PREPS Flag football Rules

NFL Flag Football Rules of Play


 Our flag football program was established to help the kids to adjust to tackle football. 




All Divisions: 4-6, 7-9, 10-12

  • There is a maximum of 15 Players per team in each division. The age cutoff is July 1 of the current year. 
  • First-time registrants will be required to prove age via a Birth certificate or a legal state document confirming age. 
  • Each game will be played 7 on 7 
    • All 4-6 and 7-9 age division games will be played on Thursday and/or Friday evenings and Saturday mornings. 
    • All 10-12, 13-15 age division games will be played on Friday evenings and Saturdays late morning... 
    • Each player is required to have a league release form signed and dated on file prior to the start of season practice. 

Game Score 

  • 4-6 Division will not retain score. 
  • The game score shall go as follows; 
    • A touchdown is worth 6 points. 
    • Extra points from the 5 Yard line are worth 1 point. The 10-yard line is worth 2 points. 
    • There are 5 plays permitted to get to halfway and 5 plays permitted to score. 
    • Mercy Rule is a 32 point spread. Once the score has reached its mercy rule, the dominating team will be considered the winner of the game. If there is an interception by the winning team, the point is not veiled. Once the mercy rule has been made effective, both teams may choose to continue their game in the spirit of competition, but the referee is no longer required to be present. 


  • The league registration fee is $53.00 and must be submitted no later than each child's first game. All fees must be paid online or in the form of Money order or check. There is a $30.00 return check fee that is required on all returned checks. 
  • PREPS does not offer any refunds at any time. 
  • There are no scholarships available for flag football. 

Games and Practice Procedures. 

  • All games are NOT to be interrupted for any reason. If at any time you want to address a question or concern regarding a game you must first address your head coach, who can then call for an official time out. Any continuous negativity regarding the game is cause for game ejection. 
  • All concerns regarding your coach, team, etc., must be brought to your Head Coach concluding games or practices. if after you address your concerns to your coach and the issue has not been resolved, then you can request a meeting with the league commissioner to address your concerns/questions. 
  • All players must have hands-on their hips or crossed over their chest while blocking, similar to basketball. 
  • All 4-6 Division games will consist of 2 (12) minute quarters. 
  • All 7-9, 10-12, 13-15 games will consist of 2 (20) minute quarters with a running clock. 
  • There is a maximum of 3 coaches permitted (2) on your sidelines and (1) on the field 10 yards back from the line of scrimmage. This also includes team moms. 
  • Flags Are Not allowed to be tied. All flags must hang freely to the player's sides. Not on their front side or backside. 
  • All 4-6 age division games will be played on a 40X20 field. 7-12 age division games on a 40X80 field with the exception of restricted space. 
  • Half time consists of 8 minutes. 
  • All games will not begin before 8:00 AM. 
  • Each game will not exceed 1 hour, with the exception of field emergencies or personal injuries. 
  • A coin toss will determine who will lead. The coin toss winner will notify the game official of their intentions. 
  • Differing the coin toss is permitted. 
  • Each team is permitted (3) thirty-second timeouts per half. 
  • Each team is permitted (5) downs for a touchdown or first down mid-field unless possession of the ball has been lost. 
  • The receiving team in the first half will play defense in the second half of the game unless the coach that won the coin toss defers. 
  • The start of the game ball placement will be held on the receiving team's own 10-yard line. 
  • Every player will be required 8 plays per half. NO EXCEPTIONS! 
  • No punts 
  • Onside kicks Are Not permitted. 
  • No Kickoffs; it will be a change in possession at mid-field. 
  • The quarterback must do a side hand-off or behind no forward hand-off. A pass must be a forward pass. 
  • If a player tackles the ball carrier, the offense will get a (1) yard line of the defense. 
  • The defense must be (3) yard to the line of scrimmage and no rushing in the exception if the ball has been handed off or passed to the ball carrier. 
  • The defense must be lined up (1) Yard to the center or at least (3) yards away from the top of the center using a traditional snap or side snap if you are side snapping; the defense is permitted to line up over the center. 
  • The Quarterback must have clear possession of the ball before it can be handed off or passed along. 
  • The quarterback may not be rushed. 
  • Quarterback and center sweeps are Not permitted. The ball must be handed off to the side or behind the quarterback. Pass must be a forward pass, not behind. 
  • Quarterback sneaks are NOT permitted. 
  • Side sweeps are permitted. 
  • At no time during a side snap should a centered body be passed the ball. 
  • Players must line up the backfield to motion a snap. 
  • Interceptions are permitted and may be run back for a touchdown unless mercy rule applies. 
  • On any extra point or 2 point attempts, the defense is not able to advance for a score. 
  • The first down will be awarded once the offense has advanced to the mid-field 2-yard line. 
  • Any block where a player leaves his feet is NOT permitted. 
  • Center sneaks are NOT permitted. 
  • Tackling, stiff-arming, striking, pushing, kicking, and kneeing is NOT permitted. All parties found to be doing this intentionally will be ejected from the game. 
  • There are No fumbles; once the ball touches the ground, it is dead. 
  • There is only one forward pass permitted per play. 
  • All offense plays must begin with a clear center and quarterback exchange. 
  • 10 seconds to pass the ball 
  • Overtime is college rules- Each team will get 5 downs to score from midfield. 
  •  Fake punts are not permitted. The offense will declare their intent to punt on the first down.
  • 9. The kicking team for the opening kickoff to start the game will be the receiving team to start the second half of the game.
  • 11. Kick-off will be from the midfield, if the ball is kicked through the end zone, it will be considered a touchback, and the offense takes the possession at the 10-yard line.
  • 12. If the ball goes out of bounds, then the kicking team shall be penalized 5 yards, and the receiving team shall have the authority to take the kicking team's kick or to take the ball where it went out of bounds.
  • 13. Any ball caught or picked up in the end zone is considered a live ball until a touchdown is signaled by the Referee/Official.
  • 16. All offense plays must begin with a clear center and quarterback exchange.
  • 17. Side Snaps/sweeps are permitted. Players must line up in the backfield to motion a snap. 23. Players on defense must be lined up one yard to the center or at least 3 yards away from the top of any center using a traditional snap or side snap. If you are side snapping, the defense is permitted to line up over the center. with (2) Two-minute intermission between quarters and 5 minutes for half time.                                                                                                                                                                                                        27. All players are eligible to receive a pass; a pass of multiple passes may be thrown from behind the line of scrimmage.   The ball carrier must not use a stiff arm against a defender penalty shall be 5 yards.
  • 29. A kicked or punted ball that strikes the ground after being touched by a player is dead.
  • 30. On-sided kicks are not permitted.
  • 31. A player who catches any kick may pass the ball at any time as long as it is not a forward lateral.
  • 32. If a ball carrier loses his/her flag, the ball becomes dead, and the play is ended. At no time is downfield blocking permitted, other than in the line of scrimmage or behind the line of scrimmage (a three-yard box) when on offense. The defense may not rush the punter, and the offensive team may not leave the line of scrimmage until the ball is kicked. If a player tackles the ball carrier, the offense team will get a first down at the One (1) yard line of the defense.
  • 41. The offense must notify the game official. If the punter drops the snap, the punter may pick up the ball and kick it away. The receiving team cannot rush the punter when a team notifies the game official that they are punting, which means they intend on giving up the ball, regardless of direction.
  • 42. The defense must be Three (3) yards of the line of scrimmage absolutely no rushing. In the exception of the ball being handed off or passed, the defense may proceed to D-flag the ball carrier.
  • 44. The first down will be awarded once the offense team advances to the midfield line 2o yard line.                                                                                                                           


  • Cleats are required during all games/practices. There are no steel cleats allowed. 
  • Each game shall be played with 5 player minimum and 7 player maximum. The Only exception would be due to limited players, and both sidelines agree to a different number of players. If this is the case, this must be brought to the game's official attention immediately. 
  • The Head Coach will be provided with flags for each player and 1 football and will be responsible to the PREPS for all issued equipment, and the Head Coach will be financially responsible for the costs of lost or damaged equipment as follows:  1. $30.00-PeeWee sized issued Football.   2.  $25.00-Flags and Belt (a set of 5).   3. Kicking Tee $12.00 2. PREPS will provide all head coaches with 1 game ball and flags for each player for all games, but all flags and game ball are required to be returned at the end of each game, any team that does not return equipment will be responsible for the replacement and cost of equipment


  • Practices may not exceed 3 days a week and must not exceed one hour per practice. 
  • There shall be no practices or games held during a lightning storm. 
  • Practices are not permitted after 8:00 pm. 
  • Physicals are not required at this level as it is NOT an excessive or aggressive sport. However, all allergies or medical concerns must be reported to your head coach. 


  • There are no weight requirements or restrictions at this level.


  • If during a game the score is tied at the end of the fourth quarter, then the game will go into overtime for a maximum of five minutes. After the five-minute overtime has ended, if the score remains tied, then the team with the highest season game score shall be considered the winner of the tiebreaker. 

All returning players may return to their last team so long as they meet the age criteria.


  • PREPS shall properly store all equipment in the off-season. 
  • All equipment shall be purchased by PREPS and will not reimburse any person(s) for any equipment purchased.

Each participant shall be required to provide their own cleats pants/shorts socks. 

There are no Reservations; all registrants will be done on a first-come basis. 3. All Returning Registrants will return to their previous team unless the registrant requires to be put back into the player's draft. 5.  Absolutely No Registration  Refunds once payment has been received. 6. All Registration fees are to be received prior to the first game.

Penalties 1. Each team will be given one warning on game penalty and violations; after the first warning, each team will be penalized 3 to 5 yards.