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Arlington Heights Park District Games Report

Sports: Basketball - AdultDates: 6/30/22

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Date Location Time League Sport Teams  View
Thu 6/30/22Camelot Full Court6:20 PMA LeagueBasketball - AdultIHOB - Babylon scoresheet
Thu 6/30/22Camelot Full Court7:10 PMA LeagueBasketball - AdultMilk Men - Shooters scoresheet
Thu 6/30/22Camelot Full Court8:00 PMA LeagueBasketball - AdultBig Ballers - Bullies scoresheet
Thu 6/30/22Camelot Full Court8:50 PMA LeagueBasketball - AdultLeBrontourage - Air Ballers scoresheet
Thu 6/30/22Camelot Full Court9:40 PMA LeagueBasketball - AdultHurricanes - Part-Time Hoopers scoresheet
Thu 6/30/22Pioneer Gym6:30 PMB- League -- Red DivisionBasketball - AdultBoozers - Dime Droppers scoresheet
Thu 6/30/22Pioneer Gym7:30 PMB- League -- Red DivisionBasketball - AdultFab Rite 5 - Game Time scoresheet
Thu 6/30/22Pioneer Gym8:30 PMB- League -- Red DivisionBasketball - AdultHot Sauce - 2K MyPlayers scoresheet
Thu 6/30/22Pioneer Gym9:30 PMB- League -- Red DivisionBasketball - AdultBulldogs - Ivy Dad Bod's scoresheet
Thu 6/30/22Poe School6:30 PMB- League -- Blue DivisionBasketball - AdultShake N' Bake - Team Discord scoresheet
Thu 6/30/22Poe School7:30 PMB- League -- Blue DivisionBasketball - AdultBFL - Diamond Dogs scoresheet
Thu 6/30/22Poe School8:30 PMB- League -- Blue DivisionBasketball - AdultThe Symbols - Old and Slow scoresheet
Thu 6/30/22Poe School9:30 PMB- League -- Blue DivisionBasketball - AdultPaisianos - Beef's House scoresheet