Co-Rec Volleyball webpage



Adult Co-Rec Volleyball Rules 
Register Online 


Opens July 20—Closes August 21 . Register online or drop off at the 4th St drop Box of City Hall 207 Lafayette Street, if City Hall is still closed to the public                                   


FEE $335 team fee 


DEADLINE August 21


LATE FEE $60 (Only accepted if league space allows)


SEASON Regular season games + playoffs
Mondays (Division 4) September 14–December 14 Wednesdays (Division 1-3) September 9–December 9


FORMAT Co-ed 6’s.  Matches consists of 3 games to 25; rally scoring.  Roster limit 12.    Players must be 18 years and/or out of high school, seniors must be done with volleyball season.


SCHEDULES Will be online at one week before the first game.  


NOTICE Full payment is due at time of registration. Park Rec cannot hold checks. If your          sponsor needs to pay Park Rec directly, please bring in at the time of registration. We cannot refund personal payments if you later receive a sponsor check.