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Adult Volleyball

2021 Adult Volleyball
Women's, Men's 50+ and CoRec volleyball leagues are offered playing a 6 week season with 12 Matches. Games are played at SCPR Community Centers. We provide you an enjoyable yet competitive and positive sports environment all while promoting an active and healthy lifestyle. 


Session 4 Volleyball

Registration deadline October 13, 5:00 PM

- $150 per team -

Women's, 50+ Men's, and CoRec leagues available.

Any questions regarding COVID's impact on future leagues can be directed to our Adult Sports Manager - Ryan Scheibmeir (785-251-6973) 
If your team is in need of additional players, visit the Player Info Page to see a list of players without a team.

To Register:
In person - Sports Office at the Oakland Community Center (801 NE Poplar)
By phone - (785)251-6970

Sportsmanship Policy - Working with local partners and striving for a safe and enjoyable athletic experience, we have developed the Sportsmanship Emphasis. It addresses many sports aspects for all ages. By participating as an individual or on a team in any of our leagues or rentals, you agree to it's terms and such consequences. We advise all participants, coaches, fans and visitors to read and understand in it's entirety.

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