Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate Frisbee
League uses rules as governed by USA Ultimate, with edits to rules for our league, as applicable. Click here to be directed to the rules.
 Questions/comments can be sent to mwood@slco.org  
by calling the Salt Lake County Sports Office, 385-468-1670.

The Salt Lake County Ultimate league will use the rules governed by USA Ultimate, with the following modifications:
  • Game schedule – Games will be 55 minutes The league will use a horn to start the game clock, signal the 5 minute warning, and the end of the game. The horn blasts will go as follows:
    6:00 - One air horn – Game clock starts
    6:50 - One air horn – 5 minute warning. No time outs after the horn.
    6:55 - Two air horns – End of game - Finish the point. If it results in a tie, play one more. (The next point begins immediately after a point is scored.)
    7:00 - one air horn – Game clock stats………and so forth.
  • Time Outs – one per game, not to be taken after the 5 minute warning horn.
  • Points – games are played to time, not to a pre-determined point total. If the final point ends in a tie, then another point will be played: no tie games. 
Common Terms and Rules
  • Baggage request - A request by two players to be placed on the same team.  This request must be mutual.  There is only one baggage request per person.  Every attempt will be made to honor baggage requests.  An attempt at multiple baggage requests (providing multiple names to baggage with, or 1-2, 2-3, 3-1 requests) will not be accepted.
  • Offense Calls - When a team is on offense, they can set the player ratio of men and women.  
  • Male/Female ratio - The ratio of men to women on the playing field. Normally 5/2 (5 men 2 women) or 6/1 (6 men 1 woman)
  • Draft - The County league utilizes a draft system to place players to teams. Players categorize themselves by answering questions about their skills and abilities. Captains attempt to divide teams in a way that will encourage competitive games and eliminate "stacked" teams.  
  • Spirit of the Game - The backbone of good sportsmanship.  This is better defined by the USA Ultimate rules. Click here to be taken to the USA Ultimate's description of SOTG.