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 To be added to the Adult League Free Agent List, please email the following information to Mollie Gunter at mgunter@erieco.gov
**This information is visible to the public for one calendar year**
Sports offered: Basketball, Flag Football, Soccer, Softball, Volleyball


Date: 02/05/2020

Name: Rashaan Spencer

Age: 24

Ability : 5'9 Athletic guard played 4 years in high school and 4 years college. Shooter that can create for others and myself

Position : Guard

Availability : Anytime / all nights

Phone: 717-940-0255

Email: rashaan2517@gmail.com 


Date: 1/16/20

Name: Joel West 

Age: 26 

Ability: Experienced/ Competitive 

Position: Guard 

Availability: Any / all nights of the week 

Phone: 720-757-0227

Email: westjoelr@gmail.com 


Date: Oct 23, 2019

Name: Kellen Flynn

Age: 30

Ability: Average rec player.  I'm 6'6", moderate speed, understands the game and can play down in the post or shoot.  

Position: Forward/Center

Availability: Tuesdays

Phone: 469-316-0248

Email: flynn.kellen@gmail.com


Date: 9/21/19

Name: Luke Bloomquist

Age: 33 yrs old

Ability: Can play any position. Point guard in high school. Athletic. 

Availability: Any

Phone: (507)236-0109

Email: lebloomquist@gmail.com









Date: 02/05/2020

Age: 24

Name: Rashaan Spencer

Ability: 5'9 athletic can catch very well a couple years of flag football experience 

Availability: anytime/ all week

Position: WR

Phone: 717-940-0255

Email: rashaan2517@gmail.com 


Date: 8/21/19

Name: Burnham Stokes

Age: 40

Ability: Played adult flag football for about 8 years.  Primarily played defense rushing QBs.  Decent speed for 40yo and ability to pull flags.  Haven’t played in a few years since moving to Erie from FL.

Position: Line

Availability:  All but Thursday nights after 7:30 and Wed evenings through September.

Phone:  407-712-3839

Email:  burnham.stokes@gmail.com







Date: 3/5/20

Name: Marques Novak

Age: 25

Ability: Intermediate

Position: Anything

Availability: After 4:00pm

Phone: 720-256-5197

Email: mnovak7@msudenver.edu


Date: 1/27/2020
Name: Kelly Carignan
Age: 56
Ability: new to soccer, currently play hockey
Position: no idea since I just started
Availability: yes
Phone: 720-233-0897
Email: kcmoose30@gmail.com


Date:     9/12/19
Name:   Julie Morrandez
Age:      49
Ability:  Athletic but beginner

Position: Beginner

Availability: Mon/Tues/Weekends
Phone: 720.982.4716
Email:    juliemorrandez@gmail.com


Date: 8/27/2019

Name: Lara Troszak

Age: 29

Ability: Solid (played competitively through high school)

Position: Midfield, but can play anywhere needed 

Availability: Most Saturdays and Sunday evenings, and W, Th, F in the evening

Phone: (815)-354-3394

Email: lktroszak@gmail.com


Date: 8/18/19
Name: Jeff Kline
Age: 42
Ability: intermediate
Position: any
Availability: Sundays
Phone: 303-522-0675
Email: jkline56@gmail.com


Date: 8/16/19

Name: Trevor Stage

Age: 37

Ability: College Soccer

Position: Any

Availability: Sundays

Phone: 603-264-7557

Email: tstage@kpaonline.com


Name:Melissa Richards 

Age:  48

Ability: Used to be really good but see answer directly above.  

Position : Forward

Availability: flexible other than Mondays

Phone: 720-297-0976

Email: mkrichards@comcast.net


Date: 8/16/19

Name: Joseph Cione

Age: 51

Ability: I started playing when I was 5 (thanks to my Dad who was born in Italy).  I can use both feet pretty well and still have a strong shot.  Thankfully, I am still in decent shape (5' 9" 155lbs) and have been injury free (knock on wood).  I play indoor in Superior (mostly with 20 somethings). So far I haven't embarrassed myself too badly!  That said, I have no delusions of thinking I am still 25.

Position: I was born a striker (left or right wing since I can use both feet).  That said, I am willing to play anywhere I am needed.

Availability: 100% available.  I live in Louisville and was playing in an O40 outdoor league in Ft Collins since I couldn't find anything closer! As you might imagine Erie >> Ft Collins!  

Phone: 305.213.0886 (Cell)

Email: ramair_ii@hotmail.com


Date: 8/15/19

Name: Jorge Chavez


Ability: former HS player and adult indoor/outdoor leagues since

Position: midfield/defense

Availability: flexible most evenings except Tuesday

Phone: 419-575-8927

Email: jchavez1986@yahoo.com


Date: 8/15/19

Name: Jack Hill

Age: 26

Ability: D2 college

Position: CM, RB, RM

Availability: Sunday

Phone: 704-904-4948

Email: jhill4soccer@gmail.com


Date: 8/15/19

Name: Emily Hicks

Age: 25

Ability: D2 college

Position: LM, CM, LB

Availability: Sunday

Phone: 704-491-4327

Email: emhicks94@gmail.com


Date:  8/12/19

Name:  Cody Strate

Age:  39

Ability:  Highly Skilled

Position:  Goalie, Striker, Wing

Availability:  Any

Phone: 603.205.3479

Email: codystrate@gmail.com





 50+ / 70+ SOFTBALL


Date:  1/16/20
Name:  Luther Clough
Age: 50+    
Ability: good player 

Position: Catch / Outfield  

Availability: Any 
Phone: 720.319.3807

email: N/A





Date: 5/13/20

Name: Charlie Stoddard

Age: 29

Ability : Been playing softball the past couple years (spring, summer, and fall). Moderately athletic fellow.

Position : More experienced in outfield 

Availability : Any - looking for either co-ed or men's 

Phone: 970-302-9875

Email: charles.stoddard1991@gmail.com


Date: 5/13/20

Name: Megan Stoddard

Age: 26

Ability : I bring enthusiasm and quick feet.

Position : Catcher

Availability : Any

Phone: 970-302-3150

Email: megan.stoddard1912@gmail.com


Date: 24 March 2020

Name: Angella Greenawalt

Age: 32

Ability: I may be a bit rusty, but willing to practice hard! Can throw a good distance and bat decent.

Position: outfield, can play shortstop or 2nd. Happy to play wherever need be.

Availability: Can play MTW, F, and Sat. No Thursday or Sunday. I can be flexible if need be.

Phone: 9702176629

Email: ella87co@gmail.com


Date: 3/9/2020

Name: Jonathan Nations

Age: 23

Ability: Have played baseball since middle school and have been playing softball for 5 years.

Position: 1st Base/Outfield

Availability: Any

Phone: 720-642-0404

Email: jononations@gmail.com



Name: Courtney Crapser

Age: 22

Ability: I've played for 14 years - year-round. Played travel, highschool and college. I got speed.

Position: Middle Infield & Outfield in College. 

Availability: whenever

Phone: (260)206-9701

Email: Courtneyc1290@gmail.com


Date:  1/20/2020

Name: Kevin Sokoloff

Age: 52

Ability: Athletic.  Have played softball for over 25 years

Position:  Any, but pitcher

Availability:  Tuesday night (Lower E), Friday night Coed (Lower)

Phone: 443-745-7361

Email: k.sokoloff6@verizon.net


Date:     9/12/19
Name:   Julie Morrandez
Age:      49
Ability:  Athletic but haven't played in a really long time!

Position: Not Pitcher :) 

Availability: Mon/Tues/Weekends
Phone: 720.982.4716
Email:    juliemorrandez@gmail.com


Date:     8/27/19
Name:   Rick Lewis 
Age:      60
Ability:  Have played for 40 years.      I’ve lost a few steps but still love the game. 
Position: I would feel comfortable  at all positions except short. Prefer OF, 1st, 2nd or catcher. Can also pitch. 
Availability: Tuesday Night (Lower E)
Phone:  (661)510-9671
Email:    rlew58@gmail.com


Date: 8/16/19

Name: Lisa Crowe

Age: 35

Ability: Varsity High-school Softball, Adult Co-ed

Position: Any, mostly 1st base in adult co-ed

Availability: Every other Friday evening

Phone: 720-341-6890

Email: lisamc787@gmail.com


Date: 8/13/19

Name: Jeremy Whitman

Age: 37

Ability: experienced, former college pit her

Position: any except pitcher

Availability: all times

Phone: 9703027670



Date: 7/31/19

Name: Heber Gordillo

Age: 32


Position: SS or OF

Availability: any night

Phone: 720.352.7674

Email: hebergordillo_09@yahoo.com


Date: 7/10/19

Name: Al Pisano

Age: 48

Ability: Playing all of my life.  Still into fitness and sports.  Good fielder, excellent hitter, can hit for average and for power with the best of them.

Position: 1st, 2nd Base - fill in outfield

Availability: any night

Phone: 631.495.0970



Date: 6/12-19

Name: Luke Bolinger


Ability: Intermediate 

Position: Any (most experience with infield)

Availability: Nights


Email: lbolinger77@gmail.com







Date: 2/25/20

Name: Allison Cawdrey

Age: 57

Ability : 6' - High School, some college play. Rusty, but ready to play again regularly.

Position : Hitter, blocker, back row. 

Availability : Weekdays after 5pm. Weekends.

Phone: 303-667-0982

Email: Allison.cawdrey@gmail.com 


Date: 1/29/20

Name: Kirstin Crites

Age: 21

Ability: Advanced

Position: libero, setter, ds. Can also play outside or right side if needed.

Availability: flexible

Phone: 970-214-1118

Email: kirstin.crites@gmail.com


Date: 1/28/2020

Name: Brianna Sornson

Age: 28

Ability: played club and varsity in highschool, some rec volleyball since then

Position: outside hitter, libero

Availability: weeknights and Saturday

Phone: 303-981-2373

Email: briannafidder@gmail.com


Date: 12/5/19

Name: Valerie Guereca
Age: 38
Ability: Intermediate Div2/3
Position: Any (aside from setter)
Availability: Evenings, Mon - Fri
Phone: 720-436-1921


Date:  9/16/19
Name: Donna Calabrese 
Age: 60
Ability: B 
Position: rotate. Best as blocker/spiker 
Availability: varies
Phone: 303-549-7410 PLEASE TEXT 
Email: DonnaACalabrese@Gmail.com


Date:     9/12/19
Name:   Julie Morrandez
Age:      49
Ability:  Athletic but beginner

Position: Beginner

Availability: Mon/Tues/Weekends
Phone: 720.982.4716
Email:    juliemorrandez@gmail.com


Date: 9/11/19

Name: Kate Barnholt

Age: 27

Ability: Intermediate

Position: Back Row but can play some front and hit

Availability: Anytime, Wednesdays are great

Phone: 563-676-2030

Email: kate.barnholt@gmail.com


Date:  8/30/19

Name:  Karen Lee

Age:  50

Ability:  Intermediate

Position:  Can play any position.  Best as a back row player or a setter.

Availability:  Anytime after 5pm

Phone:  (303) 514-2294

Email:  kmlsept1964@gmail.com


Date: 8/21/19

Name: Ryan Bonner

Age: 43

Ability: Advance/more competitive 

Position: Setter or swing hitter

Availability: Any

Phone: 720.545.6658

Email: ryancbonner@gmail.com


Date: 8/21/19

Name: Hailey Clark 

Age: 19 

Ability: Intermediate to advance. Played club for 4 years and high school volleyball for 4 years. 

Position: Middle, OH, RS, Libero, Setter 

Availability: Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. Also weekends. 

Phone: 303-621-6224

Email: haileynclark719@gmail.com


Date:  8/12/19

Name:  Cody Strate

Age:  39

Ability:  Better than average

Position:  Anything

Availability:  Any

Phone: 603.205.3479

Email: codystrate@gmail.com