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West Haven 5th Grade Boys Basketball

West Haven 2nd-5th Grade Boys Basketball  -  Basketball

Name and contact information for the league's coaches

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Team Name
Coach Name
Team 1- Keele (WH)
Eddie Keele
801-564-0806801-564-0806 (Cell)
Team 2- Shannon (WH)
Shiloh Shannon
385-206-7508385-206-7508 (Cell)
Team 3- Thoe (WH)
Tiffany Thoe
801-644-2875801-644-2875 (Cell)
Team 4- Hoskins (WH)
Trevor Hoskins
801-391-0080801-391-0080 (Cell)
Team 5- Keith (WH)
Derek Keith
801-695-1423801-695-1423 (Cell)
Team 6- Savage (WH)
Nathan Savage
1-801-633-32351-801-633-3235 (Cell)
1-801-633-32351-801-633-3235 (Work)