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Contact info for OSO Baseball

For questions about games, teams, or other league activity,
contact your League Administrator listed here:

Oso Baseball Contacts:
Pee-Wee (3-4) - Rey Saenz 361-739-2903

T-Ball (5-6) - John Trevino 361-774-5500

    Coach Pitch (7-8) - John Trevino 361-774-5500

                                             Mustang (9-10) - John Trevino 361-774-5500                                                                                          Bronco (11-12) - John Trevino 361-774-5500                               

Pony (13-14) - Rey Saenz 739-2903   

All tournaments are hosted and operated by separate individuals. If you have issues regarding scores, rules or outcomes contact the tournament director for that event. I do not make the rules for any events or have a play in the outcome of the events. All final outcomes of events are approved by that event director.