Pool Seeding
The top seed in each pool is chosen based on the results from the previous year. The remaining teams in the pools are randomly seeded.

Round-Robin Pool Rules
Two 25-minute halves with a 10-minute intermission.
No overtime. Ties are allowed. Ten-point scoring system.
Forfeits are scored as 3-0.

6 pts for win
3 pts for tie
0 pts for loss
1 pt each for first three goals
1 pt for shut-out

Standings within a pool are defined by total points. Two teams with the same points will be differentiated by the following tie-breakers in order:

(1) Head to head
(2) Average goal differential
(3) Coin flip

Bracket Seeding
Bracket seeding will be strictly dependent on the results of the pool play. All of the pools will be treated as equally as possible given the number of teams.

Bracket Rules
If the game is tied after regulation time, up to two five-minute overtime periods will be played with Golden Goal. If still tied at the end of overtime, the winner will be determined by Kicks from the Penalty Mark.
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