LCSL Treasurer Statement (Google Sheets)
Checks should be made out to:
Lorain County Soccer League
send to:
Rachel Rush
If you need mail address details email loraincountysoccer2017@gmail.com 

Fees for commitment of LCSL teams. Calculate your totals, send payment for teams to the address above. Send payment out the day you submit the Team Commitment via email to

Team Commitment Sheet - updated w/Fall 2021 Fees
U-7 and U-8 : $80
U-9 through U-12 : $105
U-13 and U-14: $110
Insurance fees to be paid for each player. This is due once you submit teams to Heidi. Count the number of players and multiply by the fee below. Invoice will be sent prior to classic with any fees and balances due. 
$8.00 per player
Fees to be paid by communities for player pass creation and lamination:
**As of Fall 2021, Heidi does not have the ability to print passes. Each community will do so themselves. 
Fines for late arrival of a team’s registration packet to the Registrar:
$25.00 per team per day
 Fines for late adds of players or coaches:
$5.00 per player or coach, starting the day after registration is due
Fees for game changes and reschedules:
$45 per game change (regardless of reason) after the season starts
Games will not be changes if notice is received 4 days or less prior to the game

The community that requests the change is charged the fee


Referee Fees effective Fall 2024:

U7-U10: $40
U11-U12: $45
U13-U15: $55
Classic Fee Fee - $40 per game

Teams qualifying for the Classic have a cost of $100 per team which was voted on in April 2023 and effective for Spring 2023 classic and forward.