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 To be added to the Adult League Free Agent List, please email the following information to Mollie Gunter at mgunter@erieco.gov
**This information is visible to the public for one calendar year**
Sports offered: Basketball, Flag Football, Soccer, Softball, Volleyball

Date: 4/30/19 

Name: Brad Brown

Age: 30

Ability: 4 years in college 6'7"

Position: Small Forward 

Availability: Tuesday

Phone: 425.802.9737

Email: clifbar2@gmail.com


Date: 3/20/19  

Name: Kerry cooper

Age: 40

Ability: 3 years college

Position: shooting guard

Availability: all times

Phone: no Colorado number yet

Email: Kerry.cooper@dnow.com


Date: 03/15/19

Name: Gilbert beagley

Age: 19

Ability: spot up three point shooter with ability to create my own shot

Position: point guard/shooting guard

Availability: nights and weekends

Phone: 8015161733

Email: gilbertbeagley@gmail.com


Date: 1/24/2019

Name: Deano Korecky Jr.

Age: 37

Ability: Experienced, played in HS and College (fast and larger)

Position: Any position

Availability: Usually always

Phone: (303) 961-4807

Email: dkorecky@jeffco.us


Date: 1/22/19

Name: Tiffany Hampton (Womans 3 vs 3 league)

Age:  38

Ability:  athletic and played in high school and some in college

Position: forward or shooting guard

Availability:  all nights

Phone:  720 224 8308

Email: Tiffanyahampton@yahoo.com


Date: 1/7/19

Name: Emil Marz

Age:  23

Ability:  athletic and advanced basketball player

Position: guard

Availability:  all nights

Phone: 503 866 2042

Email: emiltmarz@gmail.com


Date:  1/04/19

Name:  Shawn Dodge

Age:  45

Ability:  High school, intramural

Position:  Guard, small forward

Availability:  Most evenings

Phone: (303) 548-2009

Email:  shawn.dodge@gmail.com


Date: 11/12/18

Name: Jeff Barbour

Age: 37

Ability: 6'2" with versatility outside and in the paint

Position: Strong forward preferred 

Availability: Weekday nights and weekends

Phone: 30.718.6877

Email: Jsbarbour81@gmail.com 



Name: Brian DeWolf

Age: 34

Position: PG-C, Wing Position preferred

Ability: Experienced, lots of league experience, play every week

Availability: Open, advance notice preferred

Phone: 760-822-2906

Email: briandewolf@constructiongrad.com


Date: 9/6/2018

Name Dale Schwartz

Age: 33

Position PG, SG

Ability:  basketball player, any position but center

Phone 951-522-0093








Date: 2/25/19

Name: Billy Lewis

Age: 42

Ability: Playing and Coaching for 20 years. Can catch anything, Not as fast as I used to be but dependable

Position: Center, Line

Availability:  Any

Phone:  808-358-6917

Email:  brl_twl@yahoo.com


Date: 2/25/19

Name: Dylan Lewis

Age: 19

Ability: HS Football, 1 yr College Football, 15 years Flag, Fast and can catch

Position:  All positions

Availability: Evenings mostly Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Phone: 808-358-6917

Email: brl_twl@yahoo.com


Date: 1/24/2019

Name: Deano Korecky Jr.

Age: 37

Ability: Experience player in HS, College, NFL Europe and Arena Football 

Position: Fast and any position

Availability: Usually always

Phone: (303) 961-4807

Email: dkorecky@jeffco.us


Date: 8/21/2018

Name: Jacob Carniewski

Age: 22

Ability: Athletic and Experienced

Position: WR/CB

Availability: Evenings/Weekends

Phone: 814-897-3342

Email: niewski06@gmail.com





Date: 5/6/19

Name: Joseph Cione

Age: 51

Ability: I started playing when I was 5 (thanks to my Dad who was born in Italy).  I can use both feet pretty well and still have a strong shot.  Thankfully, I am still in decent shape (5' 9" 155lbs) and have been injury free (knock on wood).  I play indoor in Superior (mostly with 20 somethings). So far I haven't embarrassed myself too badly!  That said, I have no delusions of thinking I am still 25.

Position: I was born a striker (left or right wing since I can use both feet).  That said, I am willing to play anywhere I am needed.

Availability: 100% available.  I live in Louisville and was playing in an O40 outdoor league in Ft Collins since I couldn't find anything closer! As you might imagine Erie >> Ft Collins!  

Phone: 305.213.0886 (Cell)

Email: ramair_ii@hotmail.com


Name: Austin Hinson

Age: 23

Ability: high school + 1 year semi professional in the Bavarian League

Position: Forward, mid fielder

Availability: all times

Phone: (980)253-1728

Email: auhi9622@colorado.edu


Date:  03/18/2019

Name: Eric Haney 

Age: 36

Ability: scorer, good passer 

Position: Attack / Wing

Availability: Sundays

Phone: 720.331.1270

Email: haneyej@gmail.com 


Date:  03/11/19
Name: fausto felix
Age: 34
Ability: athletic ,fast runner, Born and raised playing soccer.  Pretty good level forward or Midfield
Availability: Sunday’s 


Name: Luke Johnson

Age: 40

Ability: Intermediate - played in high school, played on coed teams for past 10 years. Prefer to play midfield but can fill where needed.

Availability: weekday evenings and weekends - should be able to make all Sunday games in Spring 2019.

Phone: 831-239-4785

Email: lukecathcartjohnson@gmail.com


Date: 1/22/2019

Name: John Gordon

Age: 23

Ability: Good

Position: Any

Availability: Available for all the games

Phone: 720-838-1869

Email: JDGordon2295@yahoo.com



Name: Dan White

Age: 37

Ability: College Level

Position: Anything but goalie

Availability: Most days

Phone: 303.726.2157

Email: djw_00@yahoo.com


Date: 9/10/18

Name: Brian DeWolf

Age: 34

Position: Any

Ability: Zero soccer experience but in shape/good at sports/competitive

Availability: Weekend mornings

Phone: 760-822-2906

Email: briandewolf@constructiongrad.com


Date: 9/7/18

Name: Julio Frausa

Age: 28

Ability: Semi-pro

Position: midfield or attack

Availability: Sundays

Phone: 720.375.1007

Email: Juliofrausa90@gmail.com 







Date: 7/10/19

Name: Al Pisano

Age: 48

Ability: Playing all of my life.  Still into fitness and sports.  Good fielder, excellent hitter, can hit for average and for power with the best of them.

Position: 1st, 2nd Base - fill in outfield

Availability: any night

Phone: 631.495.0970



Date: 6/12-19

Name: Luke Bolinger


Ability: Intermediate 

Position: Any (most experience with infield)

Availability: Nights


Email: lbolinger77@gmail.com


Date: 05/28/19

Name: David Bachinski (would like to play with Ashleigh Workman below)

Age: 31

Ability: Played Varsity High school Baseball, 2B - power and athletic

Position: Any position except pitcher

Availability: Any time

Phone: 720-227-5618

Email: david.bachinski@gmail.com


Name: Ashleigh Workman (would like to play with David Bachinski above)

Age: 26

Ability: Played competitive travel softball through High school as a pitcher

Position: Any

Availability: Any time

Phone: 720-227-5618

Email: david.bachinski@gmail.com


Date: 5/16/19

Name: Theo McCormick

Age: 30

Ability: Athletic, quick

Position: outfield, can play anywhere

Availability: Tuesdays/Fridays

Phone: 303.579.0886

Email: theodoremccormick.tm@gmail.com 


Date: 5/16/19

Name: Mark Davidson

Age: 25

Ability: 4 years of HS ball at 3rd and 1st. 6 years of  competitive softball experience in the infield and outfield. Left hand hitter, consistently puts the ball in the field. Looking to fill roster spot on a team. 

Position: infield and outfield. Not a pitcher 

Availability: most nights (looking for summer team)

Phone: 7402435777

Email: davidsonmark2017@gmail.com


Date: 5/6/2019

Name: Jason Shockley 

Age: 45

Ability: good 

Position: any, 3rd base 

Availability: open. 

Phone: 303-641-4011

Email: shockdiesel73@gmail.com 


Date: 5/6/19

Name: Michele Kelsey

Age: - 52

Ability: more competitive, Pitcher/Shortstop

Availability: Fridays

Phone: 303.720.4120

Email: kmrdm5@gmail.com 


Date: 4/8/19

Name: Jason Riley

Age: 44

Ability: Have played ball my whole life and can hold my own.

Position: Can play any position including pitcher.

Available any day

Phone:  720-217-1530

Email: yelirj24@gmail.com


Date: 4/8/2019

Name: Katelynn Everton

Age: 28

Ability: Lots of Coed E Rec/Comp experience (in Boulder)! 

Position: Prefer infield, will play anywhere but pitcher

Availability: We (with James below) are looking to join a Coed E Rec team. Available every week, live in Erie. 

Phone: (720) 204-8364

Email: katelynn.mccalmont@gmail.com


Date: 4/8/2019

Name: James Everton

Age: 34

Ability: Lots of Coed E Rec/Comp experience (in Boulder)! 

Position: Prefer outfield

Availability: We (with Katelynn above) are looking to join a Coed E Rec team. Available every week, live in Erie. 

Phone: (720) 204-8364

Email: james.everton@gmail.com


Date:  03/20/19

Name: Aaron Smith

Age: 35

Ability: HS baseball and been adult softball for 10 years

Position: All positions except pitcher

Availability: Tuesdays or Fridays 

Email: a.smith655@gmail.com


Date:  03/18/2019

Name: Eric Haney 

Age: 36

Ability: versatile utility player and line drive hitter

Position: Shortstop and middle infielder 

Availability: Tuesdays or Fridays 

Phone: 720.331.1270

Email: haneyej@gmail.com 


Date:  03/12/2019

Name: Maxwel Smith 

Age: 23

Ability: eager to get onto a team and meet new people

Position: Any

Availability: Tuesdays

Phone: 720.233.4329

Email: maxwellhousesmith@gmail.com 


Date: 3/6/19

Name: Bianca Sparks

Age: 20

Ability: Athletic, fast, and throw hard 

Position: Outfield and Catcher 

Availability: Any

Phone: 719.992.1603

Email: bsparks2019@gmail.com 


Date: 2/26/19

 Name: Josh Rakes


 Ability: 7 years in slow pitch and previously played with Rocket Dogs, and also play in Broomfield and Westminister

 Position: Outfield 

 Availability: Friday night games

 Phone: (720) 481-8905

 E-mail: jrakes12@gmail.com



Name: Shana Haskin 


Ability:solid base hitter & fast runner 

Position: 2nd base, outfield & catcher 

Availability:can play during the week but prefer Friday-Sunday 


Email: shana.haskin@gmail.com


Date: 2/25/19    

Name: Billy Lewis

Age:   42

Ability:  24 years experience. Played for US Navy Europe Team/Hawaii/Florida

Position: 2nd/Catcher

Availability: Any

Phone: 808-358-6917

Email:  brl_twl@yahoo.com


Date: 2/25/19

Name: Dylan Lewis

Age: 19

Ability: HS Baseball SS, 2nd, OF, 1 yr College  Infield/Outfield, US Navy Base Softball Tournament 

Position:  SS/2nd/OF

Availability: Evenings mostly Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Phone: 808-358-6917

Email:  brl_twl@yahoo.com


Date: 2/21/19

Name Nick

Age: 41

Ability:.     H.S 3rd base


Phone #.  970-518-3837

Email: nickprigmore11@gmail.com


Date: 2/21/19

Name Tyler

Age: 19

Ability:.H.S 2nd base


Phone #.  970-518-3702

Email: Prigmore.tyler@gmail.com


Date: 2/21/19

Name: Kenneth Rivera 

Age: 30

Ability: Ranked amongst league's best outfielders last season. Was captain of my softball team but recently moved to CO.  also speed is an asset of mine

Position: CF, LCF, LF, OF, 3B, Catcher (Leadoff Batter)

Availability: Week Nights and Sundays are best

Phone: 201-290-9568

Email: kenneth.j.rivera@gmail.com


Date: 2/4/19

Name: Tom Irvin (same team as Nicole Cutler below)              

Age: 31

Ability: HS Baseball and Adult Men's League 

Position: Any

Availability: Friday Coed

Phone: 301-646-1671

Email: Tom.irvin8@gmail.com


Date: 2/4/19

Name: Nicole Cutler (same team as Tom Irvin above)               

Age: 27

Ability: Played HS Softball

Position: Any 

Availability:  Friday Coed 



Email: ncutlah@gmail.com 


Date: 1/24/19

Name: Matt Jeffery                       

Age: 38

Ability: Good

Position: Pitching or infield

Availability: Weekdays

Phone: 405.880.6419

Email: mattjeffery1224@gmail.com



Date: 9/19

Name: Emily Vance



Ability: have played all three sports and am athletic, but by no means a professional!

Availability: evenings and weekends

Phone: 970-420-7583

Email: emvance929@gmail.com


Date: 9/5/2018

Name Bill Tennant

Age 54

Position infield, outfield, pitch.  Balls Deep didn’t meet registration deadline. Have played last three years on the 2 time championship team.

Availability: Any

Phone 210-391-8498

email. Wtenna2003@yahoo.com


Date: 8/30/18

Name:  Rob Fauerbach

Age:  36

Ability:  Have played most levels, competitive and rec.  Winning is more fun that losing.

Position:  Any

Availability:  Tuesday nights  (lower or upper E)

Phone:  608-445-1275

Email:  rfauerbach@gmail.com


Date: 8/15/18

Griffin Yopp



Men’s Softball

Age: 39

Available most nights

Played at all competitive levels

Outfield, infield, pitch


Date: 8/14/2018

Tedd Taskey

Age: 50

Position: second, right field, right-center field, 1st, 3rd, catch.  Have pitched before, also.  

Ability - played for over 40 years and I still play to win.  still run a 4.9 40'.  

Availability: Friday night

Phone: 818 437 6777

Email: teddtaskey@comcast.net


Date: 8/13/18

Name: Rick Lewis

Age: 59

Ability: Play on Friday nights in Erie and have over 40 years experience

Position: 1B, 2B, Pitcher, Catcher, OF

Availability: Tuesday night (lower E division)

Phone: (661) 510-9671

Email: rjealewis@aol.com







Date: 5/27
Name: Ashley Rogala
Age: 34
Ability: Intermediate 
Position: OH,  RH, Libero, 
Availability: Weekdays after 5:00 PM
Phone: 920-360-1045
Email: arogala11@gmail.com


Date: 5/12/19

Name: Keiana Bushinski

Age: 20

Ability: Intermediate to advanced, preferred advanced settings

Position: OH, Middle, RS, Libero, Ds

Availability: Weekdays after 5:00 PM, most weekends

Phone: 612-790-4091

Email: Keianabushinski1@gmail.com


Date: 3/26/19

Name: Mikayla Matzdorf

Age: 29

Ability: Intermediate to advanced

Position: Libero, setter or outside hitter

Availability: Weekdays after 5:00 PM, most weekends

Phone: 720-427-7663

Email: mikayla.gimelli@gmail.com


Date: 02/12/2019

Name: Angela Statz

Age: 28

Ability: Intermediate 

Position: N/A: I have never had a designated position. I've played on multiple volleyball leagues and have done all positions. I would say I'm best in the back row and weak position is setter. 

Availability: Any day after 4m

Phone: 320-293-9777

Email: angstatz32@gmail.com



Name: Eric Zollinger

Age: 38

Ability: Played outside hitter in HS and rec leagues since

Position: Outside Hitter

Availability: Flexible

Phone: 510-648-1916

Email: eric.zollinger@gmail.com



Name: Nathan Jacobson

Age: 38

Ability: Played 6s co-ed competitive volleyball last 15+ years; Good hitter and overall good position player

Position: Outside Hitter

Availability: Flexible

Phone: 719-321-8781

Email: nathanjacobson23@gmail.com


Date: 12/10/18

Name: Bri Sornson

Age: 27

Ability: Pretty good but rusty

Position: Outside hitter/Libero

Availability: The whole season except for 2 weeks mid march

Phone: 303.981.2373

Email:  briannafidder@gmail.com


Date: 9/26

Name: Emily Vance



Ability: have played all three sports and am athletic, but by no means a professional!

Availability: evenings and weekends

Phone: 970-420-7583

Email: emvance929@gmail.com


Date: 9/24

Name: Angela Statz

Age: 28 

Ability: Intermediate 

Position: Decent at any position except setter

Availability: Mon-Fri 5pm or later, and Sat-Sun: Any time

Phone: 320-293-9777

Email: ms.statz@grantbeaconms.org


Date: 9/7/18

Name: Kevon Bruce

Age: 27

Ability: I’m a former collegiate player and since then I’ve been playing in leagues and open gyms. I play at a competitive level but I still like to have fun. 

Position: OH

Availability: My schedule is flexible

Phone: (412) 401 - 7109

Email: Kevon.bruce@gmail.com


Date: August 28, 2018

Name: Katie Gilliland

Age: 38

Ability: competitive, I've played competitive women's 6s, coed competitive 6s, doubles

Position: defense, backup setter (or setter depending on level)

Availability: flexible

Phone: 303-328-7828

Email: kates52@gmail.com


Date: 8/25/2018

Name: Rebecca Albert

Age: - 41

Ability: Indoor and Outdoor (grass and sand); setter/hitter; 2's, 3's, 4's, 6's, reverse 4's, high-low tourneys, and general co-ed; BB-AA. 

Availability: Any

Phone: 507-951-3861

Email: beccaalber@yahoo.com