2022 Fall Corvallis Volleyball Practice Schedule

PRACTICE  -  Volleyball

Name and contact information for the league's coaches

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Team Name
Coach Name
BGCC Events
B Johnson Turf --Peck/Knudsen
Kim Knudsen
541-760-5004541-760-5004 (Cell)
Candace Peck
Bullfrog Painting --Benham
Denise Bjornsrud
Bev Benham
541-250-2682541-250-2682 (Cell)

Clair Company -- Hicks
Millie Hicks
541-231-4717541-231-4717 (Cell)
541-758-1302541-758-1302 (Work)
Consumers Power - Rath/Pelletier
Stephanie Rath
541-231-2684541-231-2684 (Cell)

Lisa Pelletier
541-971-7511541-971-7511 (Cell)

Elmer's -- Wetzel
Jillian Wetzel
541-801-5502541-801-5502 (Cell)
Gillot Home Team -- Aguilar
Layla Aguilar
541-231-1221541-231-1221 (Cell)
Sidney Williams
Hendrix Heating -- Baumgartner
Trinity Rose Baumgartner
971-777-5873971-777-5873 (Cell)

Linus Pauling Events
Oregon Farm & Home Brokers --Anderson/Baum
Matthew Brayton
503-819-4563503-819-4563 (Cell)
Bri Baum
541-231-3743541-231-3743 (Cell)
Paventy & Brown -- Beatty
Cami Beatty
503-349-0553503-349-0553 (Cell)
Liz Wallace
West Hills Animal Hospital -- Caruso
Kaitlen M Caruso
619-672-3685619-672-3685 (Cell)