Eastside Mini Sports 6/7

Summer 2022  -  Basketball

City of El Paso

Rottweilers SC

Regular Season Standings
Ballers 00 
Monstars GDP 00 
Raptors 00 
Rockets GDP 00 
Rottweilers SC 00 
Suns GDP 00 
Titans GDP 00 
Warriors 00 
HTH = Head-To-HeadHTHDiff = Head-To-Head Differential

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Regular Season Schedule & Results
Week Date TimeLocation Home  Away 
Week 1Sat 6/25/2210:00 AMGary Del Palacio (AUX) Monstars GDP Rottweilers SC
Week 2Sat 7/2/22Happy 4th of July!
Week 3Sat 7/9/229:15 AMValle Bajo (Court 2) Suns GDP Rottweilers SC
Week 4Sat 7/16/2210:45 AMGary Del Palacio (Court 1) Rottweilers SC Warriors
Week 5Sat 7/23/2210:00 AMSylvia Carreon Community Center (Gym) Rottweilers SC Titans GDP
Week 6Sat 7/30/2210:00 AMGary Del Palacio (Court 2) Rottweilers SC Rockets GDP
Week 7Sat 8/6/2210:45 AMGary Del Palacio (Court 1) Rockets GDP Rottweilers SC
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