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Adult Softball

2020 Adult Softball
Softball is a great way to get out and still enjoy the weather, stay active with family and friends and hone the old softball skills. We offer three sessions in which teams sign up for their night of the week and we provide facility, umpires, schedules and other amenities.
(COVID Pending)
Session 3 Scheduled Dates: September 14th - October 16th 
Registration Dates: August 10th - August 26th 
Fee: $130 for 4 games and $260 for 8 games (Doubleheaders)
If your team is in need of additional players, visit the Player Info Page to see a list of players without a team.

To Register:
In person - Sports Office at the Oakland Community Center (801 NE Poplar)
By phone - (785)251-6970

Sportsmanship Policy - Our mission is to provide a safe and enjoyable athletic experience to all of our participants. To ensure this, we have implemented a set of rules and regulations, the Sportsmanship Emphasis, for all of our sports to be consistent with how all incidents are handled and to enhance the experience you will receive by playing in our programs. Please read it in its entirety.
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