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Main Event

Main Event Entertainment, Jennifer Decker, 623-936-5300,
At the Main Event, we believe in making every birthday extra special. Now more than ever, it’s important for us to come together to show our birthday boys and girls that even though their big day at the Main Event is on hold, the party will still go on.
Please tune into Main Event’s Instagram Live Story daily at 2pm CT  as Sarah Beddoe, our Chief Brand Officer, mother of two, and current Happy Birthday Host will lead a live, virtual birthday celebration for anyone celebrating that day. We’ll sing Happy Birthday, enjoy a new way to make a fun memory, and we’ll keep singing every day until it’s safe to celebrate together again at the Main Event. Tune in everyday to sing Happy Birthday to your friends, family and fellow Americans and you may be surprised with special guests along the way!
If your child’s birthday is coming up, please email or DM us @MyMainEvent on Instagram or Twitter so we can make sure he or she receives a shoutout during the song, and stay tuned for more info on how to join the party!