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Roaring Brook School


30 Old Wheeler Lane
Avon, CT 06001

For games played at Roaring Brook School, the gym is attached to the right of the main building.  Please use the drive on the right and park in either the small lot in front of the gym’s entrance or the larger parking lot on the right. 


Please do not park in the fire lanes.  There is no food or drink allowed in the building, the only exception being water bottles.  In addition, there is no ball bouncing in the hallways.


Due to the winter weather, we’re asking that players not wear the shoes they are playing in into the gym.  They should bring their sneakers/basketball shoes with them in a bag and change at the school.  The water, sand and salt that can be tracked in are slip hazards and will damage the floors.  In addition, parents and other spectators should walk around the perimeter of the court, not across the court, to reach the bleachers.