LCSL Treasurer Statement (Google Excel Doc)
Payment should be mailed to or dropped off at:
Debbie Radar
437 Olivet Drive
Elyria, OH 44035

Fees for commitment of LCSL teams Due July and February

Team Commitment Sheet.xls
U-7 and U-8 : $70
U-9 through U-12 : $105
U-13 and U-14: $110
Insurance fees to be paid for each player and each coach registration Due August and March
$11 per player/coach (OYSAN Recreational Plus Player rate)
Fees to be paid by communities for player pass creation and lamination:
50 cents per pass ($1.00 for replacement passes)
Fines for late arrival of a team’s registration packet to the Registrar:
$25.00 per team per day
Fines for late adds of players or coaches:
$5.00 per player or coach, starting the day after registration is due
Fees for game changes and reschedules:
$25 per game change (regardless of reason)

The community that requests the change is charged the fee


Referee Fees:
U7,U8: $30
U9,U10: $30
U11,U12: $35
U13,U14: $40
Teams qualifying for the Classic have a cost of $5 per player on the roster.
U8- $50
U13-U14- $90
U11-U12- $70
U9-U10- $60