8th Grade

Fall 2022  -  Volleyball

Name and contact information for the league's coaches

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Team Name
Coach Name
B Johnson Turf --Peck/Knudsen
Kim Knudsen
541-760-5004541-760-5004 (Cell)
Candace Peck
Coldwell Banker-Amy Price
Heather Rogers
Danielsons General Construction
Lindsey Louk
Dodge Dream Homes
Tina Dodge
Gillot Home Team -- Aguilar
Layla Aguilar
541-231-1221541-231-1221 (Cell)
Sidney Williams
Matteson Photography
Angie Harrington
541-971-6302541-971-6302 (Cell)
NAMS - Spradlin
Jordan T. Spradlin
360-580-5928360-580-5928 (Cell)

PARR Lumber
Fred Jabin
Timber Ridge - Henkel
Elizabeth Henkel
West Hills Animal Hospital -- Caruso
Kaitlen M Caruso
619-672-3685619-672-3685 (Cell)