2015 Women's Lacrosse

Spring 2015  -  Lacrosse

Regular Season Standings
Albertus Magnus 000.0
Anna Maria 000.0
Emmanuel 000.0
Johnson & Wales 000.0
Lasell 000.0
Mount Ida 000.0
Norwich 000.0
Rivier 000.0
Saint Joseph CT 000.0
Saint Joseph's ME 000.0
Simmons 000.0
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Regular Season Schedule & Results
Week Date Location Home  Away Comment
Week 1Sat 3/14/15Nashua, NH Rivier Lasell  
 Sat 3/14/15New Haven, CT Albertus Magnus Norwich MLAX opposite sites. No DH possible
 Sat 3/14/15Scotts Miracle Gro Athletic Complex Johnson & Wales Emmanuel  
 Sat 3/14/15Simmons Simmons Mount Ida  
 Sat 3/14/15Standish ME Saint Joseph's ME Saint Joseph CT  
 Sat 3/14/15  Anna Maria Bye  
 Wed 3/18/15Mount Ida Mount Ida Albertus Magnus  
 Wed 3/18/15Nashua, NH Rivier Norwich  
 Wed 3/18/15Paxton MA Anna Maria Johnson & Wales  
 Wed 3/18/15Roberto Clemente Field Emmanuel Saint Joseph's ME  
 Wed 3/18/15Simmons Simmons Lasell  
 Wed 3/18/15  Saint Joseph CT Bye  
 Fri 3/20/15Roberto Clemente Field Emmanuel Mount Ida EMM field not available Saturday
Week 2Sat 3/21/15Lasell Newton Lasell Johnson & Wales  
 Sat 3/21/15New Haven, CT Albertus Magnus Rivier  
 Sat 3/21/15Northfield, VT Norwich Saint Joseph's ME  
 Sat 3/21/15W. Hartford, CT Saint Joseph CT Anna Maria  
 Sat 3/21/15  Simmons Bye  
 Wed 3/25/15Lasell Newton Lasell Mount Ida  
 Wed 3/25/15New Haven, CT Albertus Magnus Simmons  
 Wed 3/25/15Roberto Clemente Field Emmanuel Saint Joseph CT  
 Wed 3/25/15Scotts Miracle Gro Athletic Complex Johnson & Wales Rivier  
 Wed 3/25/15Standish ME Saint Joseph's ME Anna Maria  
 Wed 3/25/15  Norwich Bye  
Week 3Sat 3/28/15Nashua, NH Rivier Mount Ida  
 Sat 3/28/15Northfield, VT Norwich Emmanuel  
 Sat 3/28/15Paxton MA Anna Maria Simmons  
 Sat 3/28/15Standish ME Saint Joseph's ME Lasell LAS can share a bus w softball
 Sat 3/28/15W. Hartford, CT Saint Joseph CT Albertus Magnus  
 Sat 3/28/15  Johnson & Wales Bye  
 Tue 3/31/15Roberto Clemente Field Emmanuel Anna Maria EMM field not available Wednesday
 Wed 4/1/15Lasell Newton Lasell Norwich NOR can share a bus with Softball
 Wed 4/1/15Mount Ida Mount Ida Saint Joseph's ME  
 Wed 4/1/15Nashua, NH Rivier Simmons  
 Wed 4/1/15W. Hartford, CT Saint Joseph CT Johnson & Wales  
 Wed 4/1/15  Albertus Magnus Bye  
Week 4Sat 4/4/15Mount Ida Mount Ida Johnson & Wales  
 Sat 4/4/15Paxton MA Anna Maria Norwich NOR can Shae a bus w MLAX
 Sat 4/4/15Simmons Simmons Emmanuel  
 Sat 4/4/15Standish ME Saint Joseph's ME Albertus Magnus  
 Sat 4/4/15W. Hartford, CT Saint Joseph CT Rivier  
 Sat 4/4/15  Lasell Bye  
 Wed 4/8/15Lasell Newton Lasell Emmanuel  
 Wed 4/8/15Paxton MA Anna Maria Albertus Magnus 2015 Albertus can share a bus with Softball
 Wed 4/8/15Scotts Miracle Gro Athletic Complex Johnson & Wales Simmons  
 Wed 4/8/15Standish ME Saint Joseph's ME Rivier 2015 RIV can share a bus w Softball
 Wed 4/8/15W. Hartford, CT Saint Joseph CT Norwich  
 Wed 4/8/15  Mount Ida Bye  
Week 5Sat 4/11/15New Haven, CT Albertus Magnus Emmanuel  
 Sat 4/11/15Northfield, VT Norwich Mount Ida Mount Ida can share a bus with Softball
 Sat 4/11/15Paxton MA Anna Maria Lasell  
 Sat 4/11/15Scotts Miracle Gro Athletic Complex Johnson & Wales Saint Joseph's ME  
 Sat 4/11/15Simmons Simmons Saint Joseph CT  
 Sat 4/11/15  Rivier Bye  
 Wed 4/15/15Lasell Newton Lasell Saint Joseph CT  
 Wed 4/15/15Mount Ida Mount Ida Anna Maria  
 Wed 4/15/15Northfield, VT Norwich Simmons  
 Wed 4/15/15Roberto Clemente Field Emmanuel Rivier  
 Wed 4/15/15Scotts Miracle Gro Athletic Complex Johnson & Wales Albertus Magnus  
 Wed 4/15/15  Saint Joseph's ME Bye  
Week 6Sat 4/18/15Mount Ida Mount Ida Saint Joseph CT  
 Sat 4/18/15Nashua, NH Rivier Anna Maria  
 Sat 4/18/15New Haven, CT Albertus Magnus Lasell  
 Sat 4/18/15Northfield, VT Norwich Johnson & Wales JWU could share a bus w MT or Baseball
 Sat 4/18/15Simmons Simmons Saint Joseph's ME  
 Sat 4/18/15  Emmanuel Bye  
Week 8Wed 5/6/15NCAA tournament starts May 6, 2015
Playoff Bracket
#1 Seed 

Game 1

Wed 4/22/15


Game 5

Fri 4/24/15

#8 Seed 
#4 Seed 

Game 7

Sun 4/26/15


Game 2

Wed 4/22/15

#5 Seed 
#2 Seed 

Game 3

Wed 4/22/15


Game 6

Fri 4/24/15

#7 Seed 
#3 Seed 

Game 4

Wed 4/22/15

#6 Seed 
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