Elementary Track & Field

Welcome to the 2023 Elementary Track & Field Season
The entire season meet schedule (when finalized) can be found by clicking on the 
2023 Elementary Track & Field link found below this page
Individual meet schedules (when available) can be downloaded,
found at the bottom of this page
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The order of events at each meet will be as follows:
Long Jump (open pit)  (Will open up 1/2 hour prior to run start times)
Softball throw (open field) (Will open up 1/2 hour prior to run start times)
Turbo Javelin (open field) (Will open up 1/2 hour prior to run start times)

High Jump Schedule

High jump will be conducted according to the schedule below.

If the high jump finishes with an assigned grade before the designated time,

then the next grade can start early.

For example, if all fifth grade participants finish at 10:45,

then we will proceed to 4th grade at 10:50.

If an athlete’s running event is at the same time as their high jump time,

they can jump in before or after their event.


5th Grade Boys

5th Grade Girls

4th Grade Boys

4th Grade Girls

3rd Grade Boys

3rd Grade Girls


Running Event Schedule

Running events will begin  according to the rolling schedule below. When one ends, another will shortly follow. Heats and races may be combined. Girls will run first, then boys for each grade. Ribbons will be awarded for 1st – 3rd place for each grade division and gender in each event.


All Grades 4x100M Relay 

Starting with 2nd Grade Girls

2nd Grade 50M Dash

2nd Grade 400M Run

3rd Grade 400M Run

4th Grade 400M Run

5th Grade 400M Run

2nd Grade 100M Dash

3rd Grade 100M Dash

4th Grade 100M Dash

5th Grade 100M Dash

All Grades 800M Run

2nd Grade 200M Dash

3rd Grade 200M Dash

4th Grade 200M Dash

5th Grade 200M Dash

Final Results/Ribbons Awarded

 Visit www.athletic.net for individual meet results
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