H.S Basketball





  1. A team shall consist of a minimum of 8 players and a maximum of 15 players.
  2. All players must be in high school to participate. Players cannot be on a high school basketball team.
  3. No roster changes will be allowed after the first game.
    1. If a rostered player is injured during the season, a replacement may be allowed, but must be approved by the Park District before being allowed to play.
  4. A player cannot play in post-season unless they played in at least 1/3 of the regularly season games.
  1. Each team is required to have an adult (21 years or older) on their bench during the game.


  1. Team names and logos must be submitted by the captains meeting and approved by the park district.
  1. Any player caught wearing a uniform that has the following on them will result in a team forfeit.
    1. No number
    2. Foul language


  1. Unless otherwise stated herein, all league play will be governed by current IHSA rules.
  1. Two (2) twenty-minute halves of running time will be played. The clock will stop:
    1. during the last two minutes of the second half, timeouts, and referees’ discretion.
    2. When a team is winning by 15+ points with two minutes left in the game, the clock will not stop.
  1. In the event of a tie game, overtime will be 3 minutes, with 2 minutes running time and 1 minute stop. In the event of a tie after the first overtime, double overtime will be 1 minute with running time with the last 30 seconds stop time. In the event of a tie after the second overtime, sudden death will occur (first basket wins).
  1. Each team will have two (2) time outs per half (non-cumulative), and one (1) time out for each overtime period (non-cumulative).
  1. The team listed last on the schedule will be considered the home team.
  1. All teams must have a team jersey with numbers on them. NO EXCEPTIONS! Teams will have a one (1) week grace period to obtain team jerseys with numbers. All teams should have team jerseys by the second week. Players without jerseys will not be permitted to play.
  1. The referee shall review any rules with each captain before each game. The captains should ask any questions at this point.
  1. Bonus free throws will be awarded beginning with the team’s 7th personal foul in the half. No super bonus.
  1. Dunking will only be allowed during a game. NO dunking allowed before, at half time, or after.
  1. Any player receiving two technical fouls during a game will automatically be ejected AND suspended for the next game.
  1. Any player who has been ejected from two games is automatically suspended for the remainder of the season.
    1. Ejections could be for any reason, including receiving two technical fouls.
  1. Any player ejected from a game because of fighting is automatically suspended for the next two (2) games.
    1. If someone is involved/ejected for a second fight, they are suspended for the remainder of the season.
  1. Any player who touches an official, in any way, will be expelled from the league for the remainder of the season. He/she will not be allowed to return to the league until park district staff does an investigation and clears the individual.



  1. Before every game, each player must present a photo ID, to the scores table staff, to prove they are on that team’s roster. If they cannot provide a photo ID, then they are not allowed to play.
  1. The use of an ineligible player (suspended, not rostered, or current H.S basketball player) in any game, will result in an automatic team forfeit.
  1. A team must have 5 rostered players on the court ready to play at the scheduled game time. If a team does not have 5 rostered players, the following procedure will be followed.
    1. The game clock will start with twenty (20) minutes on it. For every 30 seconds that expire, 1 point will be given to the team that has the required 5 players to start the game.
  1. If the 5th player arrives before ten (10) minutes expire, the game will start from that point with the amount of time that has elapsed and with the number of points awarded to the team that had 5 players at game time.
  1. Once ten (10) minutes has expired, if the required 5 players have not arrived, the game will be recorded as a forfeit.
    1. A team must pay a $50.00 forfeit fee before their next game, or no play will be allowed.
  1. If a team has two forfeits during the season, that team is subject to being removed from the league and playoffs immediately.


  1. Single Elimination Bracket
  2. Seeding for playoffs will be determined by the following:
    1. Winning Percentage
  3. Tiebreakers are:
    1. Head-to-Head
    2. Average Point Differential (Max of 20)
    3. Average Points Against
    4. Forfeits (if one team has a forfeit and the other does not, the team without one wins tiebreaker)
    5. Coin Flip

The Palatine Park District has the right to adjust or alter any rule(s) which is deemed in the best interest of the league.


Any questions/issues regarding the High School Basketball league, please contact Athletics Manager, Mark Dolphin, at mdolphin@palatineparks.org.

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