Samford 1312:40 PMGold DivisionBasketballGame 7: [F2] Arkansas Rising Stars (AR) - [N2] Indiana Jammers (IN) 
Sun 3/10/19Samford 131:50 PMSliver DivisionBasketballGame 12: [G3] Team Elite Proteges - [O3] Mark Black Academy (FL) 
Sun 3/10/19Samford 148:00 AMPlatinum DivisionBasketballGame 15: [C1] Steel City Gators (AL) - [E2] North MS Warriors (MS) 
Sun 3/10/19Samford 149:10 AMPlatinum Division (Super Pool)BasketballGame 11: [A2] NY Rens (NY) - [J1] Team Takeover Bowman(VA)) 
Sun 3/10/19Samford 1410:20 AMGold Division (2nd Place Pools E-K)BasketballGame 3: [G2] Team Nash (TN) - [E2] We Get Buckets (TN) 
Sun 3/10/19Samford 1411:30 AMSilver Division (3rd and 4th Place Pools)BasketballGame 3: [K3] Mark Black Academy (FL) - [E3] G4WYW (lA) 
Sun 3/10/19Samford 1412:40 PMGold Division (2nd Place Pools E-K)BasketballGame 5: [K2] Shine Hoop Grinders (GA) - [E2] We Get Buckets (TN) 
Sun 3/10/19Samford 141:50 PMSilver Division (3rd and 4th Place Pools)BasketballGame 7: [K3] Mark Black Academy (FL) - [J4] Fast (AL) 
Sun 3/10/19Sertoma Gym8:00 AMPlatinum DivisionBasketballGame 16: [F1] M.Teague 2026 (IN) - [C3] TMT-UA 2026 (OK) 
Sun 3/10/19Sertoma Gym9:10 AMPlatinum DivisionBasketballGame 15: [C1] Team Thrill UAA (MD) - [N1] Steel City Gators (AL) 
Sun 3/10/19Sertoma Gym10:20 AMSliver DivisionBasketballGame 5: [F3] Warriors Elite (AL) - [M3] GA State Warriors (GA) 
Sun 3/10/19Sertoma Gym11:30 AMSilver Division (3rd and 4th Place Pools)BasketballGame 4: [J4] Fast (AL) - [I3] Alabama Dream Team (AL)