Boys 3rd/4th Grade

Fall 2021  -  Soccer - Youth

DC United (M Practice) 55127

Coach: Tom Bauer

First team listed is the home team - home team wears white - no standings are kept

Weather Hotline
847.577.3003, extension 5
           Remember that Character Counts! in all AHPD programs. Please keep sidelines safe and encourage positive cheering.
 Please clean up your team's litter after practices and games.
Regular Season Standings
Arsenal (W Practice) 55129 000.000
DC United (M Practice) 55127 000.000
FC Barcelona (T Practice) 55138 000.000
Manchester United (F Practice) 55131 000.000
PCT = Winning Percentage

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Regular Season Schedule & Results
Week Date TimeLocation Home  Away 
Week 1Sat 9/25/2112:45 PMThomas School - Center Field FC Barcelona (T Practice) 55138 DC United (M Practice) 55127
Week 2Sat 10/2/2112:45 PMThomas School - Center Field DC United (M Practice) 55127 Manchester United (F Practice) 55131
Week 3Sat 10/9/2111:30 AMThomas School - Center Field DC United (M Practice) 55127 Arsenal (W Practice) 55129
Week 4Sat 10/16/2112:45 PMThomas School - Center Field DC United (M Practice) 55127 FC Barcelona (T Practice) 55138
Week 5Sat 10/23/2112:45 PMThomas School - Center Field Manchester United (F Practice) 55131 DC United (M Practice) 55127
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