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50 AAA - National

2022 ISSA Smoky Senior Classic (Men's 40-50) - Session 3  -  Softball

Quick Note: Subscribing through the Auto or Manual processes is always preferred to downloading, because the games will be updated on your phone/computer if the schedule changes. Check out the Subscribing Tips below for more information.

League or Team

One-Time Download
50 AAA - National
Georgia Renegades
GO sports 50+
Lightning Softball/BAF Sports/J&S Design
Lowe Legends
OESSCO/Abacus Accounting
Old Skool/GTS Sports
Our Dirt Softball
Palmetto Mutiny
Paradise Painting/Allstate Carburetor/Roebell Pain
Rampage Softball
River City Thunder
Silver Rays 50's
United Softball
Volusia Top Gun

Subscribing Tips


If you have iCloud and multiple iOS devises that you want be synched with the same schedule, you need to subscribe through the Calendar app on your Mac and let the natural iCloud sync process transfer the calendar to your phone and other devices.

If you do not have iCloud or a Mac to synchronize everything, click the Subscribe button below from your iPhone/iPad and follow the prompts to complete the process.


As of this writing, Android phones do not natively support automatic "webcal" subscriptions. The best way to get the schedule on your Android is to subscribe to the schedule through Google Calendar on your computer (using either the Auto or Manual processes above). Once subscribed, Google Calendar will automatically synch the game schedule with your Android.

How to Unsubscribe


If you are on an iPhone/iPad, go to Settings >> Mail, Contacts, Calendars, then select Subscribed Calendars. Choose the unwanted calendar from the list and there will be a red Delete Account button at the bottom.


If you use Google calendar, go to Google Calendar Settings and click the Unsubscribe link on the far right for the desired calendar.