Spring 2022 Softball (Ages 4-14)

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Fee: $115.00Base Player Registration is $110.00, and includes a $5.00 online credit card processing fee. In Spring we will be Providing Hat, Jersey only. We have no mandatory fundraiser fees, Concession buy out or non-resident fees.
Coach and Ride Share Request
Regarding Rideshare or Coaching Request. Starting Fall 2014 we will no longer be accepting request for a specific coach. This is an effort to divide talent among all teams equally. The only rideshare request that can be made are for immediate siblings  ie, Two Brothers on Same team, if age permits. No cousins, friends, etc.. will qualify as ride share request. If you have a ride share request for immediate siblings, please email that request to jbatx.info@gmail.com and include both players full Names and Ages.
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Volunteer Coaching

We Are always in need of Good coaches at all age levels for both Baseball and Softball. If you are good with kids please consider helping out. It is the participation of parents that help build young athletes. Lets work together to make this season a success.

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Refund Policy
The Policy

100% of your registration fees will be refunded if requested in writing prior to player draft. If requested after draft but prior to opening day, there will be a $5 fee, Plus cost of uniforms, deducted from your refund. On or After opening day of the season (1st game), no refunds will be Issued. If you registered online, Online processing fees will not be refunded. If you registered late, late sign-up fees will not be refunded. Please request your refund in writing and send to jbatx.info@gmail.com .Please Include your First & Last Name, Players First & Last Name, Phone Number you can be reached at, mailing address of where to send refund. List of board members are listed at www.jbatx.com if you have any questions.

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