Boys 2nd Grade

Fall 2018  -  Basketball - Youth

Recreation Trailblazers

Coach: Heather Molina

First team listed is the home team. Home team wears white.
Games will be played at the following locations:
Inclement Weather Hotline: 847.577.3003,  extension 6
Regular Season Standings
Camelot Celtics 000.000
Camelot Pacers 000.000
Camelot Spurs 000.000
Frontier Bulls 000.000
Frontier Lakers 000.000
Frontier Thunder 000.000
Pioneer Cavaliers 000.000
Pioneer Grizzlies 000.000
Pioneer Warriors 000.000
Pioneer Wizards 000.000
Recreation Clippers 000.000
Recreation Hawks 000.000
Recreation Kings 000.000
Recreation Rockets 000.000
Recreation Trailblazers 000.000
PCT = Winning Percentage

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Regular Season Schedule & Results
Week Date TimeLocation Home  Away 
Week 1Sat 11/3/189:00 AMCamelot Court #1 Recreation Kings Recreation Trailblazers
Week 2Sat 11/10/1810:00 AMCamelot Court #1 Pioneer Cavaliers Recreation Trailblazers
 Sun 11/11/1812:00 PMPioneer 1 Recreation Trailblazers Camelot Spurs
Week 3Sat 11/17/1811:00 AMCamelot Court #2 Recreation Trailblazers Recreation Clippers
 Sun 11/18/181:00 PMPioneer 1 Pioneer Grizzlies Recreation Trailblazers
Week 4No Games- Thanksgiving Weekend- Enjoy the holiday!
Week 5Sat 12/1/1810:00 AMCamelot Court #2 Recreation Trailblazers Frontier Thunder
 Sun 12/2/181:00 PMCamelot Court #1 Camelot Pacers Recreation Trailblazers
Week 6Sat 12/8/1812:00 PMCamelot Court #1 Recreation Trailblazers Camelot Celtics
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