Spring 2023 MCSSA League Registration and Membership Dues

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In order to be assigned to a team you must submit the following online form: MCSSA SOFTBALL SELF EVALUATION
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John X. Supinski League: Monday Mornings (Men 70+, Women 40+) .

Ross Emerson League: Tuesday/Thursday Mornings (Men 60+)

Co-Recreation League: Wednesday Mornings Men 70+*, Women 40+

Ron Schell League: Friday Evenings (Men 50+)


*Previous male participants in the CoRec league who are under the age age of 70 are grandfathered and may register for that league. 

For all leagues, anyone reaching the minimum for the respective league may participate.

Rain makeup for all morning leagues may occur on Fridays, as may some regular scheduled games.

Supinski League
Emerson League
CoRec League
Schell League
Member Dues: $10 if not already paid thru 3/31/24
Note: Change Dues amount to $0 if you already paid it at Winter Practice.
Donation to MCSSA
 The participant assumes all risks associated with participation in the above activities. MCSSA assumes no liability for injury or damages arising from participation in these activities. Due to the strenuous nature of some activities, MCSSA encourages each participant to consult his or her physician concerning fitness to participate in the program. The participant consents to emergency treatment. 

MCSSA Mission Statement

Enhancing opportunities for senior citizens to stay physically active, to reduce the risk of illnesses by participating in sports activities. MCSSA strives to assist seniors to remain independent, increase morale, camaraderie and self esteem, improving the quality and longevity of life.

Mail checks to: MCSSA 11819 Gordon Rd, Silver Spring, MD  20904 
Send Venmo and Zelle payments to: MCSSA-treasurer@usa.net
Select "Donation" when paying by Venmo.
Paying by credit card will process the payment through PayPal. A PayPal account is not required.
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