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Click on the link for the U8 rules for Spring 2021 - Revised U8 Rules eff April 28, 2021
U9/U10 Laws of the Game - U9/U10 Rules

Please note that in the LCSL, the LCSL rules supersede the FIFA rules. The LCSL rules are based on the FIFA rules, but adapted for youth play.
Nevertheless, information on what is and what is not off-sides, for example, is universal. The FIFA information is an excellent resource in this regard.
This document is a quick 1 page reference guide for coaches and referees to use.
Regarding Reschedules
ALL reschedules must go through the HOME TEAMS REPRESENTATIVE, The COACHES should NOT be contacting the LCSL Referee Assignor or the LCSL Scheduler, only the LCSL Representatives.
1. BOTH, Home and Away coach need to discuss and agree on a new time.
2. Then the Home team rep will email the scheduler.
3. When the Rep emails the scheduler, include both coaches as CC on game reschedule emails. 

How Do I Cancel Games Due To Weather? 
After the 8:00 AM (Saturday) or 4:00 PM (weekday) deadline only the referee can cancel a game. (Not the coaches)
If you choose to cancel before the deadline, the home team is responsible for notifying:
  • The LCSL Referee Assigner
  • Coaches for the visiting teams
  • The LCSL Webmaster (so an announcement can be placed on the website)

The only way a game is canceled by weather is if the Fields Rep or LCSL Rep of that community goes to the fields and deems them unplayable by 8 am. Coaches cannot cancel games, and no one except for the referee can cancel a game after 8 AM.
Rule Change (Effective Spring 2013)
There is no Silent Saturday.
Rule Change Repealed (Effective Fall 2009)
  • Passbacks to the goalkeeper are not allowed at all ages with goalkeepers.  An indirect free kick shall be awarded at the spot of the foul, per FIFA rules.
  • Note, the passback itself is legal, the penalty comes into play if the goalkeeper handles the pass with his or her hands.  If the goalkeeper plays the passback with his or her feet, there is no penalty.
Rule Change (Effective Fall 2009)
  • When a team has a 5 goal lead, the losing team may add a player.  For full sided games (11 v 11), this division does Not follow the add player rule.
  • Cannot play with 12 players on the field!! Or take one off.
  • If the losing team scores a goal to bring the lead down to 4, the removed player may be replaced (or the added player must be removed).
  • When a team has a 7 goal lead, losing team may add a 2nd player (or the winning team must remove a 2nd player)
  • If the losing team scores a goal to bring the lead down to 6, the 2nd added player must be removed (or 1 removed player may be added back).
  • Winning by 10 or more goals , the coach will get an email, second offense, same email but will only get 1pt for win.
  • 8/2019 meeting voted on.
Should any of you not be sure of any rules or have questions, please feel free to contact your LCSL Representative.  Referee assignors, please make sure all referees are reminded should they red card a coach, that we will need a written report and their player pass should be taken and forwarded per the game card.