2023 Men’s Volleyball (Posted 12/16/21)

Spring 2023  -  Volleyball

Regular Season Standings
Colby Sawyer 000.000
Dean 000.000
Elms 000.000
Emerson 000.000
Emmanuel 000.000
Lasell 000.000
Regis 000.000
Rivier 000.000
Wentworth 000.000
PCT = Winning Percentage

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Regular Season Schedule & Results
Week Date Location Home  Away 
Week 1Thu 3/9/23Franklin MA Dean Rivier
 Thu 3/9/23Jean Yawkey Center Emmanuel Emerson
 Thu 3/9/23New London NH Colby Sawyer Elms
 Thu 3/9/23Regis Weston MA Regis Wentworth
Week 2Tue 3/14/23Lasell Newton Lasell Dean
 Tue 3/14/23Maguire Center Elms Emerson
 Tue 3/14/23Regis Weston MA Regis Rivier
 Tue 3/14/23Wentworth Wentworth Colby Sawyer
 Thu 3/16/23Bobbi Brown and Steven Plofker Gym Emerson Regis
 Thu 3/16/23Lasell Newton Lasell Wentworth
 Thu 3/16/23Maguire Center Elms Rivier
 Thu 3/16/23New London NH Colby Sawyer Emmanuel
 Sat 3/18/23Franklin MA Dean Emerson
 Sat 3/18/23Franklin MA Emerson Elms
 Sat 3/18/23Franklin MA Dean Elms
 Sat 3/18/23Jean Yawkey Center Emmanuel Lasell
 Sat 3/18/23Jean Yawkey Center Lasell Colby Sawyer
 Sat 3/18/23Jean Yawkey Center Emmanuel Colby Sawyer
 Sat 3/18/23Nashua, NH Rivier Regis
 Sat 3/18/23Nashua, NH Wentworth Regis
 Sat 3/18/23Nashua, NH Rivier Wentworth
Week 3Tue 3/21/23Jean Yawkey Center Emmanuel Dean
 Tue 3/21/23Lasell Newton Lasell Emerson
 Tue 3/21/23Nashua, NH Rivier Colby Sawyer
 Tue 3/21/23Regis Weston MA Regis Elms
 Thu 3/23/23Bobbi Brown and Steven Plofker Gym Emerson Dean
 Thu 3/23/23Jean Yawkey Center Emmanuel Elms
 Thu 3/23/23New London NH Colby Sawyer Lasell
 Thu 3/23/23Wentworth Wentworth Rivier
 Sat 3/25/23Bobbi Brown and Steven Plofker Gym Wentworth Emerson
 Sat 3/25/23Bobbi Brown and Steven Plofker Gym Emerson Colby Sawyer
 Sat 3/25/23Bobbi Brown and Steven Plofker Gym Wentworth Colby Sawyer
 Sat 3/25/23Maguire Center Elms Regis
 Sat 3/25/23Maguire Center Regis Emmanuel
 Sat 3/25/23Maguire Center Elms Emmanuel
 Sat 3/25/23Nashua, NH Rivier Lasell
 Sat 3/25/23Nashua, NH Lasell Dean
 Sat 3/25/23Nashua, NH Rivier Dean
Week 4Tue 3/28/23Bobbi Brown and Steven Plofker Gym Emerson Lasell
 Tue 3/28/23Franklin MA Dean Regis
 Tue 3/28/23Nashua, NH Rivier Elms
 Tue 3/28/23Wentworth Wentworth Emmanuel
 Thu 3/30/23Franklin MA Dean Emmanuel
 Thu 3/30/23Lasell Newton Lasell Regis
 Thu 3/30/23Maguire Center Elms Colby Sawyer
 Thu 3/30/23Wentworth Wentworth Emerson
 Sat 4/1/23Lasell Newton Lasell Emmanuel
 Sat 4/1/23Lasell Newton Emmanuel Rivier
 Sat 4/1/23Lasell Newton Lasell Rivier
 Sat 4/1/23Maguire Center Elms Wentworth
 Sat 4/1/23Maguire Center Wentworth Dean
 Sat 4/1/23Maguire Center Elms Dean
 Sat 4/1/23Regis Weston MA Regis Emerson
 Sat 4/1/23Regis Weston MA Colby Sawyer Emerson
 Sat 4/1/23Regis Weston MA Regis Colby Sawyer
Week 5Tue 4/4/23Jean Yawkey Center Emmanuel Regis
 Tue 4/4/23Lasell Newton Lasell Elms
 Tue 4/4/23New London NH Colby Sawyer Rivier
 Tue 4/4/23Wentworth Wentworth Dean
 Thu 4/6/23Franklin MA Dean Colby Sawyer
 Thu 4/6/23Jean Yawkey Center Emmanuel Wentworth
 Thu 4/6/23Nashua, NH Rivier Emerson
 Thu 4/6/23Regis Weston MA Regis Lasell
 Sat 4/8/23Bobbi Brown and Steven Plofker Gym Emerson Emmanuel
 Sat 4/8/23Bobbi Brown and Steven Plofker Gym Emmanuel Rivier
 Sat 4/8/23Bobbi Brown and Steven Plofker Gym Emerson Rivier
 Sat 4/8/23New London NH Colby Sawyer Regis
 Sat 4/8/23New London NH Dean Regis
 Sat 4/8/23New London NH Colby Sawyer Dean
 Sat 4/8/23Wentworth Wentworth Lasell
 Sat 4/8/23Wentworth Lasell Elms
 Sat 4/8/23Wentworth Wentworth Elms
Week 6Tue 4/11/23GNAC Quarterfinals #6@#3 and #5@ #4
Week 6Thu 4/13/23GNAC Semi Finals winner #6vs#3 @#2 and winner #5vs#4 @#1
Week 6Sat 4/15/23GNAC Championship at highest remaining seed
Week 6Sun 4/16/23NCAA AQ Due
Week 7Fri 4/21/232023 NCAA DIII Men's Volleyball 1st Round April 21, 2023
Week 8Fri 4/28/23NCAA DIII MVB Championship April 28-29, 2023 Owings Mills MD
Playoff Bracket
#1 Seed 

Game 3

Thu 4/13/23

#4 Seed 

Game 5

Sat 4/15/23


Game 1

Tue 4/11/23

#5 Seed 
#2 Seed 

Game 4

Thu 4/13/23

#3 Seed 

Game 2

Tue 4/11/23

#6 Seed 
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