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There is a $25 processing fee for new coaches due to the background check process. League coaches thanks for thier service with a honorium each season. All new coaches are required to attend one volleyball training. All coach need to be at each season regularly scheduled coaches meeting.

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Have you ever been refused participation in any other youth programs? If Yes, explain.
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Do you have children participating in our youth programs? If Yes, who and which programs?
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How did you hear about volunteer opportunities here?
Explanation 4
Why do you want to volunteer in this area?
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Special professional training, skills, or hobbies
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Arrest and Conviction Record
Have you ever been convicted of, or pled guilty to, a crime other than a minor traffic violation, or are you under charges for any criminal offense? If Yes, explain.
Explain 9
Have you ever received probation or community supervision for any federal, state or municipal offense? If Yes, explain.
Explain 10
Have you ever been convicted of any criminal offense in a country outside the jurisdiction of the United States? If Yes, explain.
Explain 11
Do you have any pending charges against you? If Yes, explain.
Explain 12
Have you ever received deferred adjudication or similar dispositionfor any federal, state, or municipal offense? If Yes, explain.
Explain 13
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