PREPS Youth Tackle Rules

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Tackle Rules of Play



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    • All New players will be directed to the draft. 
    • All former established players may return to their team but are not obligated to. 
    • All players must be registered. At no time is any player permitted to participate in practices or games until a registration form is on file. At no time are jerseys to be switched out. Any violators will cause a game forfeiture and head coach dismissal from the league.               
    • Blood relatives and siblings who reside in the same dwelling will be placed together on the same team if age permits. Younger siblings will follow their older sibling to their age division team that reside in the same household. 
    • All registrations must be completely filled out any application that is not filled out entirely will be declined.
    • At no time is a coach or team allowed to be hand selected.
    • All Fees must be paid before first game unless approved by Director.
  • A returning players place on a team cannot be reserved if the player has not turned in the registration by the league given deadline. After such date has passed said player will be added to the draft. After the draft, all late registrants will automatically go to the team with the least amount of players.
  • All first time registrants are required to submit a birth certificate before they can begin their season. This is a one time request. 
  • A physician signed and approved physical must be on file before the player can begin practice. 
  • Once a player has been drafted to a team they may not select to be transferred to another team. 

REGISTRATION FEE                                                                                                   

  • Our registration fee is $135.00.
    • Any players registering after equipment has been issued will be charged a $25 late registration fee.
  • All fees must be in the form of a check or money order. There is a fee of $35.00 on all returned checks.
  • All payments must be on file before your child's first game. Partial payments can be made. Please speak with a league official or team mom to make payment arrangements. 
    • If payment arrangements have been made, partial payment must be received before equipment will be issued. 
    • Full payment must be received before a uniform will be ordered/issued.
  • We do offer partial scholarships. These scholarships are limited to 2 per team. These scholarships are also based on available finances. For further questions get with your team mom for scholarship policies and applications. 
    • Scholarships will be offered based on need. If a scholarship application is submitted for the same player over consecutive years, the applicants who did not receive assistance the prior year will be given priority.  Consecutive year applicants may be offered partial assistance based on available funds. 



  • Each team will be given a date and time by the equipment manager to be assigned equipment. 
  • There is no weight limit for Skilled positions or running the ball.
  • Equipment will be distributed to each team once all required paperwork and fees are on file for the entire team.
  • Only players who have their league required paperwork on file will receive their equipment. 
  • All equipment will be collected on each teams last game. It is required that each player bring street clothes to change into concluding their game.
  • Equipment will not be assigned during a game. No exceptions!
  • There is a parent/guardian equipment contract that must be signed before any equipment can be signed out. If you already own certain pieces of equipment please let the equipment manager know before signing the contract so adjustments are made.
  • Any player who resigns from his team must remit their equipment 48 hours after resigning. 
  • At no time are steel cleats permitted.
  • Helmet visors are permitted as long as they remain clear. If a player has a colored or mirrored visor an additional waiver of liability must be signed and must be medically approved. 
  • Mouth pieces must be attached to the helmet when and where available. Mouth pieces are not provided by the league.
  • Hard cups are optional and not provided by the league.
  • Any person that does not return their equipment by December 1 of the calendar year will be turned into collections for the amount of the equipment signed out. Prices are listed on the equipment contract.
  • All self-owned helmets and shoulder pads shall require approval of the equipment manager to ensure they are safe for wear. The equipment manager can also inform you on how to get your helmet recertified. 
  • Any person that misses their equipment appointment must call for another appointment. 
  • At no time is any person to show up for extra equipment without first calling for an appointment with the equipment manager. 
  • Any lost or stolen equipment is the financial responsibility of the individual who signs off on the issued equipment. No Exceptions.
  • Helmets must be returned without team decals.
  • PYFL Helmets are certified and must Not be tampered with. Do Not remove or alter any warning labels and initial season or recertification labels.  


  • Practices may begin after the draft is complete or upon a date the league has agreed upon. The date will be posted on social media and communicated to head coaches.
  • Practices must not exceed 5 days a week. Practices are not to exceed 7:30 PM and may not exceed 2 hours daily. Practices must end before dark unless lighting is approved. 
  • Any missed or tardy practices must be made aware to your head coach. 
  • Practices that occur prior to the season starting shall not have the approval of PYFL. 
  • Practices shall go as follows: there are only 4 days of conditioning with pads and 1 day Prep (Only Helmets) .
  • All practices must start with a minimum of 15 minutes dedicated to the team stretching and warming up together.
  • Hydration must be provided to the players, with a minimum of 2 water breaks. 
  • Practices are a requirement for each player. This is where experience and talent will be obtained. Please see infractions page.
  • At no time is any player or team permitted to use any type of hand adhesive. 
  • The first week of practice consists of calisthenics and conditioning. No hitting drills are permitted. The second week of practice consists of hitting drills and full contact. All players should be suited up. There is a 5 day requirement of conditioning without pads and 5 days of conditioning in pads before a player can start playing, 
  • At no time is any team allowed to hold a game or scrimmage with a separate league without first consulting the commission as a whole. If approved the opposing team will need to sign a league waiver.
  • A written clearance from the player’s Doctor may be needed to return to the team for practices and games depending on the reason given for missing practices. 
  • Player Infractions Chart - Practices Policy (Not Pertaining to Injuries). Please be sure this information is clearly communicated with the player and parent/guardian as each infraction occurs.
    • 1 out of 4 missed - None - Per Commission
    • 2 out of 4 missed - Option ½ game penalty - Per Coach
    • 3 out of 4 missed - Option ¾ game penalty - Per Coach and Commission
    • 4 out of 4 missed - No game time – Per Coach and Commission
    • Lack of participation - Coaches option
    • Fighting - 1 game suspension - Per Commission
    • Drug/Alcohol use - Season suspension - Per Commission
    • Habitual missing practices - Removal from team - Per Commission and Coach
    • Continuous disruption and lack of authority - Removal from team - Per Commission and Coach
    • Foul language - depending on the situation - Per Commission and Coach
    • Game disruption - Removal from game depending on situation - Per Commission
  • League Excused Practices
    • School, religion, injury, illness, family emergency.                                                                                            


  • Practice Fields reserved by league and covered under league insurance from the City of Alamogordo are: University Park (on 24th St), Fireman’s Park (next to Kids Kingdom, 2 teams), 18th and Oregon (next to the tennis courts), Oregon Park (behind City Hall, 3-4 teams), and Mt. View and Oregon (behind City Hall). If you would like a different practice field please let the league know so that arrangements may be made with COA.
  • Once the practice area is assigned/selected, it will not be moved for any issues in the exception of area deemed unfit or unsafe for the children. Please remember during play-offs, all teams are moved to Griggs field where lighting will be provided due to the time change. One Peewee and One youth team will be assigned to share a field.
    • Teams outside of the Alamogordo community are responsible for securing their own practice fields. If at any time there is a problem securing one, please contact the commission for assistance. 
  • The practice fields carry the same authorities, rules, and prohibited list found throughout the Bylaws and Rules of play. 


  • Consist of Kick off and Punt return. 



  • PYFL will follow NMAA and NFHS rules and regulations  unless otherwise stated in the PYFL Rules of Play and/or Bylaws.
  • There will be no more than 8 season games.
  • Praising your child and other children is encouraged and supported. Singling out your child and other children in a negative way during games or practices is not allowed.
  • Any person encouraging negativity to any player or stakeholder on the field will be asked to leave the premises. 
  • Anyone involved in promoting intentional injury to any player will be escorted off the premises and will not be permitted to participate with our league any further. 
  • Our game officials are focusing on many children on the game field not just one. If they miss a call, penalty, etc. rather than scream or humiliate the official take your concern to your coach so they can take the concern or infraction to the game official. 
  • Keep in mind that if ejected from a game you are automatically suspended from the next game unless otherwise stated in a following meeting.
  • Any person(s) fighting or causing issues on the sideline will be asked to leave the premises. The game will cease until such parties have left the premises. .
  • Any game day concern must go through your head coach. 
  • A forfeited game is still considered a game and will go in favor of the opposing team.
  • The visiting/away team is in charge of providing a three man chain crew. The game cannot start or finish without a three man chain crew. The coaching staff cannot be part of the three man chain crew.
  • There is a minimum of 20 plays for all players per game (including playoffs and Superbowl games), including special teams; 10 plays per half. The only exception for a player to have less plays is by parent request
    • Or according to the practice player infraction chart. Please communication the infractions to a commissioner prior to the beginning of the game. Please be sure the player and parent/guardian are aware of the infraction chart.
  • There is a minimum of 11 players needed per team 15 minutes prior to kick off to avoid a forfeited game. Exception, both teams must agree to play with a lower number of players for the game to proceed. All intended forfeited games require a 48 hour notice.
  • There is no sideline coaching allowed. 
  • There is a maximum of 5 coaches allowed on each sideline.
  • All game balls must be league approved. 
  • At no time is ANY player to be lifted off the ground by his face mask or shoulder pads.
  • The only personnel allowed in the coaches box is the coaching staff. (Coaches box is between the 30 yard lines.) At no time are their family, former players, or significant other’s allowed in the coaches box during a game. 
  • Fans must remain 10 yards behind the Coach's Box at all times. Failure to remain away from the playing field will result in the game being halted until all fans, players and coaches are in compliance.
  • At no time is the team’s water and ice to be emptied on the field. Be considerate of the upcoming teams.
  • Each team is responsible for their trash. Any team leaving behind trash will cost their team a 15 yard penalty on the following game. 
  • All games will take place at Griggs Field unless otherwise notified.
    • Any team wanting to host a game outside of Alamogordo will be responsible for securing a field, lights, referees, and field equipment. The league should by notified by August 31st of the current year 
    • Out of town games must be scheduled for 3pm or later start times. This will allow for at least 2 commissioners to be present and additional referees if needed.  
    • How players are transported to and from the out of town games will be the responsibility of the coaching staff and parent/guardians.  
  • Griggs Field is a Smoke Free Environment. Anyone who partakes in smoking is required to do so from a 50 foot perimeter and not in the recreation area. If there is any question as to where the 50 foot perimeter is, either do not smoke or go to the parking areas.
  • Superbowl Games
    • The winner of the superbowl from the previous year will be considered the defending champions. Should the team make it to superbowl the next year they will be the home team. Regardless of win/loss record.
    • If the previous year's superbowl winner does not make it to the superbowl the following year, the home team will be based on win/loss record. 


  • Any call that is made on the field by a game official will stand and cannot be overturned. 
  • Any time a head coach has a concern with a call, he may call for a 30 second timeout which does not affect the game clock. A reason for the call must be clarified by the official to both teams head coaches. The only time a commissioner can be called upon is to clarify the rulings.
  • Any game official has the authority to remove any person, regardless of title, that is causing concerns and issues. Whether a coach or spectator, each violator will be given one warning concerning their actions. If after that one warning the party is still disruptive they will be given seven minutes to remove themselves from the premises. The game will cease until such person(s) have left the premises. The person asked to leave will be suspended from next game unless otherwise told at a later time.
  • If necessary, a game official may give the entire sideline one warning before beginning to eject specific persons or calling the game.        



  • All serious injuries that are sustained to a player will require a call to 911. 
  • All injuries sustained during practices must be reported to the commission. 
  • In the event of an injury during a practice or game, the coaching staff is to help assist the parent in any insurance claims within 7 (seven) days of said injury and to provide the PYFL a copy of all Insurance Claims for verification with the Insurance Company.
  • Any established or indication of a head concussion will require a release from the players physician. No Exceptions!!
  • At no time should an injured player be moved until it has been confirmed that the player is capable of moving.
  • At no time during an injury time out is any coaching or strategizing allowed. All players should take a knee until the injured party is on their feet.
  • The league insurance does not cover ambulance rides. Please assure that an ambulance ride is indeed needed.
  • All open wound injuries must be cleaned and covered with a bandage before your child is permitted to participate in any game or practice.



  • A coin toss shall determine the receiving team in the overtime quarter.
  • Games that are tied at the end of the fourth quarter will go as follows:
    • Peewee Division, an 8 minute quarter will be provided, each team will be given the opportunity to score a touchdown. The team that has the highest score within the 8 minute time frame will be considered the winner of the game. The game ball will be placed on the 25 yard line. There is only one time out per team during this time. If a sixth quarter is called for, a coin toss will determine the winner.
    • Youth Division, a 10 minute quarter will be provided. Each team will be given one opportunity to score a touchdown. The team that scores the highest in that 10 minute time frame will be considered the winner of the game. The game ball will be placed on the 25 yard line. There is only one time out per team during this time. If a sixth quarter is called for, a coin toss will determine the winner


  • Once the score reaches 32 - 0, the team ahead will sit their 1st string players down and play their 2nd string. If there is a limited number of players, then the team ahead will realign their players into different positions.
  • The game clock will become a running clock. The team ahead will not be allowed any time outs. The only time the clock will stop is during an injury, a referee time out, scores, or a time out by the losing team.
  • The game will continue until the score reaches 50-0.
  • If the score reaches a 14 point difference, the mercy rule will end and regular game clock will resume.
  • Regardless of the score, the game cannot end before half time. 
  • Each team is required to treat all other teams with dignity and respect. At NO time is any player or coaching staff permitted to participate in any cruel remarks, gestures, or mimicking. If at any time such behavior is observed said parties will be escorted off of the game field and sent to the spectator sidelines for the remainder of the game.                                                                                                                                  


  • When teams have the same win/loss record, the tie breaker will be determined by total points accumulated during the regular season. 
  • A team cannot play any game without the consent of the Commission. Any game that needs to be rescheduled will be done by the Commission only.
  • No game will start after 5:00 P.M. when lights are not available, 7:30pm with lights. If any game cannot be started in accordance with the above time, they will be rescheduled. No game will start before 8:00 A.M.
  • Games will be held on Saturdays. Any make-up games will be scheduled by the commission on Sundays.
  • Traditionally game start times will be 9:30am, 11:30am, and 1:30pm.
  • Weather delays will be followed according to NMAA/NFHS rules. 
    • Weather delays are due to lightning and thunder (either lightning seen within a 5 mile radius or thunder heard). When a delay occurs, the teams should be sent to a safe, sheltered area until the weather situation has ended. 
    • NMAA/NFHS guidelines on handling lightning and thunder delays require the use of the 30-minute rule, meaning when the game has been delayed, play cannot resume until at least 30 minutes have elapsed following the last sighting of lightning or the sound of thunder. Each further instance of lightning or thunder requires a reset of the clock and the commencement of a new 30-minute interval.
    • Once a game has been delayed for a total of 60 minutes, the commission will meet with the coaching staff  to determine if the game should be concluded as is, or when it can be rescheduled.


  • The peewee age division is 7-9 years of age. The age deadline is recognized as September 1, of the calendar year. All players must be 7 by September 1 of the current year in order to qualify to play in the Peewee Division. If the registrant turns 10 before September 1 of the said year He/She must move up to the Youth Division.
  • The Peewee field will be played on a 50 X 80 field in the exception of limited space or if the games are held at a stadium. 
    • Due to the peewee division field of 50 X 80 field all penalties will consist of a Seven (7) yard penalty instead of a Ten (10) yard penalty. 
    • All peewee games will be played as follows Four (4) Eight (10) minute quarters, with an eight (8) minute half time.
  • During all field goals and kickoff return a kicking block must be used or the ball must remain flat on the ground. 
  • During a punt, if the ball hits the ground the ball is considered dead. If a team elects to kick after touchdown or fourth down the coach must declare it to the game official. 
  • The chain will be shortened from a 10 yard line to a 7 yard line. 
  • There is no defensive rush on field goal or punt.
  • There is one (1) coach permitted in the huddle during a play. However the coach must remain 10 yards behind the Quarterback. Coaching changes can only be changed during a time out or a change of position. 
  • It is illegal to line up a defender directly over the center during any kicking situation, play or format. however you may shoot the A gap. Once the center has snapped the ball he needs to raise his head and be vertical in a defensive position. He cannot hold his head down after the snap.
  • If the team does Not kick the ball within ten seconds after the snap or if the placeholder cannot retrieve a bad snap without his downed knee leaving the ground it is considered No good.
  • At no time is anyone allowed to be on the game field during a game. A warning will be issued by a game official or commissioner. Any further infractions will result in the person being ejected from the game no exceptions
  • There is Only one coach permitted to travel with his team between the goal lines. All other coaches and players must remain in the coach's box which is between both 30 yard lines.



  • A touchdown is worth 6 points, a field goal is worth 2 points, and a run in is worth 1 point. 


  • The youth age division is 10-12 years of age. The age deadline is recognized as September 1, of the calendar year. All players must be 10 by September 1 of the current year in order to qualify to play in the Youth Division. All youth players  must not turn 12 before September 1 of the current year in order to play for PYFL
  • No player may cross the line of scrimmage until the ball is kicked.
  • A Player that is 12 years old prior to Sept !st and is in 7th grade may choose to participate in the PYFL League. Player cannot play for School and PYFL. Player has to decide one or the other because the limited amount of games they are allowed to play. 
  • All youth games will be played on a 100 yard field in the exception of restricted space. 
    • All youth division teams will play Four (4) Eight (8) minute quarters with an eight (8) minute half time. 
  • If the team does Not kick the ball within ten seconds after the snap or if the placeholder cannot retrieve a bad snap without his downed knee leaving the ground it is considered No good. Once the center has snapped the ball he needs to raise his head and be vertical in a defensive position. He cannot hold his head down after the snap.      
  • At no time is anyone allowed to be on the game field during a game. A warning will be issued by a game official or commissioner. Any further infractions will result in the person being ejected from the game no exceptions
  • Coaches are not allowed to remain on the field during game play.    


  • A touchdown is worth 6 points, a field goal after a touchdown is worth1 point, and a run in is worth 2 points.  
  • A field goal is worth 3 points.                                                                                                                                                               


  • Players must take care of all league issued equipment.
  • Players will listen and show mutual respect to their coaching staff and fellow players, whether your own team or opposing players.
  • Players will always respect themselves, their parents, guardians, adults in general, and the coaching staff.
  • Players should not participate in fighting, bullying, drugs, and alcohol. Cussing is not permitted.
  • Players should give your team 100% of your undivided attention on the practice and game field.
  • Players Must always be on their best behavior at All league functions and events.
  • Talk to your coach if you need to address a concern regarding your team etc. in a calm manner.