Fall 2019 Signups! (Softball and Baseball)

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Fee: $4.00
Granbury Athletic Association Fall 2019 Player Registration

Online registration is open for all players. If you did not play with us in Spring '19 OR Fall '18, you must provide a COPY of the player's birth certificate at tryouts. (5U and above).
We are hoping to move everyone to register online. The fee for Fall ball is $100 ($65 for 4U), with a $10 discount for registering early (before August 1). There is a sibling discount, too. The later you register, the more the price increases. After August 17 , it is $110. It is $120 at tryouts. There is a $4 convenience fee for registering online. 
We are currently only accepting online payments.
Player Information
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*League for Fall 2019
 Baseball (begins at 4 and under) 
 Softball (begins at 8 and under) 
The BASEBALL age determination date for which division you play in is 04/30/2020. The SOFTBALL age determination date is 12/31/2019.
Divisions are all set up with an "And Under" designation. For example, if your child is playing baseball and is 7 on April 30, 2020, they would play in 8U (8 and under). If they are 6 on April 30, 2020, they would play in 6U (6 and under).
*Which division do you wish to register for?
All discounts (ie early bird) are taken off at the end of this form.
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I/We understand that Granbury Athletic Association is a non-profit organization, staffed by volunteers, for the sole purpose of providing a supervised baseball and softball program for boys and girls.  I/We, the parents(s)/ guardian(s) of the player, do hereby give my/our approval to his/her participation in all activities of the current season.
I/We know and understand the risks and hazards of participation and assume all risks and hazards incidental to the conduct of the activities.  I/We do hereby release, absolve, indemnify, and hold harmless Granbury Athletic Association, including its Board of Directors, sponsors, supervisors, coaches, agents, and attorneys (collectively "GAA") against any and all claims, accidents, or negligence (including gross negligence), including, without limitation, personal injuries or death.
In case of injury to the player, myself/ ourselves, or any member of my/ our family, I/We do hereby waive any and all claims against GAA.  I/We likewise release from responsibility any person transporting the player to or from activities.
I/We do hereby give consent to the use of the player's name, image, and/or likeness on any and all promotional material or advertising by GAA, including such use on internet websites maintained or affiliated with GAA.
I/We do further agree to abide by all rules and regulations of Granbury Athletic Association.  I/We agree to furnish a birth certificate of the candidate if requested by the Board of Directors.
*Waiver confirmation
 I have read and agree with the waiver. 
Refund Policy
The Policy
In the event a player withdraws from the league, for any reason, up to one day before the day of the draft at 10:00pm, GAA will fully refund the player's registration fee, less any online convenience fees.  No refunds  will be issued after that time, except that the Board, at its discretion, may issue partial refunds for medical reasons up until ten days after the opening day of games.
*Refund confirmation
 I have read and understand the refund policy. 
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If you are registering multiple children with us, please enter the code below for each child you are registering AFTER the first child. (i.e. the 1st child in your household does not use the code. The 2nd child from your household does use the code.)
Multi-Child Discount (enter MULTI for add'l kids)
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