3/4 Grade North

2019 Valley League NFL  -  Flag Football

Scio (Chargers)

Coach: Brandon Pacheco      503-949-7701503-949-7701 (Cell)     

Team List
Mill City (Falcons)
Stayton (EaglesII)Lulay
Scio (Rams)
Stayton(Eagles I)Fleming
Scio (Chargers)
Mill City (Seahawks)
Jefferson (Lions)
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Regular Season Schedule & Results
Week Date TimeLocation Away  Home Comment
Week 1Sat 9/28/1910:00 AMCentennial Elementary Mill City (Falcons) 28 Scio (Chargers) 16 
 Sat 9/28/1912:00 PMCentennial Elementary Stayton (EaglesII)Lulay   Scio (Chargers)  Need to reschedule
Week 2Sat 10/5/1911:00 AMJefferson HS Football Field Scio (Chargers) 12 Stayton (EaglesII)Lulay 26 
 Sat 10/5/1912:00 PMJefferson HS Football Field Scio (Chargers)   Jefferson (Lions)   
Week 3Sat 10/12/1910:00 AMStayton HS Football Field Mill City (Seahawks)   Scio (Chargers)   
 Sat 10/12/1911:00 AMStayton HS Football Field Scio (Chargers)   Stayton(Eagles I)Fleming   
Week 4Sat 10/19/1912:00 PMWilliams Field Corvallis #1 Scio (Chargers)   [3/4th W] Middleton Heating-Broncos   
 Sat 10/19/191:00 PMWilliams Field Corvallis #4 [3/4th W] Hendrix Heating-Raiders   Scio (Chargers)   
Week 5Sat 10/26/1910:00 AMCentennial Elementary Stayton (EaglesII)Lulay   Scio (Chargers)   
 Sat 10/26/1912:00 PMCentennial Elementary Scio (Rams)   Scio (Chargers)   

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