Updated Tournament Rules

To qualify for the LCSL CLASSIC  the head coach must have received notification on the LCSL website.  That notification is based upon the scores & standings from the completed season starting with the first place team.
Each coach must inform the LCSL Scheduler of their intention to play no later than 72 hours before the tournament (Wednesday night).
No team is obligated to participate the LCSL Tournament, even if they qualify.  For some teams, finishing the season as one of the top four teams in the age division is more than sufficient.  It is also possible that teams may have scheduling conflicts such that they know in advance will not be able to field the minimum number of players in order to play in the matches.
Regardless of whether they participate in the tournament, teams from the B division that qualify for the Tournament will be moved to the A division for the following season.  The decision not to play in the tournament does not alter the team's record during the regular season.
In addition to rules established by FIFA and LCSL (including the modified U-9 through U-12 rules) the following tournament rules will be used at this venue and at this event.
First and foremost, NO DOGS ALLOWED (even on leashes).
Bracketing: Bracketing will be in the standard 1st seed plays 4th seed and 2nd seed plays 3rd seed format. The losers will play a consolation match and the winners will play for the championship.
Length Of Matches:  Each match will have 2 25-minute halves with a 5-minute halftime
Player Check In: All players and coaches must be checked in with a clearly identified LCSL representative at the main tent 15 minutes prior to first game.   Upon checking in all coaches will surrender player passes until the completion of the second match. 
 1st thru 3rd will recieve trophies , 4th will recieve medals for u9 and above.
 u8 will recieve participation medals 
Referees:   Each match with offsides (U11 and above) will be officiated using a 3-man system. The referees will need to have a clear lane on the sideline of about 3 feet. All referees must be treated with respect.  Any misbehavior toward the referees on the part of players, spectators or coaches will be met with disciplinary action by the LCSL (see below) There are no protests, the decisions of the Referee are final.
Score Reporting:  Both coaches are to report the score of their match to the LCSL representatives at the main tent.  After completing second match, please report to the main tent for awards presentation.
Penalty Kick Shootouts in the event of a tie match: In the event of a tie there will be NO overtime period. The penalty kicks will be as per FIFA rules. At the end of the second half the following format will be used for the Penalty Kick shootout:
·        Each coach will select 5 players from the players on the field at the end of the match to shoot for their team. One of the shooters may be a goalkeeper. These players will shoot 1 v 1 from penalty mark in order set by each coach.
·        Teams may rotate goalies from players on field at the end of the match only.
·        In the event of a continued tie after all 5 players penalty kicks will then go 1 for 1 until tie is broken using the remaining players (first players on the field at the end of the match, then substitutes). The second set of five are sudden victory.
Sportsmanship: The tournament is intended to be a celebration of each team’s accomplishments during the season and should be a positive experience for all participants. Adults, especially, need to set a positive example for all of our players.
Players, spectators, or coaches who are, in the opinion of the LCSL officials, behaving in a manner that is disrespectful during this event, risk being charged with a sportsmanship violation and may be asked to leave the grounds.  Depending upon the severity of the violation, these individuals may also face disciplinary action, the consequences for which may extend into future LCSL seasons.
Simply put, the LCSL Tournament is a one-day, event with two matches for every team. Win or lose, everyone gets a trophy. The team's results in these matches do not change what happened during the regular season. In fact, a team’s record during the regular season may be a better indicator of a team’s skill, endurance, and ability to perform within its age group.  The result of the tournament does not change anything…it is meant to be fun and a way to celebrate the end of the regular season.
Should you have any questions about these rules, please do not hesitate to contact the LCSL president