Youth Volleyball 2019

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NMAA’s Concussion in Sports and NM Senate Bill 38

By checking the box below, Parent/Guardian and Athlete acknowledge the following:  

Both have reviewed New Mexico Senate Bill 38 and the NMAA’s Concussion in Sports Fact Sheet for Athletes and Parents located in the Downloads tab of the Ruidoso Quickscores Website. 

Both Parent and Athlete understand the risks of brain injuries associated with participation in Ruidoso Parks and Recreation athletic activity, and are aware of the State of the New Mexico’s Senate Bill 38; Concussion Law.

*NMAA’s Concussion in Sports and NM Senate Bill 3
 I have read and agree with the NMAA’s Concussion in Sports and NM Senate Bill 38. 
Statement of Sportsmanship

Sportsmanship cannot be emphasized enough! Direct physical violence or verbal abuse against another person will not be tolerated. If a coach, player, participant, officials, or spectator cannot or is unwilling to conduct themselves in a responsible manner, they shall not be a part of the program and will be dealt with by the Umpires, League Officers, or Law Enforcement. Failure to comply with the league’s statement of sportsmanship will be ejected from the facilities and could be restricted from the facilities for a period of not less than two games and not more than one season. Direct physical violence shall include, but not limited to hitting, pushing, shoving, kicking or spitting. Direct Verbal abuse shall include, but not limited to berating, belittling, cursing, and generally unaccepted language, or direct verbal abuse that the Umpires deem unacceptable. In signing this you agree to accepting and following the statement of sportsmanship.

*Statement of Sportsmanship
 I have read and agree with the Statement of Sportsmanship. 
Social Media Policy
The Policy

Photos and Videos may be taken of you or your team and may be used for league advertisement or put up on the Village of Ruidoso’s Facebook page. The league has no control over photos appearing elsewhere.


If you wish for pictures to be removed from our Facebook page please contact the Parks and Recreation Department at (575) 257-5030.

*Social Media Confirmation
 I have read and understand the Social Media Policy. 
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