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Date Location Time League Sport Teams  View
Thu 9/28/23Camelot Full Court6:20 PMB-- BlueBasketball - AdultEyeballers - Monstars scoresheet
Thu 9/28/23Camelot Full Court7:10 PMB-- BlueBasketball - AdultDaddy's Home - Trinity scoresheet
Thu 9/28/23Camelot Full Court8:00 PMB-- BlueBasketball - AdultWonder Balls - Strokers scoresheet
Thu 9/28/23Camelot Full Court8:50 PMB-- BlueBasketball - AdultLet's Get Tropical - Bad Boy Pistons scoresheet
Thu 9/28/23Camelot Full Court9:40 PMB-- BlueBasketball - AdultThe Hoopsters - Cute Boy Ballers scoresheet
Thu 9/28/23Forrest View -- North Gym6:20 PMA LeagueBasketball - AdultPLAYERS - Super Soakers scoresheet
Thu 9/28/23Forrest View -- North Gym7:10 PMA LeagueBasketball - AdultDime Droppers - Original 8 scoresheet
Thu 9/28/23Forrest View -- North Gym8:00 PMA LeagueBasketball - AdultPart-Time Hoopers - Shooters scoresheet
Thu 9/28/23Forrest View -- North Gym8:50 PMA LeagueBasketball - AdultNeighborhood Inn - Team Name Placeholder scoresheet
Thu 9/28/23Forrest View -- North Gym9:40 PMA LeagueBasketball - AdultPunchers - Cardio scoresheet
Thu 9/28/23Pioneer Gym6:20 PMB-- RedBasketball - AdultThe Dream Team - Brown Whales scoresheet
Thu 9/28/23Pioneer Gym7:10 PMB-- RedBasketball - AdultLandmark - Bulldogs scoresheet
Thu 9/28/23Pioneer Gym8:00 PMB-- RedBasketball - AdultIvy Dad Bod's - *IHOB scoresheet
Thu 9/28/23Pioneer Gym8:50 PMB-- RedBasketball - AdultTamil Tigers - Legacy scoresheet
Thu 9/28/23Pioneer Gym9:40 PMB-- RedBasketball - AdultThe Brothers - Hills Bills scoresheet