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Player Info Page

Players wishing to join a team or teams searching for more players:
Information below is placed by the individual or team captain voluntarily. Please contact the person listed for further information. Keep our office updated if you get placed or teams no longer need players as we hope to keep the list updated as often as possible. Requests are classified by sport. 
Andy Crook, 785 633-4801, corec or mens, 4/2/2021  JWW

Derrick Reck,, 785 851-4273, Mens and/or Corec 4/29/2021  JWW

Marc Zeleskey, 919-451-3481, Mens or Corec, 7/8/2021 JWW

Kristie Cortes, 785-806-7733, Womens and/or Corec,  4/12/2022  JWW

Miguel Cortes Romero, 785-217-8593, Corec,   

                                              4/12/2022  JWW

Chris Hannahs, 785-506-4433, JWW, 4/29/2022


Cindy Wolfe, CR or Womens, 3/30/2021 RJS
Andy Hines,  50+ Mens and Possibly Corec. 785-249-3635 ,, JWW/12/13/2021             
 Kelly Palmer, 785-438-0466,, 12/29/2021 JWW
Chelsea, 316-587-7365, 12/29/2021JWW.
Charles Thomas, Corec, (913)426-3483,, 1/18/2022 JWW


Joe Hennessy, 740-505-6327,, Sun/Wed
Chris Hannahs, 785-506-4433, JW2, 4/29/2022


Adult Soccer


Alicia Martinez, 785-969-0259 call or text, 7//21/2021, JWW

Eric Clark, 785-640-0579,

Baseball - (25 y/o to play field position, 30+ y/o to pitch)
Nick Taylor, (785)304-2115, 4/12/2021, JWW
Garrett Harper, (785)393-2351, catcher or outfield, 5/24/2021, JWW
Cooper Karlen, (785)331-5734, SS or Inf, 5/24/2021, JWW
Quillan Houser, (785)338-0382, pitcher, infield, 5/27/2021, JWW
Jacob Schell, (785)217-0557, anything but pitcher, 6/9/2021, JWW
Steven Letourneau, (785)230-8422 ,, RJS
Chris Hannahs, 785-506-4433, JWW, 4/29/2022
Flag Football
 Chris Hannahs, 785-506-4433, JWW, 4/29/2022
Nathan Lipshin, 785-304-5744,, 6/3/22
Sand Volleyball
Kyra Sample -, 5/10/22