Fall 2019  -  Soccer

SSA Complex Rules
NO Smoking
NO Alcohol
NO Pets
NO Parking on the grass (unless by the white house)
NO stopping along the grass to drop people off
All city and county laws and ordinances will be followed or you will be ticketed.  
Please be mindful of these rules so we all can enjoy our kids playing soccer.  Show respect and practice good sportsmanship or you will be asked to leave the complex. 
Remember these are kids playing!!!
Home- White Jerseys        
Away- Navy Blue Jerseys
Regular Season Standings
Brackman- Heartbreakers 000
Carlson- Thunder 000
Ewald- Pink Tigers 000
Leonard- Topeka Chaos Jr. 000
McPike- Fire 000
Rodgers- Lady Bugs 000
Soto- Green Butterflies 000
Walton- Princess Ninjas 000
Points = Calculated Points

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Regular Season Schedule & Results
Week Date TimeLocation Home  Away Comment
Week 1Sat 8/24/1911:00 AMField #6 B Carlson- Thunder McPike- Fire  
 Sat 8/24/1912:00 PMField #6 B Ewald- Pink Tigers Walton- Princess Ninjas  
 Sat 8/24/191:00 PMField #6 B Brackman- Heartbreakers Leonard- Topeka Chaos Jr.  
Week 2Labor Day Weekend
Week 3Sat 9/7/1910:00 AMField #5 E Carlson- Thunder Ewald- Pink Tigers Rescheduled from 8/25
 Sat 9/7/1911:00 AMField #6 B Brackman- Heartbreakers Ewald- Pink Tigers  
 Sat 9/7/1912:00 PMField #6 B Leonard- Topeka Chaos Jr. McPike- Fire  
 Sat 9/7/191:00 PMField #6 C Brackman- Heartbreakers Rodgers- Lady Bugs  
 Sat 9/7/193:00 PMField #6 C Soto- Green Butterflies Rodgers- Lady Bugs  
 Sun 9/8/193:00 PMField #5 E Carlson- Thunder Walton- Princess Ninjas  
 Sun 9/8/193:00 PMField #5 F Soto- Green Butterflies Leonard- Topeka Chaos Jr.  
 Sun 9/8/194:30 PMField #5 E Carlson- Thunder Soto- Green Butterflies  
Week 4Sat 9/14/1912:00 PMField #6 B Walton- Princess Ninjas Brackman- Heartbreakers  
 Sat 9/14/191:00 PMField #6 B Ewald- Pink Tigers Leonard- Topeka Chaos Jr.  
 Sun 9/15/193:00 PMField #6 B Walton- Princess Ninjas McPike- Fire  
Week 5Sat 9/21/1911:00 AMField #5 E Ewald- Pink Tigers Brackman- Heartbreakers  
 Sat 9/21/1911:00 AMField #6 B Rodgers- Lady Bugs Walton- Princess Ninjas  
 Sat 9/21/191:00 PMField #6 B Rodgers- Lady Bugs Carlson- Thunder  
 Sun 9/22/193:00 PMField #6 B Leonard- Topeka Chaos Jr. Walton- Princess Ninjas  
 Sun 9/22/194:00 PMField #6 B McPike- Fire Soto- Green Butterflies  
Week 6Sat 9/28/1911:00 AMField #6 B McPike- Fire Brackman- Heartbreakers  
 Sat 9/28/191:00 PMField #6 B Brackman- Heartbreakers Carlson- Thunder  
 Sat 9/28/193:00 PMField #6 B Soto- Green Butterflies Ewald- Pink Tigers  
 Sun 9/29/193:00 PMField #5 E Rodgers- Lady Bugs Ewald- Pink Tigers  
 Sun 9/29/193:00 PMField #6 B Walton- Princess Ninjas Soto- Green Butterflies  
 Sun 9/29/194:00 PMField #6 B Rodgers- Lady Bugs McPike- Fire  
Week 7Sat 10/5/193:00 PMField #5 A Ewald- Pink Tigers McPike- Fire Make Up From 10/5
 Sun 10/6/193:00 PMField #6 B Leonard- Topeka Chaos Jr. Soto- Green Butterflies  
 Sun 10/6/194:00 PMField #6 B McPike- Fire Carlson- Thunder  
Week 8Sat 10/12/199:00 AMField #6 B Rodgers- Lady Bugs Leonard- Topeka Chaos Jr. Make Up from 8/25
 Sat 10/12/1910:00 AMField #6 B Brackman- Heartbreakers Soto- Green Butterflies Make Up from 8/25
 Sat 10/12/1911:00 AMField #6 B Walton- Princess Ninjas Rodgers- Lady Bugs Make Up from 8/25
 Wed 10/16/196:00 PMField #5 D Leonard- Topeka Chaos Jr. Carlson- Thunder Rainout Make Up from 10/5

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