TYBA Player Eligibility Requirements

Divisions of Play:
Junior Division: co-ed teams ages 6/u
Division II Boys: 8/u, 10/u, 12/u (Recreational teams)
Division I Girls: 8/ug, 10/ug, 12/ug (Competitive)
Division I Boys: 8/u, 10/u, 12/u (Competitive)


Player Eligibility:

Age based eligibility. TAYBL will be organized based on age as of September 1st. Example: If an athlete is 8 on or after September 1st they are allowed to play in the 8u division. However, if an athlete turns 9 before September 1st they will need to play in the 10u division. 


Playing on Multiple Teams. A player, while participate in TAYBL, can only play on one team in one age division during the season. A player can play can play up on another team in another age division he/she qualifies for.


Playing Up. A player may play in a higher age division.


Gender Specific Divisions. Players are only allowed to play in a division for that player's gender.


Signed Waiver & Release. Each participant must have a signed Athlete Registration Form.


Additional Required Documentation. Each participant must provide the team they are participating on a copy of their birth certificate, current year report card and current year photograph.