Practices / Rentals


2023 Facility Rentals and Practices


We will begin taking 2023 field and practice field rental requests on January 1.


Session 1 - March 1 - May 31

Session 2 - June 1 - July 31

Session 3 - August  1 - October 31


2023 Facility RENTAL Request Form

2023 LEAGUE Practice Request Form


LEAGUE teams: Teams must fill out the 2023 LEAGUE Practice Request Form above and submit to SCPR Sports Office ( office at least 5 days prior to event. 


RENTALS: Renters must fill out the 2023 Facility RENTAL Request Form above and submit to the

SCPR Sports Office ( at least 14 days prior to the event.


All practices are subject to cancellation by league office upon tournament or league request.

League games and tournament events will take priority over league practices.


From November to February, the outside facilities such as ball fields, soccer fields or open space are first come, first serve for teams. We hope that you respect the facility in that if the gate is locked, you do not enter the facility.


Our intentions annually are to provide quality parks and recreation opportunities to the public.

All teams paying league fees with Shawnee County Parks + Recreation can schedule practices for 1 1/2  hour slots and are subject all the rules and regulations listed on rental form. 


Some practice fields are minimum maintenance facilities therefore playing surfaces may vary.




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