QuickScores App Beta Test

Before releasing our new mobile app to everyone, we are doing a beta test to get some feedback from our real-world end users... YOU!

We would greatly appreciate your help in trying out the app and providing feedback (both good and bad) on your experience.

As you use the app, please send us your comments, questions, or bugs to feedback@quickscores.com


Get it on Google Play
  • Note: The Play store page will look a little different because this app is Unreleased. That's okay.
  • When the beta test is over and the app is released to the public, you'll only need to update the app like normal through the Play store.


  • Test Flight is Apple's official beta testing app. Once installed, it will help you install our beta app.
  • Any updates during beta testing will be managed through Test Flight.
  • When the beta test is over and we switch to the app store, you can delete Test Flight.

Note: Jonah Mancini is our app developer in charge of this project. A careful reader will see his name in the Apple Terms of Service section when installing our beta app. He can be trusted. We are only doing the beta test through his developer account until we can jump through all of Apple's hoops and join the app store ourselves.

What is Beta Testing?

Beta Testing of a product is performed by "real users" of the software application in a "real environment" and can be considered as a form of external User Acceptance Testing.

Beta version of the software is released to a limited number of end-users of the product to obtain feedback on the product quality. Beta testing reduces product failure risks and provides increased quality of the product through customer validation.

It is the final test before releasing a product to the customers. Direct feedback from customers is a major advantage of Beta Testing. This testing helps to test the product in real time environment.

Source: Alpha Testing vs Beta Testing -- www.guru99.com