2020 Season

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Season 2020


Full Season Team Registration Form & Payment*
Early Bird Discount: Jan 1-Feb 15 by 5pm=$300

Feb 15, 5:01pm-April 24 by 5pm=$350
Register Online Today!

Full Season teams receive 16 games (8 weeks of doubleheaders), end of season double elimination tournament, end of year BBQ, team and MVP awards included.  Ability to qualify for NAGAAA Gay Softball World Series.
*All 2019 Season teams will have sign-up priority, however, their sponsorship fee must be received by the dates and times listed above.  Sponsorship fees must be paid with team registration form to guarantee a spot in the league.

Player Fees

  • Any Women's Division player at a DASL player sign up (listed below) $50 (Cash or check) $55 (Credit Card).  If a woman signs up for both divisions $60 (Cash or Check) $65 (Credit Card)
  • Any Open Division player or player on a roster for both divisions at a DASL player sign up (listed below) $55 (cash or check) $60 (Credit Card)

  •  Any player in any division signing up between the end of Sign ups (5/6) and Opening Day (5/17) $65 (cash or check) $70 (Credit Card) per player

  • Opening Day-players must register in a timely fashion before the scheduled start of the game they plan on playing in, and fee is $65 (cash or check) $70 (Credit Card) per player (Any division). Week 2, players must still register a minimum of 1 hour before their scheduled start of the game they plan on playing in, and the fee is $65(cash or check) $70 (Credit Car per player (any division). 

  • Sixteen games, end of season tournament, end of year BBQ.  Ability to qualify for NAGAAA World Series (Open Division ONLY).

  • Player Fees are due before you can take the field with a valid ID.

  • Players may only register after their team registration has been received. Player registration will be available online for players on registered teams beginning March 15.


  • Sign up dates, times and locations: In person player sign up dates and times TBD! Check back here soon!

Open Division Qualifying Season Team Registration & Payment
Feb 15 - April 24 by 5pm=$175
For registration information, email info@denverareasoftballleague.org
Qualifying Season teams receive 8 games (4 week of doubleheaders) and the ability to qualify for NAGAAA Gay Softball World Series.
Player Fees for all Qualifying Season Players: $30


Check Policy

  • Returned checks are treated as followed: The first insufficient funds notice is 15.00 and if the check does not clear the second time and the check is returned to DASL the fee is 30.00.

  • The Player is removed from the DASL Roster and is considered a non player until the player registration fee and check fees are received in cash, money order or a cashiers check.

  • The Player will be placed on a list to be kept with the DASL Commissioner and Treasurer. All transactions in the future will be in cash, money order or cashiers check.

  • If the player chooses not to play in that season, the player will be deemed a player in bad standing with the DASL League.  The fees will roll over the the next season until the returned checks fees are paid in full with cash, money order or cashier check.


At the End of the Year BBQ and Awards, every paid full season league member will receive a wrist band good for free BBQ at the awards.  All friends and family (non-league members) are welcome to attend the BBQ.  However, if they would like to enjoy the food, beer and soda, they will have to purchase a wrist band for $5.00.  These may be purchased at the fields at the DASL end of the year tournament.