FALL 2021 CoRec Volleyball League

Fall 2021  -  Volleyball - Adult


Regular Season Standings
NMP Security, LLC 3570.833
Team the Tool Man Taylor 32100.762
Team Goudreau 28130.683
I'd Hit That 23160.590
P2 24170.585
Moeller 19190.500
Urine Trouble 19200.487
Shmatte 18200.474
Ballbusters 13230.361
Hodge Podge 11270.289
Spring Bluff 11270.289
Ludicrous Spikes 1350.028
PCT = Winning Percentage

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Regular Season Schedule & Results
Week Date TimeLocation Home  Away 
Week 1Thu 9/9/21   Urine Trouble Bye
 Thu 9/9/21   NMP Security, LLC Bye
Week 2Thu 9/16/21   Hodge Podge Bye
 Thu 9/16/21   Moeller Bye
Week 3Thu 9/23/21   Shmatte Bye
 Thu 9/23/21   Spring Bluff Bye
Week 4Thu 9/30/21   I'd Hit That Bye
 Thu 9/30/21   Hodge Podge Bye
Week 5Thu 10/7/21   Ludicrous Spikes Bye
 Thu 10/7/21   Urine Trouble Bye
Week 6Thu 10/14/21   Ballbusters Bye
 Thu 10/14/21   Team the Tool Man Taylor Bye
Week 7Thu 10/21/21   Ballbusters Bye
 Thu 10/21/21   Shmatte Bye
Week 8Thu 10/28/21   I'd Hit That Bye
 Thu 10/28/21   P2 Bye
Week 9Thu 11/4/21   Team Goudreau Bye
 Thu 11/4/21   Team the Tool Man Taylor Bye
Week 10Thu 11/11/21   P2 Bye
 Thu 11/11/21   Shmatte Bye
Week 11Thu 11/18/21   NMP Security, LLC Bye
 Thu 11/18/21   Moeller Bye
Week 13Thu 12/2/21   Hodge Podge Bye
 Thu 12/2/21   Spring Bluff Bye
Week 14Thu 12/9/21   Team Goudreau Bye
 Thu 12/9/21   P2 Bye
Week 15Thu 12/16/21   Ballbusters Bye
 Thu 12/16/21   Ludicrous Spikes Bye
Week 20Thu 1/20/22Winner of Ballbusters/Ludicrous Spikes will play Winner Hodge Podge/SpringBluff (1/13 game) 9:00pm Game Start
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