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Adult Basketball

Adult Basketball

Session 2: March 7 - April 25
Deadline: February 13
Fee: $260
All leagues feature a 7-game season per team.
Wednesday nights -- League 1 | League 2 | League 3
Thursday nights -- Combo League
League 1 = Most Competitive
League 2 = Moderately Competitive
League 3 = Least Competitive

NEW Summer League for adult basketball taking place on Sunday evenings


League A (more competitive) - Hillcrest Community Center

League B (less competitive) - Crestview Community Center


The plan is to have a 7-game schedule + 2 tournament games = 9 games total per team. After the initial 7 games, each team would play bracket style format, ideally with a Champions Bracket and a Consolation Bracket - if enough teams.

The hope is to get 8 teams (or more) in each league.


Deadline will be April 17.

Games played May 5 - June 30. 

If your team is in need of additional players, visit this link to see a list of players without a team:

Forms and Guidelines