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2022 Valley District JBO  -  Baseball

West Albany

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Welcome to the 2022 Valley District JBO Season!

* Rain Out/Inclement Weather Decisions *
Please check the comments section of your scheduled game before calling about rain outs.

Rain out decisions will be made by the home association by 3:00 pm on game days and sooner if extreme weather conditions exist. The home association is responsible for contacting both the visiting association (administrator) as well as the visiting team coach no later than 3:00 pm on weeknights and no less than 3 hours prior to the scheduled game start on weekends. Two teams playing one another from the same association may make a decision on a game later than the 3:00 pm decision deadline.


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Score reporting:
Within 24 hours of the scheduled game time, the winning team must report the score and pitch count for both teams in the game. Each coach needs to register in order to post scores to games that they are involved with. The team listed on top is the visitor and the bottom is the home team. Pitch count will be logged in the comments section in post scores area.


To help keep the reporting consistent, they must be entered using the following format:
(Visiting Team Name) #44 V. Garrett-30, #12 T. Stevens-3, #20 S. Bradbury-12 /

(Home Team Name) #4 J. Smith-28, #10 F. Johnson-25, #22 R. Frederick-20 

* JBO League Pitching Regulations - ALL LEVELS *


 Division  Pitch Count Days Rest  Pitch Count  Days Rest  Pitch Count  Days Rest  Pitch Count  Days Rest  Max. Per Day 
 Senior 1-30 31-45  46-65 2 66+ 95
 Junior 1-20  0 21-35 1 36-55 56+ 85
 Minor 1-20 0 21-35 1 36-55 2 56+ 3 75


Note #1: A pitcher reaching a day(s) of rest threshold in the middle of an at-bat must be removed from the mound if wanting to remain at that threshold. There is no “finish the batter.”

Note #2: A pitching reaching a maximum per day pitch count limit in the middle of an at-bat must be removed from the mound. There is no “finish the batter.”


At all levels of play, in a double-header league contest, a pitcher may pitch in 2 games in the same day, provided they do not pitch more than 20 pitches (Minors/Juniors) or 30 pitches (Seniors) in the first game.


 Days of Rest:

1 calendar day = 1 day of rest.

Example #1: If a Senior pitcher throws more than 66 pitches on Tuesday, he may not pitch again until Saturday.


Example #2: If a Minor or Junior pitcher pitches 48 pitches on Monday, he may not pitch again until Thursday.


Example #3: If a Senior division pitcher throws 30 pitches or less on any day, he may pitch again the next day.


Monitoring Process:

Each team’s scorekeeper or designated official tracks the pitch counts. After each half inning, the scorekeepers confer with each other. If there is a conflict, home book’s count becomes official. It is the head coach’s responsibility to know when his/her pitcher needs to be removed. Pitch counts for each pitcher are logged in the scorebook, which is signed by each coach at the conclusion of the game. 

The schedule administrator for this division is:

Allyson Grothmann - allyson@bgcgreatersantiam.org


 Please contact her with any score reporting problems; please include Allyson in any rescheduling conversations so that she can keep the schedule up to date.


The standings will automatically reflect the up to date placing within the division according to the scores that are posted.


Tie breakers are built in and are:

(1) head to head record
(2) To reward defense, total runs against (The sum of all runs scored by the team's opponent in all games. The lower the number, the better.) 
(3) Run differential in head to head match ups
(4) Predetermined Coin Flip 

The top four (4) teams from this division will qualify for the District Tournament.


The 2022 Junior Federal Valley District double elimination bracket will be played

on July 15th-17th. All games will be hosted by South Albany.


The bracket with times and locations will be posted on the bottom of your league schedule.


  The Valley League will receive 2 berths into the 2022 JBO State Championship Tournament,

which will be held on July 22nd-24th.


Hosted by: TBD


Regular Season Standings
1 West Albany 1140.733
2 South Albany 960.600
3 Central 870.5331
4 Lebanon 870.5332
5 Dallas 870.5333
6 Silverton 1140.067
PCT = Winning PercentageHTH = Head-To-Head

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Regular Season Schedule & Results
Week Date TimeLocation Visitor  Home Comment
Week 2Mon 5/16/226:00 PMBob Smith #1 - Udell Engineering Field West Albany 7 Lebanon 12(West Albany) #44 C. Nelson-64, #37 C. Lewis-37 / (Lebanon) #7 JK-50, #6 CG-28, #9 GK-35, #3 AB-37
 Wed 5/18/226:00 PMHudson Field-Central Elementary Central 3 West Albany 4(Central) #34 T. Olafson-61, #8 L. Moore-30, Z. #3 Beasly-26 / (West Albany) #13 J. Tolliver-83, #10 C. Fifhause-56
Week 3Mon 5/23/226:00 PMBryant Park-1 Silverton 3 West Albany 13(Silverton) #11 Everett S.-51, #27 Brantley K.-25, #9 Isaac R.-30, #23 Wyatt H.-13 / (West Albany) #13 J. Tolliver-75
 Thu 5/26/226:00 PMSouth Albany High School - JV Softball West Albany 13 South Albany 8(West Albany) #44 C. Nelson-57, #10 C. Fifhause-52 / (South Albany) #12 Ryder R.-76, #32 Kaiden G.-41
Week 4Tue 5/31/226:00 PMStrader Field 1 West Albany 10 Dallas 11Dallas: #44 K. Simpson - 35, #9 D. Knudsvig - 27, #4 L. Peirce - 34, #18 P. Tuck - 27West Albany: #10 C. F. - 43, #13 J.T. - 35, #22 R.S. - 17
 Thu 6/2/226:00 PMBryant Park-1 Lebanon 5 West Albany 4Lebanon # 3 Arlow B - 35, #9 Grady K. - 81,Albany #13 - J Tito - 85 , #44 Cameron N. - 32
Week 5Mon 6/6/226:00 PMS Curves - Juniors Field West Albany 6 Central 2(West Albany) #13 J. Tolliver-72, #37 C. Lewis-58 / (Central) #13 O. Hayes-43, #3 Z. Beasly-41, #34 T. Olafson-22
 Fri 6/10/226:00 PMHudson Field (Central Elementary-Albany) South Albany 4 West Albany 10(South Albany) #12 Ryder R.-79, #32 Kaiden G.-34 / (West Albany) #44 C. Nelson-56, #10 C. Fifhause-37
 Fri 6/10/22Dallas vs. Silverton rescheduled to Mon 7/11/22, 6:00 PM at Silverton High School Pine Field 3 due to weather
Week 6Mon 6/13/226:00 PMSilverton High School Pine Field 3 West Albany 12 Silverton 10(West Albany) #13 J. Tolliver-35, #10 C. Fifhause-33, #12 M. Joynt-54, #37 C.Lewis-42 / (Silverton) #9 I. Ridgeway-52, #10 Carter E.-43, #27 Brantley K.-23
 Wed 6/15/226:00 PMBryant Park-1 Dallas 8 West Albany 14Dallas: #18 P. Tuck-37, #2 Griffin B.-60, #9 D. Knudsvig-31 / West Albany: #44 C. Nelson-69, #10 C. Fifhause-14, #13 J. Tolliver-60
Week 7Mon 6/20/226:00 PMBryant Park-1 Lebanon 6 West Albany 7Lebanon: #9 Grady K.-85, #6 Cole G.-27, #3 Arlow B.-48 / West Albany: #13 J. Tolliver-83, #44 C. Nelson-31
 Thu 6/23/226:00 PMBryant Park-1 Central 15 West Albany 10(Central) #13 O. Hayes-32; #27 C. Larson-47; #2 S. Lovas-27; #34 T.Olafson-24(West Albany) # #12 M. Joynt-43 #44 C. Nelson-51; #37 C. Lewis-47
Week 8Tue 6/28/226:00 PMBryant Park-#3 West Albany 18 South Albany 7West Albany: #44 C. Nelson-54, #10 C. Fifhause-45 / South Albany: #27 T. Roberts-83, #12 R. Robinson-63
Week 9Wed 7/6/226:00 PMSilverton High School Pine Field 3 West Albany 19 Silverton 13West Albany: #10 C. Fifhause-17, #11 T. Engom-31, #30 T. Mathiesen-39, #12 M. Joynt-32, #22 R. Southard-34 / Silverton: #11 Everett S.-34, #10 Carter E.-14, #9 Isaac R.-18, #27 Brantley K.-20, #13 Noah B.-19, #1 Jai T.-33, #23 Wyatt H.-27
 Thu 7/7/226:00 PMBryant Park-1 Dallas 6 West Albany 16Dalls: #18 Parker T-54, #44 Kody S-14, #2Griffin B-58 / West Albany: #44 C. Nelson-43, #13 J. Tolliver-35
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