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1-Albany (Scheduling only)

1-Central Linn (Scheduling only)

1-Crosshill (Scheduling only)

1-CV (Scheduling only)

1-Florence (Scheduling only)

1-Harrisburg (Scheduling only)

1-Junction City (Scheduling only)

1-Lincoln City (Scheduling only)

1-Mehama (Scheduling only)

1-Newport (Scheduling only)

1-Scio (Scheduling only)

1-Silverton (Scheduling only)

1-South Albany (Scheduling only)

7 Oaks New

7 Oaks Old

Adams Elementary

Albany Christian School

Alsea School

Ash Creek Elementary (Monmouth)

Bates Field #1 (Juniors)

Bates Field #2 (Minors)

Bates Field #3 Softball

Bellfountain Softball Field (Monroe)

Betty Wheeler Field

BGC Albany Coastal Farm Ct.

BGC Albany Greenberry Gym

BGC Albany H3O court

BGC Albany Les Schwab Ct.

BGC Albany McLagan Gym

BGC Albany Midway Plumbing Court

BGC Albany Mike's Heating & Air Ct.

BGC Albany Mikesell Ct.

BGC Albany Progressive Software Solutions

BGC Albany Rex Casey Gym

BGC Albany Sullivan Gym

BGCC Art Center

BGCC Johnson Teen Center

BGCC Kinder Club Room

BGC Corvallis - Outside Playground - Grass

BGC Corvallis Fitzpatrick Painting Gym Large

BGC Corvallis FPG, Elks Court #1

BGC Corvallis FPG, Play It Again Sports Court #2

BGC Corvallis Gerding Builders Gym

BGC Corvallis Gerding Builders South

BGC Corvallis MS Room

BGC Lebanon

BGC Lebanon #1

BGC Lebanon #2



BGC Sweet Home

Bob Artz Sprots Complex #3

Bob Smith #1 - Udell Engineering Field

Bob Smith #2 - Weyerhaueser/Jeff King Contractor Field

Bob Smith #3 - Canaga Point S Tires Field

Booth Park

Brownsville Pioneer Park softball

Brownsville Rec Center

Bryant Park #2 - Albany

Bryant Park-#3

Bryant Park-1

Bryant Park-2

Calapooia Middle School

Calapooia MS #2 (Juniors)

Cascade Complex Field C2

Cascade Complex Field C3

Cascade Complex Field C4

Cascade Complex Field C5

Cascade Complex Field C7

Cascade Complex Field C9

Centennial Elementary

Central - Monmouth Elementary School

Central Elementary (Albany)

Central Elementary-Hudson Field (Albany)

Central Flag Football Scheduling Only

Central High School

Central High School Alumni Gym (Monmouth)

Central HS JV (Monmouth)

Central HS Varsity Baseball Field (Monmouth)

Central HS Varsity Softball Field (Monmouth)

Central Linn Football Practice Field (Halsey)

Central Linn HS Football Field (Halsey)

Central Linn HS J.V. Field (Halsey)

Central Linn HS Varsity Softball (Halsey)

Central Linn JH/HS (Halsey)

Central Linn Varsity Baseball (Halsey)

Central Minet

Century Park 1

Century Park 2

Cheadle Lake Field

Cheldelin MS Lower

Cheldelin MS Upper

Chemawa Indian School

Chemawa Indian School (Seniors)

Christopher Columbus Park


City Park Field 1

Clemens Primary School

Corvallis HS CAGES

Corvallis HS Football Field

Corvallis HS GYM

Corvallis HS JV SB

Corvallis HS Varsity SB

Corvallis Knights Field (Philomath City Park)

Crescent Valley HS - Cheer Room

Crescent Valley HS - JV Baseball

Crescent Valley HS - Varsity Baseball

Crescent Valley HS CAGES

Crescent Valley HS GYM

Crescent Valley HS JV SB

Crescent Valley HS Varsity SB

Crescent Valley JV Softball

Crossler MS Main

Dallas (Federal)

Dallas (Roger Jordan Community Park)

Dayton High School

Eagle Field (Crosshill)

Finn Construction Field (PHS JV BB Field)

Fisher Field - Turner

Foster Elementary - East

Foster Elementary - West

Frank Wade Park

G3 Sports & Fitness

Gaston High School

Geer Community Park

Geer Park East

Geer Park West

Gervais Elementary

Gervais HS JV Field

Gilmore JV Field/SSHS

Green Acres 1

Green Acres 2

Green Acres 3

Green Acres 4

Halsey Memorial Park, Halsey

Hamilton Creek Elementary

Happy Valley Park (Happy Valley)

Harrisburg HS JV Softball

Harrisburg HS Varsity Baseball

Harrisburg HS Varsity Softball

Harrisburg MS (Bus Lot)

Harrisburg MS (Skate Park)

Hawthorne Field #1

Hawthorne Field #2

Hawthorne Field #3

Hawthorne Field #4

Hendrick & Kellison Court

Henry Hill #1

Henry Hill #2

Henry Hill #3

Holt Field

Howard Street/SSHS

Hudson Field (Central Elementary-Albany)

Hudson Field-Central Elementary

JCHS-JV Baseball Junction City High School

JCHS Varsity SB

Jefferson Elementary

Jefferson High School Gym

Jefferson HS Football Field

Jefferson HS Track

Jefferson Middle School #1

Jefferson Middle School #2

Jefferson Middle School #3

Jefferson Middle School #4

Jefferson Middle School #5

Jefferson Middle School #6

Jefferson Middle School (New Gym)

Jefferson Middle School (Old Gym)

Jefferson MS Field #5

John F. Kennedy High School

Johnson Teen Center - B & R Wrecking #3 - Practice Only

Johnson Teen Center - Citizens Bank #2

Johnson Teen Center - Elks Field #1

Johnson Teen Center West

Johnson Teen Center West A

Johnson Teen Center West B

Johnson Teen Center West C

Johnson Teen Center West D

Jurgens Park (Tualitan)

Keizer LL Field #4 (McNary)

Keizer LL Field #10 (McNary)

Kennedy HS #1

Kennedy HS Field #3

Kennedy HS Football Field

Kennedy HS Varsity Field

Kimmel Park - Mill City

Kinder (Rookie League #1) Red Field

Kinder (Rookie League #2) Blue Field

Kinder (Rookie League #3) Green Field

Kinder Park North

Kinder Park South

Knife River Field (PMS #10)






Lacreole Middle School

LaCreole MS Baseball Field

LaCreole MS Lower Gym (Dallas)

LaCreole MS Upper Gym (Dallas)

Laurel #1 - Lauel Sports Complex JC

Laurel Field #4

Lebanon High School J.V. Softball

Lebanon High School Varsity Softball

Lebanon HS

Lebanon HS Field Varsity

Lebanon HS JV

Lebanon HS Varsity Softball

Les Schwab Tires Field (PMS #9)

LHS Croco Field (Varsity Baseball)

Linn-Benton Community College Field

Linus Pauling Football Field

Linus Pauling Mat Room

Linus Pauling MS Large

Linus Pauling MS Large North

Linus Pauling MS Large South

Linus Pauling MS Small

Linus Pauling MS Track

Linus Pauling Practice Field A

Linus Pauling Practice Field B

Linus Pauling Practice Field C

Linus Pauling Practice Field D

Linus Pauling Practice Field F

Little Promises

Lyle Field #2

Lyle Field #3

Lyle Field #4

M & W Electric Field (PMS Field #3)

Marist High School Baseball Field

Marist High School JV Softball Field

McKay JV Softball Field

McKay Varsity Baseball Field

McNary High School Vasity Field

Memorial Middle School - Albany

Mill City High School (Seniors)

Mill City softball

Mill Creek Park

Miller JBO Field

Miller Park - Field #3

Miller Park - Field #4

Millersburg Park (North Field)

Millersburg Park (South Field)

Miller Timber Services Field (PHS JV SB Field)

Moberg Field Mill City

Monmouth Elementary School

Monroe City Park

Monroe Elementary

Monroe Elementary School

Monroe High School

Monroe High School Softball

Monroe HS Football Field

Mortgage Express Court

Mt. View Elementary


Nestucca High School

Newport High School Football Field

Newport HS Baseball

Newport HS Softball

Newport Middle School

Oak Grove Elementary

Orchard Heights Park

OSU Gill Coliseum

OSU McNary Dining Center

OSU Truax Indoor Practice Facility

OSU Valley Football Center

Pacific Power Court

Patrick Lumber Field (PMS #11)

Philomath Elementary School

Philomath Frolic & Rodeo Field (PMS #8)

Philomath High Football Field

Philomath High Football Practice Field

Philomath High Track

Philomath High Varsity Baseball Field

Philomath High Varsity Softball Field

Philomath Middle School

Philomath Rental Field (PMS Field #2)

PHS Aux Gym

PHS Court #1

PHS Court #2

PHS Court #3

Pioneer (Lebanon)

Pioneer Park East

Pioneer Park West

Pioneer School Field #1

Pioneer School Field #2

Pioneer School Field #3

Regis High School #1

Regis High School #2

Regis High School #3

Riverbend Materials Field (PMS Field #1)

Riverview Elementary

RJP #1 Direct Flooring Field

RJP #2 Farmers Insurance Field

RJP #3 Bruce Burke Field

RJP #4 Rice Logging Field

Roberts Field 1

Roberts Field 2

Roger Jordan Park - Dallas

Roy Johnston Park

Roy Johnston Park Field #5

Salem Academy

Salem Academy JV Field


Santiam Christian (Adair Park) Baseball

Santiam Christian (Adair Park) softball

Santiam Christian (William R Carr and Arnold Ave)

Santiam Christian Schools - East Gym

Santiam Christian Schools - West Gym

Santiam Christian Varsity Baseball

Santiam Elementary

Santiam HS Football Field

Santiam Varsity Baseball

Schaefer Stadium

Schlador (Silverton)

SCIO Elementary School

Scio High School

Scio HS Football Field

Scio Middle School

S Curves

S Curves - Seniors Field

Seven Oak Middle School

Sheldon High School

Sheridan High School Football Field

Sheridan High School SB

SHHS Football Field

SHHS Football Practice Field(behind HS)

SHHS Varsity Baseball field

SHHS Varsity Softball


Siletz Valley School

Silverton High School

Silverton High School Pine Field 3

Silverton High School Pine Field 5

Silverton HS Pine 4 JV Field

Silverton HS Varsity Davisson Field

Silverton St. Paul Field

South Albany High School - JV Softball

South Albany HS - JV Softball

South Albany HS - Varsity

South Albany HS Track

South Albany HS Varsity Baseball Field

South Albany JV Baseball Field

South Salem HS J.V. Softball Field

South Shore Elementary #1

South Shore Elementary #2

Sprague High School - JV Field

Sprague HS

St. Mary's School

Stayton H.S. JV Baseball Field

Stayton H.S. Varsity Baseball Field

Stayton Highschool Field 1

Stayton High School Field 2

Stayton Highschool Field 3

Stayton Highschool Football Field

Stayton High School Track

Stayton HS Football Field

Stayton JV Softball

Stayton Middle School

Stayton Middle School #2

Stayton Varsity Softball Field

St Paul's Church

St Paul Field

Strader Field 1

Strader Field 3

Straub Middle School

Sublimity Middle School

Sweet Home Baseball Location

Sweet Home Baseball Location Only

Sweet Home High School 1

Sweet Home High School 2

Sweet Home HS JV Baseball

Sweet Home HS JV Softball

Sweet Home HS Track

Sweet Home HS Varsity

Sweet Home JV Football Field (Next to Club)

Takena Elementary #1

Takena Elementary #2

Takena Park

Talmadge Middle School

Taylor Field (Corvallis HS)

The Pit - Lincoln City

Thurston Middle School

Timberidge Large Gym - Albany

To Be Determined Based on Seeding

Toledo Elementary School

Toledo High School Field

Toledo Jr/Sr High

Town & Country Realty Court

Unified Insurance Court

Waldorf School

Waverly Elementary #1

Waverly Elementary #2

Waverly Elementary #3

West Albany High School - JV Field

West Albany High School - Varsity Field

West Albany High School - Varsity SB

West Albany JV Softball

Western Mennonite JR Lower Field

Western Oregon Univ Baseball Field

Western Oregon University Softball Field

Westmoreland Park Field #1

Westmoreland Park Field #2

West Salem HS J.V. Field

West Salem HS J.V. Softball Field

Whitworth Elementary

Willamalane Center SW Field #4

Willamette Valley Babe Ruth Complex

Willamette Valley Planning Court

Willamina High School Football Field

Willamina High School Softball field

Williams Field Corvallis #1

Williams Field Corvallis #2

Williams Field Corvallis #3

Williams Field Corvallis #4

Yaquina View Field