6th Grade West

Fall 2021  -  Volleyball

Name and contact information for the league's coaches

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Team Name
Coach Name
Citizens Bank
Twila Hunsaker
541-760-0334541-760-0334 (Cell)
541-929-7985541-929-7985 (Home)
Rose Buckner
541-760-3679541-760-3679 (Cell)
Dodge Dream Homes
Tina Dodge
R & T Logging
Kylie Blackburn
541-852-0418541-852-0418 (Cell)
Crystal Kelso
541-905-3263541-905-3263 (Cell)
Santiam Christian (1)
Mike Lasen - Coach
541-974-6780541-974-6780 (Cell)
Santiam Christian (2)
Jaime Nelson - Coach
Valley Eye Care 6th Grade
Leah Miles
458-210-4242458-210-4242 (Cell)
541-221-1541541-221-1541 (Cell)