Coaches Corner

The game is about the kids, and it is only a game- there is nothing on the line. Each Head Coach is responsible for your Assistant Coaches and your parents. Please be sure all are treating the game and each other with respect. Do not disrespect umpires. No alcoholic beverages allowed- zero tolerance. Failure to comply with these rules will result in review by league officials and umpires and potential suspension of games or season. 

Requesting Blackout Dates & Practice Fields

Blackout Dates


The league will black out Easter Sunday, Mother’s Day, and Memorial Day. Each team is allowed 5 single blackout days. Coaches should collect needed blackout dates prior to Coaches Meeting and be prepared to provide dates at this time. 



Practice Fields


Practice fields are pre- reserved locations across the Dallas area. Each team will be issued a 1-hour time slot once a week for practice fields. The cost of this field is included in registration. New tee ball teams are issued practice kits instead of fields. Practice fields are assigned thru a lottery system during the Coaches Meeting at the beginning of the season. A Coach or team representative must be present to receive a practice field. Coaches returning from the previous season, will be granted first right of refusal on the same field and time slot they previously had. Final practice field assignments are sent out the week before the season starts. 


DCB assigns Umpires for each game. Umpires make mistakes like all the rest of us. Please be respectful when working with them. They are here to maintain fair play for our kids, not to argue with parents and coaches. Failure to respect umpires could result in in review by league officials and potential suspension of game or season. 


Spring- 12 game schedule (8-9 Saturday/Sunday games and 3-4 weeknight games) 


Fall- 10 game schedule (6-7 Saturday/Sunday games and 3-4 weeknight games) 


Tee ball will play a 10-game schedule both fall and spring.


Spring will have a post- season tournament, All Star tryouts and All-Star World series. All players who have played in current season are eligible to try out for All-Star team. 


The city rainout line determines if City fields are playable. Game cancellations will be posted on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and league email as soon as field status has been determined.  Rained out games will be rescheduled as soon as 48 hours from the original game time and as close as 5 days from the originally scheduled game.  Any Coach may cancel a game if they feel the weather or the field conditions are unsafe for their players as long as they communicate with league officials and the opposing coaches. 

Guest Players

Guest players are allowed to fill incomplete lineups to make a minimum of 8 or a max of 9 players. Guest players must be registered DCB players. Guest players can come from the same division or below, but not from a higher division. Guest players must bat last and are not allowed to pitch. Coaches need to send an email to your division coordinator prior to the start of the game with guest players name and team. Guest players must be announced at the plate meeting to the umpires and the opposing coach.